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TWD S2 All That Remains Predictions

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This is just my predictions... :
1. Clementine ran away from the two figures. (The one from the ending)
2. She ran into a forest and started to lay low.
3. She found a photo in her pocket (Lee's Torn Up Photo)
* I personally think that she can't have walked back to the Drugstore to get the photo, so she might have picked it in another way...
4. Walkers started to attack Clementine.
5. A man named Winston saved her.
6. Winston is taking care of Clementine.
7. Winston took her to the campsite nearby.
8. She was introduced to the 400 Days Characters (Tavia's Community)
9. She might have met Nate (the weird looking cold-blooded bastard from Russell's story)
10. Nate was desperate to satisfy his sexual desires so he tried to rape Clementine, but he failed.
11. The two figures came to the campsite. (I am not sure who are the two figures, might be new character or Omid and Christa.

Guys, this is just my predictions... it is 100% not accurate or true :)

  • If the zombie apocalypse hits remind me to shoot you guys first :o)

    • Why?
      I just said telltale could use this to reflect on real problems In our world. But if you want to sit back and make other citizens in our society unaware then fine. I was pointing out a fact not starting hate.

  • I sure hope TellTale isn't that evil yet

  • Well, since the game isnt out yet I would'nt even make predictions. But yours sound nice so... It could happen that she goes to the camp but that thing with Winston sounds weird. Or Nate trying to rape her.

  • I like the idea, though I'd feel bad for Clem. IMO, this is The Walking Dead. Even if there were no zombies involved, there would be people like that. The zombies just add even more drama to it. The game is rated 'M for Mature' for a reason, as in if you are too young to play it, you shouldn't be playing. Or if you simply can't handle it either, ya know? It might be gruesome, or disgusting, or appalling, but jeez I've seen much worse gore and that kind of stuff in horror films. Telltale could be much worse with it. It's not like if she did or was close to being raped, that it would need to be on-screen, or show her naked, or anything like that. Idk, I suppose it is all in how you think, but to me anything is legal, no matter what it is. Ya don't have to like it, but Telltale should make their own decisions. It makes the game so much more fun to constantly be hit with curve balls instead of the pitch going right down the middle every time(if you know nothing about baseball, I'm saying for nothing to be predictable)

  • I guess this game has reflected the true colours of people in a shitty situation X)
    Really like Telltale Games :D

  • An attempted rape would certainly be a controversial idea. On my former account I remember someone long ago complaining about the cursing in the game, I could only imagine how butthurt people would be if Telltale did this. I actually think it is a good idea, but only if Clem could escape very early in the attempt. Obviously I would never want this to happen to Clem, but I think it would show a very realistic side of the world gone to shit. I remember they explored this in the comics with Carl. Telltale also didn't refrain from mentioning or hinting at the idea either. If the player chose Carley they could tell the other characters about Lee's past. If you begin to tell Kenny, he says "It wasn't for touchin kids was it?". In the third episode I also remember Kenny yelling out something along the lines of "Come rape our women and children" in response to the lack of protection of the motor inn (<<Maybe not, just trying to remember.) Danny in 400 Days also was arrested for something with an underage girl. It could really develop Clementine and show how unsafe the world is. And of course, I wouldn't mind being Clem and hitting a creepy guy over the head with a bat ;)

  • I think that the two figures are zombified versions of Omid n Christa ( 'cause that could be like the cop in the beggining of the first episode, with the shotgun shells and viewing someone who you "knew" dead). Besides they only were in the group like 4 days so i can't tell that they'll be so importants... :)

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    TheEmoKid BANNED

    Clementine on her own.

  • Clem is 2 years older

  • An Attempting rape scenario is a good idea to add drama and show how desperate society has fallen. Not that I support rape in any way, shape or form unless used in a non literal form, but it would show how bad a character Nate is, he killed two people in cold blood and took their stuff,

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