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So in the Walking Dead I made a few bad decisions I wished i could change since they might affect Clementine's behaviors in S2. I really don't want to rewind since it was a really early decision in the game. That's why I think that telltale should make a menu which allows you to tweak some choices.
I know I should live with the consequences but wouldn't this be convenient?


  • it would be convienent but it would kinda defeat the purpose of the game.

  • I was thinking of having the game enabling it after finishing episode 5

    it would be convienent but it would kinda defeat the purpose of the game.

  • The whole point is that your meant to regret things and also I doubt Clem will really be effected due to you playing as her

  • I don't think you should be able to do that, it would defeat the purpose of the whole game, which is dealing with the issues that has been handed to you. However, if they DID (which I still don't think they will), then they should only allow it on a different save, for if you want to have a "good" save in TWD, even though I feel there is no GOOD option to anything, or BAD. It all matters on your perspective.

  • That's why I play it a couple of times and have different save files. You should play it more than once anyway because sometimes you miss something and it's fun to choose different dialect or decisions.

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    I totally hope to be wrong, but I really doubt your decisions will have such drastic effects in Season 2. In any case, there's most probably an option to start the game even if you didn't play Season 1, so you'll be able to ignore your Season 1 savegame and start with whatever default options Telltale decides upon.

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