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  • Your strengthening my point regarding Snow yet again, Charming is far more popular than Snow, she is in only one story, and ya she doesn't need her cane after 10 years of recovery. She got her head cut off man, cmon you really think shes gonna get up and put it back on again? The only Fable I can think of that may be able to pull that off is Frau Totenkinder who has died various ways and has always returned, yet she is one of the most powerful magic users there is, my point is Snow ain't that popular her slim survival within the comics proves this which is why I am so convinced that it is a dupe or clone.

  • I think that u are under estimating snows popularity she has been in more than one fable she has been in three two with her sister and one with charming , but like I said not every fable is able to come back from the dead there is no set way to die it does it does not matter how they just kinda get reseted like we have seen in the comic already and who knows maybe the bodies that we have seen are copies made by the adversary with help from the blue fairy potion

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    Charming does appear more times in tales than Snow and all of them are well known. Snow is in at least 2 tales, one that we all know (with the apple from her aunt/stepmother) and one that is not so well known (with her sister, Rose Red). In addition going by the comics Snow is the daughter of a witch and wizard, and knows it. Also Frau was weaker than Baba Yaga and ends up being more powerful in the mundane world. There are too many ways Snow could revive, from the gatekeeper of the Woodlands or Ozma teaching her the magic needed to revive. Rose Red mentioned that she would die if she was shot in the head but not Snow.

  • I never said that snow was as popular as charming but she is still popular and I forgot how bad jack got messed up by the kitsune he was half skeleton then pop he was back to life and fau even said that she might of had been stronger than baba in the homelands that was such a good fight that u barely see in king Coles glasses and the aftermath with baba sitting there thinking well that sucked

  • I'm sure everyone can agree with me when I say HODOR the real killer is that evil inbred child

  • I do not know if this flying over my head but I do not know what or who you are talking about

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    These are some great hypotheses, as I too thought that the red head guy was suspicious being around at many key points of the story. I don't think he is the killer though but it heavily involved. I believe he is a red herring ( go figure, the red head is the red herring) but this makes sense if he is indeed the boy who cried wolf. I must add that was incredible work figuring out or at least getting close to the boy who cried wolf identity with the crook tie. But I digress; When I was playing I thought it was strange that women, good looking women at that, were being killed. Both are known from their respective fables for being beautiful and thus that beauty causing problems. What I am getting at is that I believe the killer is the Evil Queen from Snow White's fable. Why? "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" This makes sense because the magic mirror tells Bigby that he cannot tell him very much because of his ties to the queen. Also Donkeyskin wore the donkeyskin to hide her beauty from her dad so she didn't have to marry him. The magic aspect as well everyone was talking about would make sense, the evil queen is known to use witchcraft. The boy who cried wolf was used to throw everyone off the trail hence his fable. I may very well be wrong but all of this seems to add up. Tell me what you think.

  • The Evil Queen died in the story of Snow White, and I don't believe returned, she hasn't been present in any Fables comics nor referenced to that I can recall. Her mirror and other magical artifacts that were brought from the Homelands are under the dominion of the Fabletown government, and are no longer possessed by the individual characters that once owned them. The killings seem to be politically motivated, as throughout the episode we are shown how unhappy Fabletowns residents are with the current leadership, the heads being severed and placed as a message on the steps of the administration building is a strong hint to that, no doubt an obscene call for crane to resign. I agree with the red headed guy being involved he no doubt placed the heads and is tailing Bigby an his investigation, for someone who is either very rich to afford expensive spells or a magic user themselves.

  • Very possible red head is cranes spy to watch Bigby's every move. The Tweedles are always together at a location, though they separate to accomplish tasks within the area. They both busted in on Toad one through the window the other through the door, then one went upstairs to search the Woodsman's place while the other interrogated Toad. Also, I thought it interesting how they claim they're investigators, but Toad says they're butchers, and Bigby takes out a Sandwich shop card from Dees's pocket. They're clearly hired by someone to find whatever they think the Woodsman had at his apartment, that they then believed would be at Lawrences, as they mention there next destination to Toad. When Lawrence has Dee at gunpoint he seems to be unaware of Faith at all, suggesting that the object being searched for an Faith's murder could be unrelated. My theory regarding Faith, is that Lawrence pimped her out to this Georgie, to pay off a debt he could not afford, him killing himself was his attempt at trying to get her out of her servitude, although Georgie would probably keep her goin till he's paid anyway. Killings are probably a violent protest against the Fabletown government by some lunatic, targeting Crane which is why the severed heads and the reason for their placement on the administrations doorstep. Perhaps the killer or who ever hired him is goin to attempt to run for office, and wants to damage King Cole and his subordinates beforehand.

  • The Evil Queen did die in the Brothers Grimm version but in new forms of the tale, she has different fates. One such is being banished, but the fact that she doesn't appear to be the comics does throw a wrench into this hypothesis. I was also think if she is involved she doesn't necessarily have to be a killer a the main conspirator. I just think that it's odd that two "beautiful ladies" that end up dead is too much of a coincidence. It most likely is political but I just have that gut feeling that the Queen is dead or not, being the whole memory wipe idea. This is just food for thought I guess.

  • I agree. Bigby saved Snow & Faith. Snow says Faith looks familiar, Bigby says that they meet before, and Faith asks if Bigby is tempted to take a bite and then says "guess those days are behind you." Neither Bigby nor Snow recognize Lawrence. Lawrence owes someone money, possibly Bluebeard for escape to false freedom.

    For all we know the with the heads being cut of so perfectly they could be wood and made flesh with the blue fairy magic potion every one keeps forgetting the adversary he sent many spies into fabletown this would also explain why the real ones would still be alive and the magic blocking them from being seen the adversary has many witches and sorcerers at his command, it would also explain how the heads were cut off with no damage.

  • That's more like it, any theory is better than she grows her back cus she's a Fable an hard to kill.

  • Of course u would that's why my name burned ur forest down lol

  • But ya I have found it funny that no one is bringing up the homelands and why they are not there if I rember right I know they at least mention the adversary in the game (I need to go thru it again for fun atleast) I have not wanted to ruin it for others everyone if fixated on the boy who cried wolf who in the real world has nothing to do with bigby (if there right that's awesome) but the real enemy is the adversary and with tell tale they are not crude with violence And gore and with the girls heads the cuts were perfect which is impossible something would have been jagged or smushed atleast so either a magical tool/weapon had to used for that or maybe the heads were made from wood and when they were made real that would make the edges perfect , also the way that both heads were facing the same direction like it was a message (which if from the adversary or his men would make since) , if the heads were cut off there bodies there would have been blood in both cases but more so in the case with snow with her head being removed not long before and then moved to the woodsland the blood would have leaked out and pooled around the head unless there never was any blood in the heads because they never had bodies finally both heads were in great shape for being cut of and both had a straight face surprising for the circumstance it's almost as tho they were placed there like dolls or puppets. The only problem I have with this if the heads were made before the bruises and cuts match faiths perfectly unless she was a spy in may war times working girls were used to gather information ( pink sheets know all secrets) the adversary is known for making perfect copies red hood with boy blue , red hood Baba Yaga.

  • And in the preview for next episode it looks like one of the adversary's orgs

  • When she asks that its because when they were in the homelands bigby who was still a wolf had to taste them to make sure that they were real and not fables

  • Dude,i was thinking the exact same thing when he made his random appeareances.I agree with the fact that he is the Shepherd and that he is the guy who physically does the murders,but revenge is not the case.The Shepherd is in an alliance with someone else(possibly the pimp)for a higher power.I think that guy is Bluebeard,who wants to create enough chaos so that Icabod can lose his place and he can become Mayor(as seen in the photo of episode 4) So the deal was that the pimp would provide a victim,who wasnt doing her job good enough(a spare)like Faith and the Shepherd will kill her,as for Snow I believe it is just out of pure hatred and she was the one who controls Bigby(all of us are looking forward to torture Dee/Woodsman)So yeah,that is my theory.And its just that a theory.I hope in the summer i can say I told you so

  • That's exactly what I meant.

  • Well the things is : we know that The Boy Who Cried Wolf is still living in Fabletown in the comics (which are a sequel to the game) , and if he was indeed the killer they would've kicked him out.
    So I don't think he's the killer , but he must be connected to the murders in some way. Either that , or Telltale is messing with us :D

  • I don't know if its bonus art work or not but at the check out screen before u pay there is a pic on the bottom of the screen with bigby yelling at crane across his desk and Snow sitting at her desk behind cranes and bufkin flying away in the top left corner. Maybe this is a scene from a future episode which would mean snow is not dead.

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    I have a feeling that by the end of the game Crane gets fired based on the temperature mentioned in the weather forecast, and Toad said that a couple nights ago it was cold.

  • There is also a magic flute in Peter and max a fables novel that can undo spells so if its a spell that's killed the lady's of fabletown maybe it will be used.

  • No they are the same wolf. Bigby even has one of the pigs in his house, who guilt trips him over it.

  • In the new fairest book it's stated that Frau Totenkinder made 7 swords copies of the vorpal sword ,one was regret it never fails to kills and if the wielder regretted taking the life it took it could be returned but within 7 days but there was still a life that had to be claimed she also made copies of the witching cloak

  • I think colin might have something to do with it. I was just looking at the achievement list for the game and there is one in episode 5 called this house of straw. With a picture of colin in the achievement box. I know its not much to go on, but its still something.

  • This a spoiler do not read if u do not want to know colin is sent to fabletown by his two brothers and other animals of the farm to find out there inner workings because they are sick of being stuck at the farm and want to start a revolution but colin is such a nice guy that he forgives bigby for what he did in the past and is even grateful to him for saving a lot of the fables by killing the adversary's orcs and bringing them to the mudane world In short colin was soposed to spy on them but didnt.

  • The witching cloak and its copies able to grant the user the abilities to turn invisible, fly, teleportation, infinite storage, shape-shift into objects, people and animals , The witching cloak also has the power to hide the user from being seen magically and by the magic mirror

  • I think you might have cracked a piece of the mystery. "Through powerful magic her whereabouts concealed". Someone could have hidden Faith's body with the witching cloak.

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    I don't know about this is important, but maybe?
    If you define Faith, it means: confidence or trust in a person...


  • Thanks bub I did train more than half of my life to become a detective

  • That's what I keep on saying

  • And I think I solved another part. Pixel the missing cat could belong to a weak witch. That would explain one of Toad's comments on glamour. And it would explain the witching cloak not being on the 13th floor. Someone would go after the cat, then Holly's sister, and then Faith.

  • It's been like 2 months and they haven't released EP. 2 -__- Come on Telltale ! Stop keeping us waiting !

  • Its polishing because the people ask for more walking dead than TWAU..which is a shame it has potential

  • I think this Shepard guy is just a scout or spy for some organization or someone nothing more

  • Episode 2 is left 4 dead

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