Dodging or quacking

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Just a quick question from a non-native English speaker.
Can someone please spell it out for me? What did Lee mean by this question in S1E1?


  • To be honest?I still don't know to this date.Was always kind of a "WTF" moment in the first episode.

  • He was asking about the little boy's name. His father calls him 'Duck'. The word duck has multiple meanings; Firstly a duck is an animal that makes a quacking sound, and duck could also mean to dodge (to make an avoiding motion). The father says the boy talks alot so they name him after the quacking animal, because 'quacking' also means to talk alot.

  • Thanks! That cleared it up. Totally forgot duck means to take cover too.

  • Right,thanks for that.

  • He's dumber than a bag of hammers, according to Kenny.

  • Apparently op is too if they couldn't figure that out

  • Such a thing is not necessarily apparent to people whose native language is not English. A lot of words have multiple meanings, with each one having absolutely nothing to do with the next. I have several foreign friends who are unquestioningly intelligent but still get hung up sometimes trying to find the right English word to use, when for me it's pretty simple since it's my native language.

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  • Thanks for the apparent insult bruh.

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