WAU on iOS! What do you think?

Finally, The Wolf Among Us is on iOS. I already bought the multi pack and can't wait for episode 2 to come out. I think the app is awesome and fits iOS 7 perfectly! (It's a little glitchy though, kind of twitchy when it comes to tapping things and missing eyeballs on some characters. But, it's version 1.0 still so I don't blame them.) Good job TTG! Love the app! You can reply with just random things on this page, I don't care. Let me know what you think of the app if you own it.


  • Another Thread about something we already now. Jeez....

  • ;D I know, I was just exited. Do you have the app? If so let me know what you think of it. ( I just like seeing other peoples opinions on things.)

  • I have no ipad, ipod or iphone. But i have TWAU on PC and its so far so good. :)

  • hey yh I've got episode1 on my 4S and it's pretty much a carbon copy of TWAU on PC, just of course with touch controls instead of the other buttons in QTEs. Runs smoothly apart from a little pause now and then. Both versions are really enjoyable, just hope it's been the IOS app that's been preventing the release of Ep2 because TellTale are just brilliant!

  • I watched a YouTube gameplay video of the iOS version and it looks like they did an impressive job with bringing the game over to iOS. I wonder how much better it will look with retina display.

  • Man, the QTEs would fit touch-screen controls SO much better than my 360 controller... Makes me wish I'd held out until I could've downloaded the iOS version.

  • I have an iPad air and it looks fantastic! If you look in the App Store you will find this game and The Walking Dead both ALREADY in the "Georgeous Games" section. The section is for stunning graphics on iPad air and other retina display devices.

  • They do fit a lot better in touch better in my opinion too. It's faster and easier to get around the screen and tap things when you need to tap them.

  • You should try it. It is totally worth it. I think the PC/Mac and iOS versions are the better formats of the game. When you are playing on a console, it takes time to move the cursor to the correct spot on the screen. I wonder what they will do with PSVita.... That will be interesting.

  • I don't think it's fair that Telltale is only making the games on iOS and not on Android...

  • True. I agree, but many devices vary on android and may not please the player. While on iOS, TellTale can find out what devices will run best with it and make it only for those devices so their game can be the best. On android, many devices have the save version of android and some don't run those games well. That's my opinion on it, but maybe they did something else. I don't know, but that's what I think.

  • If GTA could run on an Android I'm pretty sure this game could too. Of course they'd need time to port it over, they could also turn down the graphics a notch so it could run smoothly.

  • You have a point. Maybe, they just settled on apple and don't feel like creating another platform and managing it to run on all devices (as some devices may have problems) and felt like keeping it simple. That's what I think. And, maybe, they want their game to look and act the best across all the devices it is on. And having a small variety of devices and only a couple of versions of OSs mean that they can create it the best once and not like seventeen times if you know what I mean. Not saying that it would end up that way, usually, it goes well. All I'm saying is: Apple has a small variety of OSs versions that the game can run on. Meaning they may only have to make it perfect less than three times (excluding small updates) and, it is guaranteed to run well across all devices and look its best too. See what I'm saying? But I'm not sure if that's the case, I just see it that way. Otherwise, I have no idea why.

  • Oh,Yeah! Welcome to the community! I'm new here too.

  • Thanks! And yeah, could be that it doesn't run well on Androids... But has Telltale said anything at all about the Androids?

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    I read that they are also releasing it for the Ouya... and that is not the most powerful Android device out there :)

  • I'd definitely buy it because I happen to own an Ouya.

  • Very good interactive story. I'm a little disappointed with the iOS version as it's quite slow and glitchy on my iPad 4. I think I'll get the remaining game on the PC so I do not have to fight with stuttering action sequences.

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    I haven't played the game yet, but from what I have seen of user gameplay videos of the iOS version, it doesn't look like it would perform too terribly slow. Perhaps you could try closing other apps through multitasking and try running the game again. For some apps, that can make all the difference.

  • Yeah that's the first thing I tried. Killed all other apps. Still is rather hiccupy and slow. I'm rather anal about performance though, and any lag or stuttering distracts me from enjoying the game. The game plays fine for the most part. But the action sequences in particular, having any lag just detracts from the emphasis of the moment. It also caused me to miss many of the quick time events due to laggy inputs. But the actual walking around and clicking on things during non time critical moments, runs perfectly smoothly.

  • I have it for my IPod and my aunt's iPad for playing Back to the Future and it is a bit sluggish like TWD but I played TWAU on my Xbox and when I went to (SPOILERS!!!!!!!)
    Prince Lawrence's house it took me FOREVER to go through the window on both apple devices. I kept tapping and tapping using various styluses and tapping exactly on the hand but nothing. It took me about 5 straight minuets (Checked the time) to get in the window and sometime my finger would randomly hit the wrong response but overall, it was actually receiving my commands when fighting unlike TWD episode 1 and 4 and was a great story still. I think we need time and updates and it will be great for IOS. I beat TWD on my iPod and when I got it for my xbox for 400 days and beat that, I tried to rewind back to Vince's section and it ERASED MY ENTIRE GAME!!!! I still will stick with IOS and play it on my xbox until I use the last of my Gigs.

  • It runs awesome on iPads and iPhones that have a7 with m7. I own an iPad air and it runs next-to perfectly. Maybe turn off the internet. I'm not saying it will work, but it may ease up some space on the processor.

  • I noticed that problem too, it seems you have to be super accurate on tapping those things. It's weird, hopefully they fix that next update.

  • Maybe, they will make it completely different on the OUYA. I don't own one, but maybe, TellTale will work their way around whatever problems the OUYA gives them.

  • I have an ipad mini and I love the app the only problem I find is that I was hoping to see if they fixed the frame rates for the iOS version but they didn't I was a little disappointed but everything else was great

  • To me, it was almost identical to all the versions except the controls (obviously)

  • iPad Air here and the performance issues on TWD and WAU is pretty pathetic. Lots of stuttering and skipping. Incredibly distracting. And I like the art style but the horrible aliasing and ugly shadows are pretty hard to look at. Wish they would take the optimization a bit more seriously. Was really hoping all the rough edges would be resolved for WAU. Makes it hard to get excited about the newly announced franchises.

  • True, I just want to fix the 1980s shadows and black lines.

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