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Tales From The Borderlands revealed

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Seems like they're teaming up with Gearbox for this upcoming title! What do you guys think?

Mod Edit: Here is the trailer for the game

  • Disappointed. I'm sorry to hate but I don't like this series, I won't be playing.

  • I guess they should focus on the walking dead and the wolf among us and finish them off before working on any other games .

    • I agree! Working simultaneously in two games is hard. They should focus on the TWD and TWAU first.

      • I guess They're turning into a company that just wants more money , which is really sad .

        • Something came up to my mind, what if the episode 2 of TWD S2 will be delayed because of Borderlands game? They completely disregard their 4-6 weeks duration of releasing episodes. :P

        • Well of course they do, they are a business but maybe they just like the idea of trying new things too. Borderlands is a first person shooter, right? Im not sure how that would work with their style but I'm interested to see it.

          • the same way twd/twau/bttf worked ?

            i suppose since borderlands has such great funny cutscenes this game will be like them but interactive..

            also why are people assuming ttg are going to do this as well as twd/twau ? SURELY they will wait till after these two are done ?

            • How would the shooting mechanism work? Ive only seen it in The Walking Dead and that was really basic. I played the first Borderlands and there's a lot of shooting in it. Thats what I mean.

              • really basic but it worked ;)

                so they can either keep it simple and hence more fun to play or make it a little more precise and add some more details/huds, assuming we have control over shooting again, though maybe ttg plan on limiting the shooting to on the rails/actual cutscenes and merely give us a twau style select option the gun to be used and of the target to aim at.

                a mix of that would work for me, although i can hear/see/read people complaining about the shooting aspect already on facebook pages...

            • Because they have already been working on it and they revealed in the trailer that it's coming out in 2014.

              • but as you say in other comments it's a different team who build the basics/engine, but the main work force will be on twd/twau/ or even got..

                as for the date...well... that's an estimate.... and ttg make very vague estimates don't they....

          • Easy, it was already explained in the trailer that the protagonist in Tales from the Borderlands isn't a Vault Hunter, which obviously means they won't use guns as much as the Vault Hunters from Borderlands 1 &2.

        • Yeah, it does kinda feel that way to me too.

          Borderlands and Game of Thrones just says 'MEGA BUCKS'!

          In my mind, the scales of 'best game experience' and 'profit' are starting to wobble with inbalance.

          With all the possibilities out there, was Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands really the best two options?

          • Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. Both announced by Telltale at the same time. Both licensed properties.

            This started before The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us.

            No one expected Telltale to take on The Walking Dead. Game and Thrones and Borderlands both make sense. Especially Borderlands, considering the art style that Telltale took with The Walking Dead was remarkably similar to Borderlands.

            They aren't going to make Tales from the Borderlands all action, I don't think they'll include any sort of free-shooting mechanic at all. It'll probably be very much a game based on dialogue and choices.

            I would love to see games for a lot of popular TV shows. Breaking Bad and Person of Interest would be interesting. I would also love to see Telltale try to work on an original property as well, maybe creating their own superhero? An under-dog? Hell, it would be slightly interesting to see something based off of Kick-Ass (I've only seen the first movie though).

            In any case, I think Game of Thrones and Borderlands are great choices for Telltale to work on.

      • Erm... Your counting is off. That's 4, including Borderlands, TWD TWAU, and Game of Thrones.

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      I guess they should focus on the walking dead and the wolf among us and finish them off before working on any other games .

      Before this is going anywhere - they've hardly done any work on the Borderlands game. This is in its very preliminary stages. And I'd rather guess "2014" means "late 2014". TWaU as well as TWD will likely be finished even before more significant info will be released. Thinking about the next step is very important in episodic gaming. They can't wait with this kind of announcement until mid next year, they HAVE to start the hype even though they haven't got much to show right now.

  • I never completed the game but i'll only really care if it they make it at the same time of TWAU and TWD2 - that would annoy me so much

  • I am not happy with this at all.....

    • Why not? This is a good thing.

    • I think the divided reaction I'm seeing to this news is proof of a growing split in how people are feeling about Telltale lately :-S

      Loving everything someone does blindly is plain weird. Sometimes you have to step back and see it for what it is.

      I have no doubt in Telltale's ability to make an awesome game. I trust in that and you should too, it will be okay ;-)

  • It looks awesome, here's the trailer from VGX.

    • Handsome Jack? So I take it this game will be somewhere inside the Borderlands 2 story...shame was hoping for something in another part of the time line separate from the main games. Well at least we get to see Borderlands 2 from a different perspective.

  • personally I think that they need to focus on one (or two) games at a time. I think that by doing this project they will take too much time making multiple video games at once. Don't expect TWD S2 Ep. 2 too come out anytime soon if this game comes along in 2014.

    • Well your wrong, since this will obviously come after TWD s2. It also has a different team working on it, so it doesn't really affect TWD.

      You also seem to forget that video game companies work multiple games all the time and different dev teams on each.

      • You are both wrong

        This is still very early on. a trailer dont mean jack (handsome jack)

        They will be working hard at finishing TWAU S1 (hopefully S2 next year? fingers crossed) TWD S2 by the end of the year so that by late 2014 they can start working on the first episodes of Tales from Borderlands and/or Game of thrones

        Dont expect Tales to pop up again for ahwile

  • I believe it said in 2014. Hopefully its after TWAU and TWD2 finish, but I will have to see more of this borderlands game to see if I will buy it.

  • Well, if you think about it TWD and TWAU will probably end in Q3 of 2014 so this will take most of their time..

  • Hmm. The concept doesn't seem right to me, though I'll see what i think of it closer to release. Hopefully it won't interfere with TWD or TWAU.

    • What about the concept doesn't seem right to you? Because what we've seen looks fantastic.

      • Because, while i liked borderlands 2 and am aware that TTG have made funny games before, i'm just not convinced that universe is strong enough to be able to stand up to presumably having all the gunplay and co-op action removed and still be entertaining. Like i said though though we haven't seen much of it and i'll wait and see what they're able to do.

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          Vainamoinen Moderator

          Weeeeeelll, I for one am not even convinced it's such a good idea to remove so many gameplay/brainteaser elements from the adventure genre and make an entirely choice and plot driven experience out of it. But a lot of people thought it worked out exceedingly neatly for The Walking Dead, so why doubt that it could work for Borderlands?

          Of course, I'm very much looking forward to all the "How do I shoot" threads made by Borderland fans on this forum. I should prepare a standard answer right now...

          • Because The Walking Dead, much like Fables and Game of Thrones were series that were very plot driven and atmospheric anyway and natural fits for the story centered, cinematic approach. Borderlands...not so much. I understand what you're saying that taking risks has paid off handsomely before and i'm certainly not going to dismiss it.

  • Ugh gearbox = alien colonial marines. Fuck them.

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