• When Carley kissed Lee, I saw stars!

  • High-fiving Duck.

  • This question is a toughie since there's so many amazing scenes in the game. :P But, the two scenes that were the most memorable to me are when Duck died, and when Lee was saying goodbye to Clementine. Those are the two times I bawled my eyes out while playing through season one.

  • Hoo boy. Like most above, I think there are way too many awesome scenes to choose from. However, my favourites are Chapter 7 of Ep 5 (obviously) and the Shawn/Duck scene in Ep 1. That was when I first got a feel for what this game was going to be like. I also loved Doug and Lilly's confrontation (critically, because of the emotion. I hated it when it happened, of course)

  • My favorite scene would have to be... the showdown between Lee & Andy. I spared him, it was empowering to have his life in my hands after he pretty much lost all hope. Him pleading for me to finish it as I walked away was just... wonderful!

  • The Best scene to me is ben yelling a Kenny in Episode 5 and Kenny finally forgiving him. If you ask me the best way to play is having Kenny save Ben, The writing is so excellent and it is so amazing to see kenny forgive Ben that much

  • People have covered most of the best scenes, so I'll go off track a bit and go with the scene that sold me on buying this game.

    When you first arrive at Clem's house, and you listen to the answering machine. The voice acting is very well done, the music is perfect, and the fact that it allows you to carry one with what you're doing really puts you into the environment. Then the game takes over with a beautiful camera push into the answering machine as Clem's terrified mother desperately tries to protect her child in whatever way she can. "Baby ... if you can hear this. Call the police. 9-1-1. We love you ..." Within the span of 45 seconds, you had heard the world go from peaceful, to horrific. Even though you didn't "see" the world fall apart, you felt like you had experienced it. It was a haunting introduction into this new world.

    It was during the scene (in the demo) that I decided I HAD to buy this game.

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