• My favorite was when Kenny decided to save Christa ( If you killed Ben ) , when the music started and he jumped off , pulled her up and yelled : save her, you fucking hear me ?
    you can search it on youtube by typing : the walking dead kenny's sacrifice .

  • My favorite scene was when Lee said: "I'll miss you" to Clem. Totally heartbreaking! :(

  • The office scene in episode one when Lee and Clem talk about their parents. It was the first development of their relationship, and I loved the writing. The music was powerful, too.

  • Oh where to begin on this one.

    One of my favorite scenes was in the attic in episode 4, when Lee or Kenny kills the zombified child. Whoever directed that scene did a fantastic job. It showed just how broken Kenny was.

  • My favorite scene, or let's say the situation I realized I totally fell into this game like in no game before, was in Episode 1, outside the drugstore, when Lee was confronted with his brother. The music was so atmospheric, eerie and unsettling, as well as the whole situation (what's the name of this track, btw?). I also enjoyed the office talk between Lee and Clem very much. There are so many great scenes in the entire season. The stranger scene was also very memorable.

  • I hate this question because there are so many great scenes to choose from! If had to pick one point, though, it would be from after having Kenny stop the train up until they deal with Duck. To be able to barely make him come around and accept his son dying.... then BAM, his wife goes too? You can practically see him die inside during that scene. Hell, I died inside a little too. I was thrown into a permanent depression for the rest of the Episode.

  • The final part of episode 5, surprising nobody referred to that one yet. It's not just the sad scene that occurs at the very end, it's the events that occur before it, where Lee's struggling to walk, is losing all of his strength and then proceeds to give te player control to try and get Lee back up on feet, twice. It really shows how the infection is taking it's toll on Lee and i when i first gone through it, i was incredibly worried and started begging in my mind for Lee to survive, somehow, anyhow.

    This is less of a scene and more of an entire segment, but my favorite scenes are from episode 2, all the way from Mark being revealed to have his leg chopped off for food to the fight between Lee and Andy St. John and the sad scene that occurs after it. It's a really damn tense part of the game, one after another, and i love it.

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    I loved the scene when Lily shot Carley.. my favourite killing my second favourite. Haha, and I loved it when she stole the RV :)

    • Brutal. But fair enough.

    • I can't say Carley is my favorite (Brains over Brawn: Doug Rocks!) and I prefer Lily for survival priorities, but come on, the murdering of another human being is your favorite? Kind of sad how overboard Lily went when * SPOILER ALERT * Kenny killed her Dad, and she literally had nothing else to lose, causing her to go down a dark path.

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