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Do you guys think that as Clem we will run into a place such as Woodbury?

  • Could be possible. Maybe the Camp from Tavia is like Woodbury.
    P.S. Tavia is from the 400 days DLC.

  • Nah. During season 1, Telltale wanted to make some references to the comics, but not enough that they couldn't tell their own original story. Exerting to a location such as the prison or Woodbury would be too much.

    With that, it was also said during the Reddit AMA that season 2 is not canon to the show or the comics (thank goodness), so I doubt any familiar characters from the universe itself will show up.

    • "Canon", this game series that TG makes of TWD is based upon the comics and is set in "that universe/world". I'd call that Canon anyday, even more so when Robert oversees the project but let TG still have creative control. I'd written in such a way that even though it's in the same world as the comic book, it's so "far apart" from each other so they mostly never connect, other then a few cameos.

      What happens in the first episode with Glenn is considered canon in that sense, but that's season one though. You mentioned Season 2 is not going to be canon which could be true, but how can S1 be canon and not the continuation? It's obviously still in the same world but nothing more than that. Again Roberts comic and this story are very separate.

      EDIT: Funny enough i read this:

      ohnlmonkey 27 poäng 26 dagar sen
      Any chance of the next season of TWD game intersecting with storylines in the comic or TV show?
      Also will we see other returning characters besides, of course, Clem?

      danTTGTelltale Games 51 poäng 26 dagar sen
      Well the game will be in canon and we are always looking for ways to connect to the Comic and Show but haven't found the right fit yet. There will be season one characters in season 2 to but to say more would be a spoiler

      The comic is still going to be canon, which i just find good and interesting. Again they still have good creative freedom.

  • I think there's a tricky element to making something like Woodbury in the game, which is the same reason I think Crawford was turned into just a place with lots of walkers instead of the crazy social darwinist community we were expecting; large communities require lots of individual character models and, presumably, more voice acting. Walkers, by contrast, can be used and reused without much fuss.

    I hope I'm wrong and end up pleasantly surprised, but I don't expect we'll ever truly run into a big community of the living in these games.

    • Thats true, But with the time there taking to make the first episode. I hope they end up making lots of new models for characters instead of re-using some of them, like they did in season 1

  • Definitely won't run into the actual Woodbury- that would be far too complicated to play out. Like what Mr. Masamune said, that is why they probably made Crawford overrun.(Good observation by the way!) Perhaps she may come across a camp, maybe Tavia's? It could be interesting, though I wouldn't want NPCs making all the executive decisions since they would obviously underestimate Clem since she is a kid. I would love to see Clem be able to make her (our) own choices sometimes.

  • telltale need to make there version of the walking dead there own they have done that and should remain different from the tv show and the comic book

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