Sneak peek at The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: 'Smoke & Mirrors'



  • I know there can be good reasons for a delay, we all do. But the problem is the quesiton "Why is an episodic release schedule good for the consumer?". I think it can actually increase enjoyment of the game if you have this down time to chat and theorize with friends and build general anticipation. But when it gets this spread out it isn't good in anyway for the consumer. It actually pisses them off. It only benefits Telltale and I think I'll be buying these games once 4 episodes are released from now on (this is my 4th Telltale game I've purchased by the way and the longest delay I've encountered).

  • I love you guys and all but at least you can do is tell is a more accurate time table for your release episodes. Or at least tell your fans if your are writing it as you go or what? This way we can live without an episode and yet satisfied that our new beloved series hasn't been lost or delayed in a blackhole.

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    So, Telltale guys,

    if you promise, there will be all 4 to 6 weeks a new episode, and now you tell us after seven weeks in the last sentence of a long post we will have to wait at least five more weeks... well that's rude. Who cares for two screenshots and an update about an update that will be in four weeks?

    This post should really be called 'Episode 2 is delayed because of a lot of work in WD2, ETA is january 2014'...

    Damn... treat your custumers better and more honest!

  • They never promised anything

  • You guys are so ungrateful

  • I would have to say I agree with Kenny.

  • If this were a free-to-play game, I would agree that we're all being ungrateful little sods. But given that most have purchased a season pass and have heard nothing from Telltale about a release date for the second episode, I would wholly refute the idea that we're ungrateful. Those of us who have dropped money for a season pass are just frustrated at the lack of a release date.

  • Even that is up for debate. Telltale hasn't confirmed or denied that, only Steam has claimed it.

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    HAHAHAHAHA... Omg... First he/she says.. I hope to have something for you soon.. Or something like that.. This was done a little while ago.. Then the next update is an update about an update that is coming tomorrow.. And THIS is all it was.. ANOTHER UPDATE ABOUT AN UPDATE TO COME NEXT YEAR!

    This is horrible customer service in regards to keeping the people informed.. And the delays are stupid long! For only a few hrs gameplay! How exactly do they expect us to enjoy the series when it is so long for so little.. You forget how the game made you feel during your play! 12+ weeks.. Notice how he/she said it is only an ETA.. 5 months down the line.. Still waiting.. Oh yeah! This will totally get finished by summer of next year! <--(sarcasm) More like this time next year.. Rofl.. For just a 10 hr game.. Telltale is NOT professional enough to handle 2 games at once. Period. 3 hrs of gameplay is so worth this! <-- (more sarcasm) NOBODY buy the seasons pass.. EVERYONE should wait for the entire series to be out for a while and selling for 80% off.. I don't think they'll pull this crud with that happening.. Why oh why did I purchase the seasons pass.. Waist of money.. No information worth anything.. A couple of screenshots, ha! I can draw you a picture..

    I enjoyed my gameplay from TWD and TWAU but.. Seriously.. You even have one of the moderators saying the following..

    "I agree that what we have here is a lack of official communication as to the schedule they aim at. During the last year, PR always avoided using the word 'delay' as it might have raised negative press. I would very much prefer they came out and called the release of episode 2 "delayed". Three months between ep1 and ep2 is disappointing.. Telltale will have to come out and explain that this wasn't according to plan."

  • Not all of us have the patience of Jesus, Kenny. If they said to wait another week or two, less of us would be complaining. But now we have to wait until late December or early January (most likely). This is bad business, man.

  • And this kind of thing happened before too, with episode 3 of TWD, except the gap was two months, iirc.

    Telltale best pray to Odin episode 1 of the second TWD season impresses the life out of us to make up for this delay.

  • Crap! all this waiting for TWAU is making me don´t want to play it anymore, What concerns me is this telltale guys will do the same release delays for the walking dead season 2, in the first season they had delays too, maybe they can´t handle big projects ... hire more programmers!

  • Note to self.. Wait for everything to be finished and released for any and all future telltale games.. Also, buy it all on sale!

    grinds his teeth over money he has already spent

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    Considering the delay is bringing us into next year.. The only way that will happen is if this episode is a minimum of 8 hrs gameplay with one hell of a story.. And if the next TWD episode is released no more then 2 months later, after the first, with the same increase in playtime.. Same with any future TWAU episodes once they finally release episode 2.

    Keep in mind.. It has been almost 20 months since ep 1 of TWD was released back in april of 2012, lol.. Sigh..

    2 months in of itself is still a long time when you think about it though.. For only 3 hrs..

  • Rather than critiquing others, what were you given that you feel grateful for?

  • Another month, huh? I'll come back then.

  • That's not even half as bad as the Walking Dead comics. A months wait for 20 pages where barely fuck-all happens. All because Kirkman wanted to milk the fans for more money. But that's neither here nor there.

    At least Telltale's making us wait because of a failure to properly pace themselves.

  • Well hemorrhoids are valuable to someone. The proctologist.

  • Or rather.. Failure for lack of prep on their part.. More work should of been done with better planning before they started releasing as to get ahead of the demand curve.. They still aren't talking to us in any case, at least nothing worth saying.. Example being the above post, lol.. ETA on an ETA of an ETA, lol.. At least they are consistent about not being consistent.. Even with all the negativity coming their way from not just this site.. You should see some of the posts on Facebook and other media outlets, lol..

    As Forest Gump might say.. Life is like a box of telltale..Lol.

  • The only way they could make this worse is if they gave us an Join, Destroy and Synthesis endings with the last episode of TWAU. Oh, and made Toad Jr. into an etherial uber-god thing.

  • The fact that you cannot inform your customers of a release date is enough to make me no longer purchase your products. And to think, I was looking forward to this too.

  • Telltale retweeted Official XBox Magazine's article which said episode one is coming on December 17, so I think we can safely say it is arriving then.

  • It's not that telltale doesn't want to give us the release date (well maybe they kind of do) but it also could be because TTG doesn't give release dates sometimes only days before it comes out. I love that it gives you a little surprise. I personally wouldn't recommend telltale games if you don't have some what of a good patience at the moment (they don't have the biggest of a team since they're trying to do 2 games and it's difficult for there size) and I wouldn't recommend it if you can expect not to have the a lot revealed before it comes out. I won't be getting into twau until after episode 5 because then I can play all of it in a week. I don't have to play all of it in like half a year ( not hating on telltale I'm just giving a personal suggestion)

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    ''We're anticipating another update on its ETA for release very soon after the holidays, and we couldn't be more excited to continue this series with all of you.''

    And now you guys are working on four titles..... That explains the delay. Just concentrate on this and TWD for now okay? Remember quality > quantity. Please don't become another cheap easy cash grabber like most devs have.

  • Nope. Working on 4 titles now.

  • I wonder how they will handle four!

  • Yeah I also feel the same that TellTale are going the way of pushing as many games out the door as they can. Which is surely going against them by the looks of TWAU.

    I would of hoped they would have pushed more on tech expanding what can happen in a story so characters that were destined to die may have a chance of surviving at the cost of another just to balance things. Like in TWD but not as watered down. Letting your actions have a huge impact on the world not just letting one or two characters decide if they like you or not.

    I think pushing out this many games screams stupid. They struggled with The Walking Dead. The company still trips over its feet and lacks communication with sellers. Like Steam.

    I still haven't forgotten about the two delays of Jurassic Park. I still wonder why I bought that game.

    But in the end TellTale had plenty of time to get this Episode out the door with great quality. I think at this point it is safe to say some guy is counting the cash with a big grin and the team have decided to drag their feet because they are sitting on enough money.

    We didn't have to wait this long for a TWD episode. Lets remember the team were finding their feet with TWD so something they should've mastered by now or at least got the hang but they simply screwed up on.

  • They won't come out simultaneosly, I hope!

  • Lol maybe the reason why Wolf Among Us part 2 is delayed is because they are spending too much time creating the strippers for the Pudding and Pie bar SMH. Also they could be too busy playing the PS4/Xbox One :D

  • No, they're still working on TWO.

    Announcing titles does not mean "working on them". If you had watched the interviews, you'd know - Kevin and Dan practically answer every TotB and GoT question with "we are not that far yet"... "we only just got this license"... "more to come"...

  • The game is arriving, and I have arrived.

  • You even have one of the moderators saying the following..

    I never said you could quote me on that one. ;)

    That moderators are able to say what they would wish Telltale would do is fundamental for them to remain independent, and remain part of the community in their voluntary work. But what you shouldn't just assume is that their objectively voiced opinion in any way 'weighs more' than that of other community members. Because it really doesn't. The mod squad can share opinions of the community because they're part of the community. And that's all there is to it. No need to go all quoting on me, I'm not a 'source' in particular.

  • No, that wouldn't work, because we KNOW Mr. Toad. The god being has to literally come out of no where.

  • Well of course its for reasons. However, none of those reasons were addressed. Which is the largest problem with TTG. Their infuriating lack of communication. Personally, I can wait. But a lot of this rage could be averted if they simply let their community know what is going on.

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    I realize you are a member of the community. I've just noticed most moderators being controlled somewhat on what they say, as if to avoid making waves. It was just refreshing to see you posting an opinion of frustration, however polite, lol.

  • lol no one is talking bout TWDS2 LOL

  • Not exactly nowhere, but they can't have a character... How about... One of the cops in the final scene of episode 1? That could work.

  • I can excuse the stripper modeling. But only if they give us a whole ton of variety. Amazon strippers, midget strippers, busty strippers, flat strippers, skinny strippers, fat strippers, black, white, asian, latino, blonde, brunette, ginger, curly, straight, wavy, tattooed, pierced etc.

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