Don't mention the B-word around Bigby....

I noticed that, at least on my playthrough, Bigby seemed to be particularly offended any time someone dropped the B-bomb. Grendel and the Woodsman both let the aforementioned profanity fly from their salty mouths; and, respectively, they received a knuckle-sandwich (with extra knuckle) and a trip out of a two-story window, courtesy of Sheriff Bigby.

But it only just clicked for me that, as a kinda dog himself, it must really strike a nerve in Bigby whenever someone says 'b!tch' in a derogatory way. God help the poor sap who calls Bigby an 'SOB.'

So did anyone else manage to connect those particular dots?


Episode 3 Update: Walking in to the Puddin-n-Pie, we find Georgie who greets Bigby and Snow by calling the latter a Capital B-I-to-the-T-C-H. One of the options available is to then sock him in jaw. I'm chalking this up to another point in favor of my 'Big Bad B-Word Theory.'



  • I did not make that connection. That's pretty interesting.

  • I think it had more to do with Grendel calling snow a bitch than the actual word itself, since bigby has a thing for her.

  • Actually for Woody it's the second/third time he says it, and for Grendel it is almost immediate fighting. Basically Bigby loves Snow, and we should all know that. Add the fact Bigby is a wolf and you have the complete story.

  • if and he chucked him out of the window for saying bitch i think it was the 4th time he said it and he chucked him out the window for his troubles and the 5th time he put an axe into his head

  • I actually thought about this. bitch = female dog. Bigby = wolf = dog family. I was wondering if that was the real reason the b word pissed him off since I played as an ass#ole my first play through.

  • Indeed. I imagine Bigby ( Bigby, anyway) wouldn't put up with anyone talking trash about Snow, regardless of whatever it was they were specifically saying. But, from what I saw while playing, It just seemed to me that Bigby, who had heard and spouted plenty of expletives beforehand, was particularly unnerved whenever someone said 'bitch.' And seeing as Bigby is a literal son of a 'bitch,' and that Grendel used that very word to insult Snow, it was like BOOM! Double Whammy! Sorry Gren, you need to get clocked right in the face.

  • Yeah I noticed that too. The Woodsman got away with using the ol' B-word a few times, although (at least in my experience) Bigby eventually warned him not to say it again. When he failed to listen, Bigby took the the building.

    Maybe Grendel didn't get the same leeway because he was calling Snow (whom Bigby personally knows and cares for) a bitch.

  • Exactly. The word literally means female dog. And Bigby's own mother fits that description. Unfortunately for him, the term 'bitch' also has a very negative connotation in human society. To hear people constantly call other people 'female dogs' in a cruel, disparaging manner must get on his nerves. For Bigby, the b-word sort of seems like a racial slur. At least, that's what I thought....maybe I'm reading too much into this.

  • Bigbys mother was a wolf named winter who fell in love with the king of the north aka the northern wind , winter and mr north fell in love
    And had a litter of seven,after the cubs were born mr north left (according to him the winds change)and winter started to became very weak so she started to tell stories to the cubs of there mighty father but bigby would not listen out of resentment Of his father, after a short time winter passed away and bigbys six brothers who were all big and strong unlike bigby who was the runt at the time decided to seek out there mighty father and learn of the power they inherited but bigby stayed to protect his mothers body but with bigby being so small and weak at this time could not and after his mothers body was taken from him he vowed that every day he would eat something bigger.
    This is why bigby gets so up tight about the B-word it reminds him of his loving mother that he lost and still blames himself for not protecting.

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    Ha! Oh yeah.. for faith.. How the woodsman called her that.. I was always wondering.. happened before? I don't remember someone calling snow that?? Or that it didn't end well.. But he was referring to faith, well.. Lol. Makes sense now :) Cheers!

  • Nope Grendel specifically said "and that bitch Snow White walked right past me". One of Bigby's responses is "This has happened before and it doesn't end well". In which Gren replies "I didn't know you were the bitch of the bitch". Bigby's only responce is punching Gren.

  • Yeah.. woodsman called faith the B word in the beginning, then later on gren called snow the b word, thus the happened before bit not ending well with him giving woodsman the beatdown.. As nobody called snow the b word prior to that with the having it not end well part of his talking.

  • wow.. is it just me or does my above comment sound along the lines of.. I know that you know that I know you know I know, you know?


  • "i wouldn't call her that, this happened before and it doesn't end well" Bigby is clearly talking about Snow, the fact that it happened before the game is something we have to find out. The past is vague, the present is up to us, the future is written.

  • That's very intuitive LukaszB

  • Bigby is protective of most female characters in his life.

  • This statement is not true. Remember that Bigby ate Little Red Riding Hood. I bet we'll know more about his past in episode 4. Once upon a time, there was a wolf, who ruled the land, he was much feared, but soon mended his ways, and all were happy. Or you could read 1001 Nights of Snowfall and The Wolf in the Fold. The only females close to his life are Snow White and his mom, Winter. THE END. He's kind because of Snow White, Bigby met Faith the same time he met Snow.

  • He met faith the same time as snow? I haven't read the comic or w/e series behind this game, so I wouldn't know the back history.

    How did he meet her? Maybe that was in one of the fables.. I should look in extra on the game maybe. In either case.. I like Faith more then snow. She was presented better in the first episode then snow was. Which is saying something considering she only had that 1 part.

    Poor faith.. Would of been a nice fit with Bigby. Both have a rough past it would seem.

    Whatever happened to snow's prince anyhow?

  • Look in the extras for a hint on how Bigby met Snow. To find out that Bigby met them at the same time you have to be silent to Faith's ribbon question. Snow was through a lot worse than Faith. Her first romantic interest was forbidden by her mother and was sent to her evil aunt/stepmother to save her which of course didn't work out completely. Then don't get me started with the lustful evil dwarves. And you want to know about Prince Charming? Prince Charming married Snow White, slept with Snow White's sister (Rose Red), then he married Sleeping Beauty (Bri'ar Rose) obviously betrayed her, and then he married Cinderella and betrayed her. He's in Europe during the game having you know what. Snow seeks vengeance like Bigby by killing the dwarves.

  • Dang.. Not very charming, hey? Lol.

    The ribbon question? Why was that so important? Must have something to do with how they met. I noticed the pause she gave if you chose the beautiful option.

  • I'll revise my earlier statement, he's very protective of the female characters in his life that are kind to him, especially after the exodus. I hate to sound like a sanctimonious ass, but if you had even read the comics you'd know I'm right and unless they're ignoring canon in this series Snow White isn't really dead.

  • No he met Snow a long time before Faith; don't listen to this guy he doesn't know what he's talking about.

  • Were you silent to Faith's question about her ribbon. She will say "What's the matter Bigby, tempted to take a bite. I guess those days are behind you" Bigby even says "I feel like we've met before".

  • Most fables have bigby to thank for lives after the advesary attacked it all started with snow and rose he saved them from a chain gang and then started to do that for other fables and after he saved them he brought them to a gate to the mundane world after a good time snow returned with feather top and made him a deal to have a human body after that he became sherrif and became protective over all fables pretty much. And that's it short and simple.

  • Snow and faith could honestly be dead at the moment but since snow is a popular fable she could just poof back to normal but since there is so much magic floating around all the deaths It will most likely be reversed via magic. That is if its even really snow and faiths bodies.

  • What was this "adversary"?

  • The extras give a little detail to that. Simply it's the guy who invades the fables former world.

  • A lot of the innuendo is going right over your head.
    Also shes not little red riding hood if thats what you're getting at.

  • You're probably right, I mean in the comic Snow takes a bullet to the head and lives.

  • I think she was just trying to divert his questioning with the bit about the necklace.

  • I agree with this. But pointing that out is interesting I have to say. It would make sense.

  • When bigby saved the fables from the advesary he had to taste or take a bite of them to make sure that they real and copies the adversary's men tasted of evil and corruption that's what lukaszb was getting at red does not come back for a while after this

  • That's exactly what I'm talking about.

  • Glad to see someone else had the same thought about his dislike of the B* word. He is offended at its usage in general (tells Woody "What'd I tell you about that word?" in one the dialogue options at the start of the game), not just when its about Snow. Calling *Snow *one, the way Gren did,is just that much worse.

  • Does anyone else think that it's weird that there was a bloody blade in Lawrence's apartment but no wounds caused by a blade ,was the blade left there to make it look like Lawrence did it.

  • I wonder if this is the case does that mean the woodsman was the same character that was sent to kill snow in the original Snow white?

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    No. There is very little information about what happened over the course of 300 years. The possibility someone called Snow the b word is very likely considering her job. She has been Crane's assistant since Fabletown existed (late 17th century).

  • That's a wonderful power to have, immortality and all.

  • Maybe he doesn't like bitch, because it's degrading to the women of his kind, and therefore, by extension, his mother.

  • Actually that is not the only response your forgetting that silence is a valid option

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