Will Clem die in chapter 1 of Season 2???



  • No hell no! It would not be cool. Clem cant die so young! :(

  • Considering we have seen a grand total of two (2) kids in the game, why not? There must have been tons of kids that were used as midday snacks for the zombies.

    No, I doubt Clem will die in the first episode; I do hewever both hope and suspect she won't make it through ep 5.

  • Who knows what Clem's fate will be, but there are kids and then there are tough survivor kids. Both Carl and Sophia were first introduced in Issue 2 and both have survived to this day, while many "tougher" adults have fallen in the hands of the walkers and hostile surivivors. Mayble Clem turns out to be even tougher kid than Carl.

  • Kill all sons of b**ches, then everyone is safe.

  • I don't know if anyone else noticed this or not, but you realize that image is from deviant art. it's an artist's conception picture, definately not a real TTG screenshot.

    I don't think they'll kill off Clem in episode 1.
    Though I would hate to see it, I do think it would be reasonable it could happen, sometime.

  • ah ok then, i just saw deviant..

  • no she will not die.

  • God damn it... ( sorry ) She won't die... It's not bite, maybe she did something at forest..? Like Lee in episode 1, he had something with leg, would you say he has bitten :o ? NO...

  • Yeah, The Walking Dead comics could continue without Rick.

  • You know we will play as clementine right?

  • I highly doubt it. She is a *major *character. She needs more than one episode, regardless of whether or not she lives or dies. Lee died for her, why should she die too. No, I don't think so.

  • I don't think they'll go down that route. Most likely the shoulder injury is due to a fall rather than a bite and the person holding the flashlight in that picture clearly is not a 'Walker' and would doubtless tend to the injury... unless it's a bandit

  • Maybe it's a scratch. That would make the series thrilling because you wouldn't know if she have been infected.

  • no she can,t she is cute and badass. ps;ill be pist if they kill clem in season 2

  • Not even a remote chance this is gonna happen. For one thing there is no walker around her that could have done it, if it happened before I think she'd be sick by now due to her being a kid. Secondly nothing says this image is from the first episode, it could be later.

  • I agree with you in the first half. But I must say, she won't be the same Clementine for the most part. This world changes everybody, no matter who you are. After everything that has happened to her, everything she's witnessed, will radically change her.

  • yeah clem dies in episode one you play as lee's ghost for the rest of season 2 and then telltale well make a Ghostbuster video game where you play as ghost clem smart righting right there

  • Walker666 I appreciate your thought including everybody eles but theres just no way in my book

  • That would be stupid to end her off in season 2 episode 1 .. I doubt she was Bitten though Teltale put that image out to push our imagination .. It's not another Lee situation Come on people that would be wack.

  • Clem is the center of S2. If she dies, its in the last episode.

  • after seeing that she might get bit but she could be like Elle from the last of us who immune from infection

  • Kirkman wrote: "The rule is WHATEVER it is that causes the zombies, is something everyone already has. If you stub your toe, get an infection and die, you turn into a zombie, UNLESS your brain is damaged. If someone shoots you in the head and you die, you're dead. A zombie bite kills you because of infection, or blood loss, not because of the zombie "virus." "

    And there's no known cases of immunity in the Walking Dead -universe. IMHO it just wouldn't fit well with the rules of the Walking Dead universe if Clem didn't have whatever turns people into Walkers.

  • No??? why would she die at the very start it's no point of making season two if u play as Clementine and then die at the start and if u look at the screen shots you see in 1 picture shes with Omid and the second one in the house with a person.

  • No I don't think they'll kill off Clem in episode 1, that makes no sense.
    I don't think they'll do it at the end of the season either, or at least not necessarily. Lee always dies at the end of Season 1 so another forced death seems like a bad idea in terms of effect and surprise.

  • and than obi wan just defeats the dark side by himself sounds good to me

  • pfft hahahaha, no. They put screenshots in like that to scare people. she probably just hurt herself running away or escaping something. Trust me if Clem is going to die they aren't going to put out a freaking screenshot of her being bit or scratched or whatever before the first episode comes out. Considering shes the main character of the story now, yeah she may die at the end of episode 5, but not before. Doesn't seem like a series that would be like "End of episode 1 Clem gets bit, dead" "Next time on Episode 2 we play as Vince! See ya then!"

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