The Killer [Investigation] - Hard Evidence Found



  • i see what you did their

  • That's a good guess in the comic there I a evil adversary that chased them out of there homelands and that is why they now live in the mundane world

  • I admit I haven't read the whole thread, but some pretty interesting reading. Has anyone brought up the killer's modus operandi? Although a pretty simplistic link, it fits one of the Fables perfectly. If when more Fables die they're all women, I think it's clear who the killer is emulating (assuming they're copycat murders).

    In the meanwhile, I really like the they're not dead, it's the little boy crying wolf theory. But why cry wolf in this way?

  • It's a bit too obvious

    Telltale will lead you to believe anything after the first episode ...

    I think he's keeping tabs on bigby ..I don't think he would kill snow ..

    Maybe also that's who beauty was watching? Or waiting for..?

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    I noticed this guy also, not convinced that he’s was the killer, more as an overused extra (:P) but it was a good read you provided. However, I will like to be proven wrong with the following episodes to see your theory pan out.

  • I agree this is some great theorising here, I think you have a good story line here! However, this is a Telltale game here, anything can happen!

  • If all else fails we can always pull a Harrison Ford and blame it on the 1 armed man :P

  • I don't think they are..

    The mirror shows the old king...dead

    When asked to see faith "lips are sealed"... Someone's using magic on these women to stop them talking?

  • Yes , the killer's MO has been mentioned. Fables such as Headless Horseman , Bluebeard or The Queen of Hearts are also suspects. I only hope Episode 2 gets released faster so we can get more clues/theories ... it's been over 2 months since TT didn't give any info :(

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    We brought up some interesting thoughts from episode 1 , but I think more people should consider the 3rd guy that was waiting in line around the Business Office. He has his leg patched up , and we know that someone hurt his leg while jumping over the fence when Faith happened.
    Not just that , but he's the only one that slightly flinches when Bigby passes near him in the hallway (look it up on youtube). It's like a small gesture of fear.
    That must mean something :P

  • You may be right.. Maybe the other guy hidden behind the scenes is a mundy that is secretly investigating that world.. Dun dun dunnn, Lol.

  • Apparently, Telltale heard our cries of despair and Ep. 2 is being released tonight. YAY!

  • It's actually not. Episode 1 is just being released on iOS tonight.

  • I don't think so. Because rumor tell tale didn't even know who to make the murder before it was sent out, I doubt they would picked some random guy,

  • Am I the only one who noticed that faith was wearing a ring on her left hand that looked like the one we found and when she starts to walk away after putting the axe in woodys head it looks like she is looking at a ring in her purse.

  • Also I don't think that the yellow eyed fable in pic for the fith episode is bigby the ears are wrong and it also looks as if its skin is green I thinks it's the orc or goblin in the preview

  • Hey it's known that the prince Lawrence shot himself so what was with the bloodied blade maybe the killer put it there when prince Lawrence was passed out and when bigby goes there and it's found out that bigby was there talking to the prince the killer finds out or just returns for the blade when he decides to kill snow this is starting to sound like the sword regret a copy of the vorpal blade it has to take two lives but if the wielder regrets one of the two lives will be returned

  • I think it's just to put us in the wrong way, just to surprise us at the right time.

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    Actually, nobody thought about Toad. Maybe he's a potential suspect, Snow and Faith were at the same place as him at least once, so it can be a hint.

  • Road might know more than what he is saying but he is nothing more than just a slum lord

  • Never take Taxis kids, I've seen this story told three different times now, you take a taxi you're dead.

  • I've heard that this a prequel to the books or a completely new story line which might explain why he never appears in the books, he might be killed off at the end. Or it's a completely different universe.

  • Yes this is a prequel to all of the fables comics

  • Wow, you have good attention to detail, i haddent even noticed

  • That's what I thought but that means Snow White comes back to life somehow because she's still alive in the comics as of now and married to Bigby. Which is why I suspected this might be an alternate story line.

  • He I did notice all of those things I wish I could have put him down as one of the suspects

  • I think I know who this guy really is He has crooks on his tie, referring to the boy who cried wolf (herding crook).

    He's the boy who cried wolf

  • I don't think he is the murder. I think he is more of a spy.

  • Dude I came onto the wolf among us forum to post my theory about the red headed guy appearing numerous times, thought i was a genius but you beat me too it :P

  • if you came to the same conclusion on your own then you are in fact a genius lol

  • Well I spotted him the 4 times and worked out that he could be the killer but I can't claim to know the boy who cried wolf part

  • Maybe the bandaged man is the badger.

  • I think so too since, in the book of fables, he's wearing the same style hat. The fact that Badger has an annotation in the book implies significance.

  • It is not badger badger lives on the farm and is very proud of being a badger and has never had a glamour, badger has the ability to create a blue energy constructs which he forms into different things such as legs so he can drive. I really do not think that's the boy who cried wolf if we remember he was a glory seeker and kinda coward
    So if it is him he is most likely trying to solve it himself to be a hero

  • I do not take full credit for this theory either. Many people contributed to this , each of them bringing up small clues&ideas. I just put it all together and got something solid. The boy-who-cried-wolf part wasn't my idea either. Someone else saw it :)

  • My thought is that The Boy Who Cried Wolf is the boss of the Tweedles and he's trying to figure out who the murderer is (because he's a glory seeker).

    I'm thinking that the later episodes, the Tweedles/BWCW find that Bigby was one of the last people to see the victims alive and the Boy Who Cried Wolf cries...wolf... (poetic? right?). But who knows.

  • well done. you have too much time on your hands though

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