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  • Slightly off-topic, but how well optimized is it? Any apparent improvements on the issues from the original 360 disk version?

  • You couldn't get any details or answers about this edition because they knew it wasn't what anyone wanted. If they can't give details or answer questions without hurting sales then they shouldn't have released it. They ignored one of the biggest questions people had about the Xbox version asking it could be installed to the hard drive. They kept the details to themselves because they didn't even attempt to give players anything they wanted.

    The bonus content isn't good. The soundtrack feels like it was thrown together in half an hour. It's ruins some of the best tracks by mixing them or shortening them. The versions that are already out there are better. They didn't use any new footage but edit old material a little. I don't like the way they release this crap and then go silent. If they had made a quality GOTY edition and could have given answers that fans wanted to hear they wouldn't have ignored them. I don't like this kind of stuff from telltale.

    I don't have a problem with them on most issues. I accept the problems their games have for the price they charge, and I don't feel like they owe me information on upcoming games. I don't have a problem making as much money as they can when it comes to porting the game along with the glitches that plague every version to some degree. It wasn't $60 game. They have quit trying to improve it it any further at this point, which is fine. They put nothing into the GOTY edition either and I think it's shady to release a product so poor that ignoring potential custumers will do less damage than responding to them honestly. I don't like common questions being ignored, or being being lied to because the truth doesn't sound good enough. It does make me question how they are using their resources to work on releasing and patching games they have already sold when they seem to put porting the game to other systems over everything else. That's why the crappy telltale tool still exist.

    I remember watching the playing dead episode for 400 days right after finishing the expansion, and when asked about it's length you see the hesitation before he starts lying about it being around the same length as the other episode. The way he reacts clearly shows he's not sure how to respond since he knows it's a lot shorter than the other episodes, but doesn't want to say it since it's not what fans want to hear. If they can't say it's shorter without it sounding negative then they should have made it as long as the other episodes instead of putting themselves in a position to blatantly lie or admit one of the biggest flaws in a game they are promoting.

  • So we don't get a disc copy if we've bought the whole thing online for free (minus the shipping costs)? That's too bad.

  • I got the GOTY edition just for the bonus content. its totally worth it i think

  • Sounds good. But for me it's not worth it as both the GOTY soundtrack and the making of video is on YouTube.

  • It actually makes sense. The OST was being worked on by Jared as soon as episode five was finished. During the episode live-streams by Telltale earlier this year, he stated it was "coming along nicely." It was obviously finished and compiled before 400 Days was even out.

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    What's wrong with a huge wall of ranting text?

    I know it turned into a rant. I just don't believe this version of the game had any reason to be made. I guess I could have simplified and shortened my response with that, but I like to rant occasionally lol

  • I haven't played much of it so far, but I haven't really noticed any improvements. I've only played half an episode so far. I am going to play two or three episode's in the next few days though, and will be able to get a better idea of how it compares to the first Xbox 360 disc release.

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