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Oodles of Doodles

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I feel bad about this. My first topic on this message board and here I am posting my doodles. *sigh* Now why can't I just fall in line and post a topic or question thread, eh? Well, I made it. I might as well go along...

Hello. I draw. I draw a lot. Especially during downtimes at work. A few months ago, I started drawing Sam and Max in the mix of my other doodles, sketches, and notes in my little notebook. They basically took over two notebooks in a matter of time.

Long story short, I've been trying to study them to master drawing them. ("Mastering" as in able to draw them by head at any time.) Since I am suppose to be drawing everyday anyways as exercise, I'm forcing myself to draw at least one page of Sam and/or Max (extra to the drawing exercises I'm currently doing).

So what does this whole topic have to do with anything and why the long winded introduction (if it is an introduction). Well, I thought maybe you all might like to see what I draw up. For the monster of an introduction, I always do that. I never mean to type a lot. Sorry. ^^;

(I skipped a lot of my earlier drawings because they might give you cancer or something.)

An image dump of some of my good notebook stuff.

One of my early drawings safe for viewing. Still doesn't look right.

I forgot to draw one day and quickly made this up as I was trying to go to bed.

You are probably tired to seeing all the junk. I don't blame you. Here's drawings that I put effort into. Or tried...

Various Sam poses.
Messing with perspective and Sam's expressions.
The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" day. I felt bad after finishing this.
"Let me at 'em, Sam!"
I'm getting the impression Sam doesn't like to be drawn... (8/29/08)
Hmm... I actually don't have anything to say here... (8/31/08)
Promenade Sam and Max (8/31/08)
My first time playing with the rats. (8/31/08)
Max, Max, and Max... (9/2/08)
I made a semi-big mistake in this one. I didn't catch it until I actually looked at pictures of revolvers... Plus Sam is suppose to be right-handed... (9/3-4/08)
Sam again. (9/4/08)
I can't take full credit for the expression Sam has on the top right. I was referencing the model sheets that came with the cartoon DVD... (9/6/08)
"Feels like I'm flying!"(9/7/08)
Safe in Sam's coat.(9/8/08)
When my mind wanders, thankfully it doesn't wander too far...(9/8/08)
Sam: "But I must have it!" Max: "NO SAM!"(9/8/08)
The first time drawing bite-sized Sam and Max and I end up making one of them cry. ^^; Let's all shed a tear for Brooklyn's Astroland...(9/8/08)
Okay, okay, okay... I haven't been drawing... But...There must be other things I've been doing on my spare time...(9/9-13/08)
Believe me, I had another page of this nonsense. All I can say about that never-to-be-seen-out-of-my-sketchbook page is there are certain expressions that doesn't suit Sam at all... :/ (9/13/08)
I wanted to draw scene than what I usually do and came up with this. And for such drawings, I like to make a quick layout plan (in this case, on a notecard since I didn't have time to actually draw when I got this idea) before digging right in. (9/14/08)
Are they eavesdropping on each other or listening to the rats in the wall?(9/14/08)

Since I have weird hours at work now (they will change next month), I might not be able to update everyday. I promise that I will, at the very least, update every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Consider the weekdays as bonus days. Sorry all!
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  • You draw a really good Sam.

    ...Your Max is good too, but your Sam seems to have it's own style to it.
  • Wow... these drawings are nice... well done! What's really nifty about these drawings is that they really do seem to capture the spirit and style of the characters. And it's great to see the development in your skill from drawing to drawing.

    Anyway, I'll add another vote to the "Keep Going!" group. =)
  • I'm impressed. It's kinda odd seeing Sam without his grin sometimes. xD
    I agree with Rakushun, the way you draw Sam has a great style going for it that makes it very interesting.
  • As usual, thanks all for your compliments! =^_^=

    I bet some of you have noticed, I haven't updated like I was suppose to. Don't worry, I haven't stopped drawing. It's just that I don't have anytime to mess around with my scanner on my desktop pc, transfer the images to my lappy, then upload them to Photobucket. My job just gave me a new schedule which has me working all day (10am-8:30pm). So the only time I get to draw with my good paper is at night and after doing so, find myself dead tired to do anything else.

    My days off are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So expect quite a few backlog drawings tomorrow. I might have to do this now often than update daily. Sorry...
    AARST;88004 said:
    It's kinda odd seeing Sam without his grin sometimes. xD
    Just for you, I'll draw Sam with a mouth more often. XD
  • those are great
    and it's not exactly steves style.
    they've got a bit of this typical old cartoon style, like the old disney toons or the looney toons.
    T think you know what I mean
    They look more cute than the originals.
    I like them
  • Very nice. At my lunch break i tend to eat lunch ... +1 for updates
  • Bruno83;88346 said:
    those are great
    and it's not exactly steves style.
    they've got a bit of this typical old cartoon style, like the old disney toons or the looney toons.
    T think you know what I mean
    They look more cute than the originals.
    I like them
    I know. No matter what I draw (unless it's realistic), I tend to make my subjects cute. I don't do it intentionally, it just happens. I think I'm starting to understand my style is making things simple and curvy. ^^;
  • I wouldn't say simple, but curvy yes
    That's what makes them look so cute.
    But also their big eyes and the big shiny nose of sam.
  • They look a little bouncy too, but I dunno whether to classify that as good or bad. Awesome artings though. Kiddie Sam and Max rule.
  • I love these. The way you draw Sam is really adorable. Though I usually think Sam is adorable.
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