Copyright claim from "Scale Lab" (?)

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With Season 2 just a few weeks(?) away, I thought it would be fun to do something like a "Let's Play".
I am no "pro" in making videos ... I thought, I'll give it a try. Just for fun. ;-)
So I uploaded the first part ... and got a copyright claim from "Scale Lab" a few hours later. It reads:
"Visual content administered by: Scale Lab".

My questions now are:
Who are those people? Do I have to be worried about my channel?
And if i dispute it ... what can I put as my reasons for the dispute?



  • A quick Google search says that Scale Labs is a Youtube network. My insane guess is that someone there is using the copyright system to help videos in their network rise in the search rankings.

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    Youtube was so much better before Google got it's hands on it and allowed other entities to abuse the copyright complaint system.

  • My first intuition is that it's some sort of scam company, which tries to leech with other people's work, or something.

  • Anybody got some suggestions how to dispute this claim? I mean, there are some options but I don't know which would be suitable.

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    I don't know which options there are, but just say that they aren't copyrights holder of anything. TTG has rights for the game and you have copyrights for your let's play, because you have created it.

  • There's a number of developers out there that use the DMCA to take down videos that are either unfavorable to them, or they're just trying to squash rival content to help their own video content rise in the search rankings. This has to be the first time I've heard of a Youtube network trying to do this, though.

  • You know, f*** google+, they think the video was made for beneficial purposes while it clearly had been made for promotion and showing people a peak of the game. You know those copyrights holders are a bunch of f***ing idiots right? No other company other than TTG that could claim it's copyright on the game, any other lab or whatever that claims it would be probably a scam unless u include a content of the company that claimed the copyright on the video, it doesn't necessarily have to be for the gameplay itself. So idk.

  • Even if he has used some other material, it should be all right and legal as long as it falls under the fair use.

    But I wouldn't be surprised if the OP is soon contacted by this Scale Lab and asked to pay some money, so that they'll retract their copyright infringement claim.

  • I uploaded another video and it got "flagged" almost immediately. Again because of Scale Lab.
    That's annoying.

  • Well, just keep filing counter-claims.

  • God what you just said reminded me of what Sega did last year with Shining Force 3, and even this year with Wild Game Studios taking down TotalBiscuit's video of Day One Garry's Incident, in other words whats happening to you is sadly a common thing, god I hate how the system is abused to badly.

  • I wrote them yesterday an e-mail, trying to do the polite thing.

    It was already friday afternoon, though, but because of the time difference (I am from Austria) they had a little more than 5 hours to respond/recognize. But ... so far no answer.
    I'll wait until monday. Giving them a chance to explain themselves.

  • like the first post did a quick search on "scale lab youtube" seems like they mail various youtube channels saying they will increase subs and views but they say they want 25% of ad revenue from your channel also it seems they have a number of dummy youtube accounts not saying they use them for this reason just that they have them.

    it is also now alot easier with google+ to have multi accounts on youtub. Anyway If they carry on with copy right claims maybe ask telltale to get involved.

  • they mail various youtube channels saying they will increase subs and views but they say they want 25% of ad revenue from your channel

    Wow, it's a total shakedown. Try your best to dispute the shit out of this to Youtube, OP.

  • Good news, everyone:

    YouTube's Content ID system automatically flags these videos because they share gameplay footage. We understand these aren't true copyright violations and immediately release all claims. No need to worry!


    Colin Cadman
    Manager, Channel Development
    ScaleLab Network

  • One question though. This also happened to me tonight.. (3 Dec 2013)
    Do I still need to dispute the copyright claim?
    If yes, which option do I need to pick?

  • I'd also like to know what to do incase I ever get a notice from these clowns

  • thats good. But still wondering why scale lab have the copyright on the gameplay i dont think they were the first to upload a gameplay. then again not sure how youtube copyright works.

  • I received the same answer as The_Kzin today.
    Replied the message asking if there's something I need to do or if the claim will be removed over time.
    When I get a reply I'll post it here =3

  • Awesome! They responded really quick: "We can take care of everything through our CMS. It should be removed shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience." Hope this helps :D

  • Glad things have worked out OK for you guys.

    Still, it's pretty absurd that this situation arose in the first place, isn't it?

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    I still don't understand what Scale Lab has to do with Youtube and policing gameplay uploads. They sound like a bunch of scam artists, regardless of how "nice" their replies are.

  • Hello all,
    i got this match too today, what do I have to do now? Just revise it? Or ignore? Where should I write the email?

  • Agreed, somehow a lot of (business) people go crazy when they can get their hands on money and will do absurd things to obtain it..
    I´m just glad it went the easy way this time. It could have gotten a lot worse and then it´s just you against a big business...

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    It only seems to have happened recently though to The play-through for season 1 I have a feeling they were trying to get the copyright so that they can claim the one for any Season 2 play-through and focus the search results only onto channels from their network because anyone NOT with them will be facing copyright claims.

    Making money by stacking search results well that is one way to do it. Honestly it is kind of a good strategy to use youtube to make money.

    However I don't really agree with what they have done it is kind of Mafia like by only directing results to channels under their network and tie up any independent channels with stupid copyright claims which means they get the views and ad revenue first.

    And when they get challenged they send a polite message saying "O sorry.... blah blah because of how youtube works... blah blah.... we will sort it out don't worry."

  • "Abuse" at this point seems like much to generous of a word.

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    So here's some clarification on these Content ID fraudsters:

    Yup, Scale Lab is full of shit and they're not alone.

  • This still happening? Maybe should start to tweet Telltale or message them about it?

  • So did anyone get the claim from Scale Lab removed yet? They put a claim on my first walking dead video and I contacted them two days ago. They said that they would take care of it, but still. Two days with no response? Should I just contact Telltale? And see if they will give me permission to upload videos? That way if this ever happens again I can just dispute them. Also I'm not monetizing any of my videos.

  • Tell Scale Lab to fuck off because only Telltale owns the Walking Dead not them so, also if they continue to harass you, report them to Youtube or something?

  • Well Scale Lab finally got back to me and they said that they did remove the claim and that it's now on YouTube to remove it. But so far nothing. So I decided to just dispute the claim. But now it says "Your dispute awaiting response by 01/11/14" WTF! Are you saying that I'm going to have to wait until 01/11/14 before they will review my dispute?! This is just getting annoying!

  • Alright, Some Youtubers have figured out A way of overcoming this, If you have your Mic Louder then the Gameplay Audio Youtubes crap system never picks it up, also remember to make your videos private before uploading.

  • you might want to get in contact with telltale to get clearance for the video game numerous reports state a number of home made walkthroughs video has been taken down and some of the big developers support home made video as long as you don;t profit from the video you should be fine

  • To clarify for some people, this is a largely automated system put in place very recently. Youtube bots are searching the videos and automatically flagging them based on whatever obscure copyright connection can be made. Asking telltale, or scale labs for that matter will most likely be unproductive as this is a system put in place and automated by youtube, and publishers have little control over it at the moment so even videos they are perfectly fine with are being flagged without any publisher approval. I am unsure how Scale Labs is related to TWD vids, but a number of other seemingly random companies have also been included in the automated flagging system. Its a common, far-reaching problem and I doubt a personal email to telltale will resolve this issue quickly, though I could be wrong.

  • After I send Scale Lab an email I got a reply that they would fix it. Only part 01 of my let's play had the claim and that disappeared after a while. Part 02 & 03 didn't get any claims so I guess they put me on some 'white list' in a CMS program (I'm thinking, do not know for sure).
    Today I uploaded part 04 and that got claimed by a MCN called Studio71. Send them an email today but it's not just Scale Lab anymore.. A week ago I send Telltale Games an email asking for permission. No reply yet. I'm not gonna dispute the claim on Youtube atm. I waited as well with scale lab. There's to much risk if your dispute fails. Try to mail the company and wait for a reply. If they don´t reply you can always dispute the claim but I believe you need some form of permission from Telltale Games to win that.

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