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    So there is a club in this? I have a feeling that...
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    Its not a matter of who "likes it" its a matter of who can handle it or not... You can either accept it for what it is or spaz out about it until the end of days.

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    I think after 75 Thumbs down and so much repeating this Thread can get closed. No need for more discuss. Some people like nudity and some not...

  • If you read the comics, you would realize there is nudity in there as well. Learn to deal with it, or don't play. These games aren't meant for kids or the faint of heart. They are meant for adults and nudity is just a part of life in the adult world. Do you are your husband/wife or girlfriend/boyfriend to keep their clothes on when having sex? Nudity is just a part of life, and the way human beings were meant to be in the first place.

  • Yeah who dafuq invented those ugly cloths?! :D

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    I altered the original post, so it does fit for european gamers....

    Hi Telltale. I loved the first episode of TWAU. It's truly inspiring, exciting, and very original.

    I loved everything about it until the that scene, when a girl would put an axe into someones head. I think that violence is an easy way to earn a mature rating, and I feel like it's unnecessary. The game is dark and smart without being obscene and blatantly immature. That is what I loved about your many series. But having violence for the sake of violence seems immature and pointless (much like GTAV or others) to character development or story. Please, will you consider keeping everything healthy? Maybe that content slipped through your final build (since it's rate mature for only blood and gore)?

    I just love this dark fantasy world and I want it, in my mind, to stay as smart and truly entertaining as possible. Thanks for your input everyone, and telltale!

    // Ironie off

  • Wow....that was entertaining to read! the "twat" a hug....than repeatedly stabs him in the back

  • It's just one episode that hasn't even been relased yet. They could change it in any way, shape, and form! This is not the final product, they might cover her up a little or make every girl nude. You cannot judge episode two before it's even released. I'm not trying to be an jerk, but it really makes zero sense to judge. You can have this argument all after the episode came out, and it might no even have the nudity. Try to understand where I'm coming from.

  • I trust Telltale to handle the nudity in a manner that makes sense unlike this travesty: Alt text

  • You have to admit that "Ride to Hell" sure earned it's namesake. :p

    I trust Telltale to handle the nudity in a manner that makes sense unlike this travesty:

  • Yes it has, but lets get back on the topic at hand; the less said about this, the better.

    You have to admit that "Ride to Hell" sure earned it's namesake.

  • ok but how does that fit the WHOLE topic we have been having about nudity? From this post alone it shows nothing nor talks about nudity at all.

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    I altered the original post, so it does fit for european gamers.... Hi Telltale. I loved the first episode of TWAU. It's truly

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    For the sake keeping the grittiness consistent, there should be nudity. I get what you're coming from, but it's a mostly religious kind of attitude (which is completely okay) that deems sexuality a no-no (which actually isn't in the teachings of Jesus, but that's another conversation entirely). I mean burying an axe in someone's head is a lot worse than nudity, in a practical sense, it's nothing +17 year olds haven't seen already on T.V or sex ed. Hell, the story revolves around the murder (at least she's set up to be implied as one) of a prostitute. So it wouldn't make sense to have some kind of constant reminder that women are being exploited to make money. It'd kinda be like asking a lion not to eat a newborn. It's in the nature of the setting.

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    OMG this stupid debate appears from someone in every game that shows the women's body in some way. I myself am tired of hearing this in games that in whatever or for whichever way this nudity appears. It is a form of entertainment here "games". How many movies have you been to and seen a sex scene in a movie or a naked woman have a shower, I could go on and on but have it appear in some way or form in a game OMG lookout.

    It just continues to amaze me in today's day and age this debate in games goes on. I think what people seem to miss is its entertainment made for shock value or any other number of reasons. God I live in australia and only recently have we received a R18+ for games while movies and other entertainment have had this forever, but just because a minority disagreed we all had to agree to it. I am not saying cause we have it go and make nothing but porn and over the top crap. But i watch or play stuff for the entertainment value not cause OMG there is going to be a set of Boobs or a naked women in this please.


    Gamers are frowned upon in current society, and the last thing we need is a bunch of man babies making the situation worse.Thanks everyone for the input, I'm curious what some level headed adult gamers have to say.

    Calling people pervs,man babies or anything else who is the real adult in this case, just because a naked lady or tits appear then questioning the makers,company and people is ridiculous and some people need to get over themselves. I am sure there are more than a few mature adults here having there say about this behind the times Subject. Gamers are not frowned upon in society have you seen the amount of xbox,ps3,pc games sold we are not some underground behind the scene, don't tell anyone i play games anymore like the old days.

    For the record as a male with a wife and 3 teenage kids, That has played games for over 20 yrs I think IMO it more than qualifies me as a Adult gamer. My2Cents

  • It's not an "issue" - just because a small minority expected I-don't-know-what from a M rated game it's only their own problem if they disliked it. And they are trying to make it everyone's elses problem too.

    And you know why I'm pleased that in this community posts like these are met with negative feedback? The reason for it is if people were to ignore it and silently watch how you complain about how much you hate it, the way it makes you uncomfortable, there is a possiblity that the company would bend before you and remove it, ripping everyone else of the experience.

    I'm not making this up. The makers of sequel to Hotline Miami 2 now consider altering or deleting the pixelated rape scene in a game where your only objective is to smash people's heads with a bat, because a few people felt "offended". This is how far it can go.

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    Well you may not of foud it distracting but I did. Speak for yourself? Right back at ya! It's an issue because some people find it that way. Just cause you don't doesn't mean it shouldn't be addressed.

  • The reason they have it is to create the atmosphere darker, making it fit with the hole murderer thing......

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    It's after you complete the episode and the trailer comes up for "next time on." I didn't say it was immature, just silly to have i

  • I'm kind of surprised; I have played through episode 1 twice, and I never noticed any nudity in that part. So even though it's there, at least it wasn't gratuitous and in your face.

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    Do you honestly believe these guys are sitting around a table discussing things like "Ok guys, what do we have to do to make sure this has a mature rating?" (And if they are, I'm sure the intern that yells out "we need at least one good set of honkers!" would be the first to get canned.)

    Come on. The creators aren't looking for any particular rating. They're shooting for story and style. This story is oozing with sleaze, corruption, and grit (and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.) When they put a naked hooker in the background, they aren't thinking "this will bring the kids in!" They're thinking "in this environment, there would probably be naked women nearby" so they put one in.

    Ironically enough, nobody complained when they saw women's heads on the apartment steps. There are no "stop being immature and keep those heads attached" posts. If people are more offended by a set of breasts than mutilated bodies and piles of corpses, our society has failed us somewhere down the line. (Yep, echoing Zarintosch's statement a bit.)

  • I so agree with everything you stated. Being from another country, you aren't running around with blinders on, so everything is blatantly transparent whereas people here seem to glaze over. One of our problems is "religion" was given too much "muscle" way back when, and dictated what "it/they" felt "we" should see in general, with many citing "such and such is inappropriate for children" etc. Nowadays, they still have some pull, but what you see most is comments like the thread starter where "breasts" bother him, but he doesn't think twice about the violence. The same people who will shout at full scream about nudity being offensive are the ones often hiding something. Seems the louder they yell, the more they are hiding. That's what our society has become. We have ONE pre-wired goal in life, and that's to reproduce, which obviously means sex, yet so many parents, typically due to their "religious" upbringing, refuse to teach their kids anything about it and condemn even thinking about it as "unpure" or some other garbage, despite it being imperative to humans surviving LOL. You can literally turn on the TV during prime time here and at least one show per hour, per day will have a violent murder and NO ONE complains. But get a woman's nipple on at 8 o'clock and millions of weirdos will boycott the station, advertisers will get pressured to drop their commercials, people will be rioting in the streets flipping news vans over and stoning reporters from the TV station (just kidding about the rioting, but it's practically that insane). But Google "breast" and anyone, any age can get their fills worth. And you want to hear of even more insanity with our double standards and backwards thinking? "Indigenous" woman CAN be shown 100% topless showing full breasts and nipples during a kids show (not complaining) (we have something called "E/I" which stands for "Educational Informational" programming aimed exclusively at children as a requirement for TV stations mandating a certain amount of time is dedicated to educational programs) and nobody bats an eye. I just saw this on a recent children's show at 11am on a Saturday teaching about wild animals and they used a clip with native island women dancing topless. Thought I was seeing things at 1st as it was really brief, but they showed the clip a 2nd time about 5 minutes later. Personally, I love breasts. I haven't been a child for MANY years and don't get embarrassed when I see a nice pair (they mesmerized me as kid :). When I play a "MATURE" game, I expect it to be such. I grew up watching Smurfs, Gummi Bears, etc. and don't wish to ever be subjected to that sort of "childish entertainment" again in my 30's unless it's for nostalgic reasons. Very astute point about "fully clothed strippers". Since the internet is still relatively new, with children who were born when it started taking off are just now getting into their teens, once they are in their 30's-40's and running everything, I think we'll finally see some more relaxed stances on nudity and sexuality in general mainstream programming. But for now, women still aren't even truly "equal" here. A woman going topless in public will get arrested. An overweight guy with 46" "b" cups hanging out and nobody thinks twice. I can go on and on......

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    I´m from germany and the situation here is that violence is rated far worse than sexuality, not to mention nudity. The game is dark

  • You might be missing the point here though I agree with your statement in certain contexts. I think they "WANT" nudity in it and are confirming, or trying to gauge how much is actually shown. I just look in the IMDB advisory. Sometimes a movie I'd probably pass on otherwise ends up having a ton of nudity, so I'll go ahead and watch it :) But if a movie has a breast getting looped off in horrific detail, that might be a good reason for somebody to pass on it, though there really haven't been movies like that since the 70's.

    "I´m from germany and the situation here is that violence is rated far worse than sexuality, not to mention nudity. " As it shoul

  • (Echoing Zar and TripleZ a little.)
    Nudity is an odd subject in both the real world and in games. Due note that most people are only offended by nudity because they are taught that being naked is wrong and/or immoral. Of course this is just silly social rules that society made up many years ago(hooray vanity.). In reality however, nudity is natural and should not be seen as a bad thing, if you're unable to look at a human body without some form of intelligent comprehension popping up then you probably need some form of clinical help as it is not healthy to be stuck on stupid. Nudity is not mature or immature in any form, it is just a natural thing. If it is in a video game then it should be seen the same way. Time to grow up and stop saying "Oh look breasts, buttocks, vagina, penis! I'm offended!" and stop debating on something that is not of major importance to the game. Go play Leisure Suit Larry for a bit.

    Okay yeah, so Bigby has to go deal with the pimp. Realistically a brothel or a "whore house" in case you don't know what a brothel is, normally has partially naked females and even sometimes males, hell some places are full nude. Of course in such an establishment the primary thoughts are sexual, which is normal in said social environment where people pay for sexual favors of some form. Just remember however that this is a game based on a more modern style of story with a more realistic sense of grit, as in there is going to be violence, drugs, booze, men, women, gore, nudity, a kinky dominatrix, and so forth. Just remember, it's a game based on the real world to an extent, there is bound to be sexualization since that is indeed a realistic issue with the world and has been forever, thus the game is portraying real life issues with a fantasy story. Get over it.

  • Bewbs, bewbs, bewbs

  • Oh, so a decapitated female head lying in a pool of blood is fine, But two tits and everyone goes mad? You win this time, Americans.

  • My God, why all the down votes? I'm with you, Neoncloudff. I think I'm the only person who is. Jeez, people have some sort of problem with you pointing out the obvious. I couldn't agree more with you. In all honesty, TellTale's games have never consisted of nudity, and now they're suddenly adding it? It seems forced. I was always proud of TellTale being set apart from developers like Rockstar and the like by making their games mature only in terms of violence and language. I'm not so much offended by the nudity itself, just the placement of it. I am a woman. When are they going to show Bigby stripped naked? I mean, isn't it possible that some women are sick of seeing our own bodies splashed nude on everything? I'm with you. It seems out of place and, unlike EVERYONE ELSE on this forum, I understand your true reasoning for this post.

  • I'd imagine they're not showing Bigby naked because he works in an office instead of a brothel. Just a hunch though.

  • It just seems as if they are trying to add to realism. It's New York, pimps have girls and some even run whore houses or even brothels (yes there is a difference, a brothel is more established and represented differently.). If there was no sexual content at all when dealing with Faith's pimp the game would not feel as involved with story. Also note, Rockstar games was not the forerunners of nudity in games or sexual content. Look at Super Metroid, if you beat that game in under 3 hours you get to see Samus in a skimpy bikini outfit. Yes that is considered sexual content. Now I do highly doubt TellTale is going to make it where you can walk right up in a brothel and be like "Here's fifty bucks baby, lets have a pixelated intercourse sequence for the overlord so he/she can fap.". Now I also agree that males in games should be stripped down just like females to avoid sexism/Gender Binary issues and to help break people of ignorance about human anatomy which seems to be an epic fail in our overly perverted society.. IE- When he goes full ret..wolf-man, he should come out of it stark naked with a correct body for an adult human male. Also if you want to see pecker in your games, play Dante's Inferno, you get to see Lucifer's penis flap around. Also don't think you're the only person who sees reasoning, that is an over generalization, it breeds more ignorance. In short, Sexual content does not have to fully include sex scenes, naked bodies, or necrophilia material(Like Oblivion.). A bikini is sexual to some people, just like seeing a man in boxers is sexual to some people, a lot of games put "Sexual Content" on their games because of social diversity on the said subject. I fully understand where you and Neon are coming from, but also where the other side is coming from, and where I stand is this. If there's going to be sexual content, at least make it equal for both sides and keep it realistic or don't have any sexual content at all if it's going to cause issues and end up breaking the game because people focus on a primary negative and run with it.

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    My God, why all the down votes? I'm with you, Neoncloudff. I think I'm the only person who is. Jeez, people have some sort of proble

  • So people don't get "Naked" in their living space? Or when they shower? He just kicks back in the office all day getting filmy and oily? Nice try, but please state a better argument than that. It's not about workplace. For all we know down the line he could get abducted (and no not by "Aliens") and stripped down. Anything can happen in a game like this, that is based in a simulated socially realistic world. Maybe he will need to shower off something? Or even bust out of a hotel room with a hooker who had a penis bigger than his and forgot his cloths lol (Yes that part was a joke.)

  • Spell check wouldn't have caught his "that" since it was spelled correctly.

    And you Sir, (Dan77) are even more lost "that" the aforementioned sister.. Insofar as spelling goes anyway... You are aware Sir...

  • Everyone's entitled to their opinions on things, however, a problem arises when those opinionated people try to push their views onto other people as is the intent of this topic. Evidenced by "Please, will you consider keeping everything clothed?" I understand that nudity is a somewhat taboo subject, (although it really shouldn't be,) but to petition to have it removed from anything in which the audience is mature enough to view it, is frankly inappropriate and slightly immature.

  • +1 to bullseye ;)

    Also.. How is nudity in of itself immature? Everyone look away! I'm going to be immature and have a shower :P

    Nudity is only immature if it is made immature from the "context" of a given scene :) And you can quote me on that - Cheers ;)

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    There is nothing wrong with Nudity and there is nothing immature about having nudity. You do not even know the context, so how can y

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    I just signed up to the forum just so I could comment on this. (I was looking for news in regards to episode two for The Wolf Among Us, to be honest)

    So, I will admit. The one thing in my life I have always found odd is, in regards to sex and nudity, people take on these strange attitudes the moment they appear, yet, have no issue with violence, no matter how extreme. My aunt lets her kids watch horror movies, movies I wouldn't even watch, however, her son watched an episode of Broadwalk Empire and got such a telling off because it had nudity and sex in it, it was unbelievable. I understand people have different views and opinions on matters, but my aunt proved to be such an incredible hypocrite that day.

    “That woman is nude; she’s being exploited!” – “That couple is about to engage in cotius! Shield your eyes!” To quote George R.R. Martin…

    “I can describe an axe entering a human skull in great explicit detail and no one will blink twice at it. I provide a similar description, just as detailed, of a penis entering a vagina, and I get letters about it and people swearing off.”

    Obviously, the subject at hand is nudity, but it is along the same lines of the point I’m trying to make. I’ll admit, nudity for the sake of nudity, a hypothetical example being; Snow White’s breasts suddenly falling out of her blouse mid-conversation would have been stupid and immature, then I would had agree with your argument more. However, Bigby is apparently visiting a red light district to chase up leads, a woman with her breasts out, performing a job where she has to entice customers with her body, is not that all immature or unrealistic. Avoiding nudity, however, having her dressed up to high heaven in tight furs and coats, covering her body. Would be more immature in my book. Because it says, “We can’t handle the naked human body. The most basic of all things on the planet.”

    And as I said before, while I agree with you that nudity included just for the sake of including is a stupid, however, I don’t agree with you using GTA as good example of that. Saints Row would be more a better example yet even Saints Row is along the zany line nowadays and a massive parody (But it is dumb fun).

    However, Telltales have proven they are catering to create a mature game and mature story. So I don’t believe the next episode will be entitled, “Breast Detective.” So don’t worry about a pair of boobs in your game.

    Edit: I also find that many people misconstrue the enjoyment of sexuality, sex and the human form = promiscuity/pervert.

    I’m 22, still a virgin, I’ve had two long-term relationships and a small innocent fling with a friend that have involved sexual activities (minus sex of course), I enjoy the three of the above that I’ve mentioned. Yet I’m not prowling the street’s looking for sex or the internet 24/7 looking for porn. I’m not accusing of the OP being that type of person either, but just wanted to voice something I’ve noted.

    Obviously, there are people in the world who, like in so many areas, take certain aspects to the vast extremities. But how often do you hear about the normal woman who enjoys sex in the news? There is an outweighing number of rational people in the world who are not perverts who can enjoy things such as nudity and sex.

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    Seriously? Go play Ducktales HD Remastered or Angry Birds if "adult" games bother you. I personally get "nude" at least once/twice a day (typical day) to take a shower and change clothes. Seeing a nude cartoon character and griping really says something about people that completely ignore a child bashing in a head with a hammer and cannibalism gets glossed over! I'm 35 and don't get embarrassed nor offended by nudity and grew up watching Smurfs, Go Bots, Transformers, Care Bears, Snorks, Gummi Bears, etc. etc. and you could even see full breasts in Day Time TV (local over-the-air channels none the less) movies with PG and PG-13 ratings in the 80's..... Whatever you do, don't play Stick of Truth.

  • I agree with the op. So far, they have great female characters in the Walking Dead. So, it was extra disappointing to see how female characters are handled in TWAU ep. 2.

    @JimmyDio -- Why should the only two options be men's magazine or Ducktales? Neither are great options for me...

  • This game is Mature. Not your prissy, "let's all be friends forever!" entertainment. Don't like it, don't play it.

    Oh and go somewhere else with your complaints, no one gives a shit.

  • The context of this game is way different. No one has any need to be nude in The Walking Dead. Considering the setting we are in and the situation, (strip club, a complete a-hole jerk who treats everyone like crap strip club owner, prostitutes) how do you expect them to be treated?

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    I agree with the op. So far, they have great female characters in the Walking Dead. So, it was extra disappointing to see how fema

  • Let's just enjoy the game dude...we all agree that the bad ass "mature" story line is great so why try to censor awesome mature titties...? Seriously, just enjoy it (even if you have it and say that you don't enjoy seeing it which I'm very certain that at one point in your life you've thought about flaunting it 'coz "it" works very well)...and if you really can't stand the site of it then don't play the game...but please don't spoil the game for the rest of us.

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    My God, why all the down votes? I'm with you, Neoncloudff. I think I'm the only person who is. Jeez, people have some sort of proble

  • It's rated for "partial nudity" for a reason.Nerissa didn't get her shoes off,you know :P

  • Someone necro'ed a dead thread and you guys are falling for it -_-.

  • I dont think this thread with ever die. Its too salacious.

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    Someone necro'ed a dead thread and you guys are falling for it -_-.

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    You mean she wasn't fully naked?Or does it have another meaning I ignore? :P

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    It's rated for "partial nudity" for a reason.Nerissa didn't get her shoes off,you know :P

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