Tales From The Borderlands revealed



  • Handsome Jack? So I take it this game will be somewhere inside the Borderlands 2 story...shame was hoping for something in another part of the time line separate from the main games. Well at least we get to see Borderlands 2 from a different perspective.

  • Tales of Borderlands,WTF?
    At least we knew about Game of Thrones earlier.

  • To say that I didn't see this coming would be an understatement. But hey, I think I could see myself liking this. My favorite parts of the Borderlands games were the humor and the sci-fi western feel of it, which I think TT could do well. So long as they make sure they're getting TWD S2 and TWAU finished and released first, that is. With everything they're working on right now, it seems like it would be really easy for them to strain themselves.

  • hopefully,they will do the same thing as Tales of Monkey Island and get the original voice-actors of Borderlands back(even though most of them work in Texas instead of the Bay-Area talent pool that Telltale usually works with.).
    Dameon Clarke MUST return for this one.

  • I really like Borderlands, but I'm not 100% on my thoughts on this joining. I suppose it would be wise to withhold judgment for once I have more information though.

  • I played both Borderlands and I enjoyed Borderlands 2 immensely. But it is a bit odd that they would be making a video game series based on a...video game series? Not hating the idea, just find it interesting. One of the reasons why Telltale is so great is because it creates/expands upon stories from certain beloved series outside of video game media. It gives the fandoms of these series a way to interact and enjoy it in a new way. The Walking Dead had only been a comic series and TV show, A Wolf Among Us had only been a comic, ect. Considering Telltale operates more on a storytelling approach compared to a fighting/action approach, it would be interesting to see how they adapt a first-person shooter into a story-driven game.

  • Your loss, it's a great series and it's great to see TellTale teaming up with Gearbox to expand it.

  • If you say so... I think they are great to play with some friends.

  • Easy, it was already explained in the trailer that the protagonist in Tales from the Borderlands isn't a Vault Hunter, which obviously means they won't use guns as much as the Vault Hunters from Borderlands 1 &2.

  • im just wondering doesn't 2k publish BorderLands so would Telltale need the Rights From 2k

  • Because they have already been working on it and they revealed in the trailer that it's coming out in 2014.

  • Why not? This is a good thing.

  • Or a prequel.

    And why would you want it in another time line/ The fun is interacting with the Borderlands characters.

  • Well your wrong, since this will obviously come after TWD s2. It also has a different team working on it, so it doesn't really affect TWD.

    You also seem to forget that video game companies work multiple games all the time and different dev teams on each.

  • Oh please. Just because you didn't like it doesn't mean it's "overrated", grow up. The Borderlands series is great, which is why Telltale is working on an episodic game for the series.

  • Borderlands more than makes up for it.

  • Duke nukem isn't their fault, since they just finished a game someone else started working on.

  • What about the concept doesn't seem right to you? Because what we've seen looks fantastic.

  • All four games would have different dev teams on it, so what's you point? You act like this is the first time a company had multiple games in development.

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    but as you say in other comments it's a different team who build the basics/engine, but the main work force will be on twd/twau/ or even got..

    as for the date...well... that's an estimate.... and ttg make very vague estimates don't they....

  • Clearly you haven't played the second game.

  • Okay, it's just not my thing :) but have fun!

  • I love the Borderlands series and need to get the 2nd game so I'm hopeful this will be good but I don't want Telltale to get overexerted by doing 4 games.

  • No, it's just not the biggest team and this community can get kind of mixed up. Are you replying to everyone's opinion that's different than yours?

  • It's not as bad of a reaction between the release of Episode 1 and two of TWD as I would of imagined for such a large gap.

  • I'm interested to see how they'll handle a more Comedy orientated franchise in TWD format (for lack of a better term.) Needless to say I'm very interested.

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    Why is everyone assuming that Telltale is rushing to put episodes out for the GOT and Borderlands games? It just said 2014 and in the interviews, they admit to not having any definitive story ideas. They're still in the "Hey we have the rights to these things, but where do we really want to go with it" stages. I doubt we'll see too much overlap between the two sets of games. It wouldn't be impossible to have small teams of like two or three who are tossing out ideas in their spare time for the (what will likely be late) 2014 games. I don't think that the newest additions will have much of an impact on TWD and TWAU. Now to say that TWD and TWAU might be impacting each other is valid, but to be fair, anyone who was in these forums for TWD season 1 knows that waiting is part of the game. Releases can seem random and may be waited on for a while.

  • Guys do you really think that they will work on Borderlands or game of thrones before both TWAU and TWD 2S are finished completely? They wouldn't lets give telltale some credit ;) that being said I can not wait until tales from borderlands (could care less about the game of thrones game)

  • You are both wrong

    This is still very early on. a trailer dont mean jack (handsome jack)

    They will be working hard at finishing TWAU S1 (hopefully S2 next year? fingers crossed) TWD S2 by the end of the year so that by late 2014 they can start working on the first episodes of Tales from Borderlands and/or Game of thrones

    Dont expect Tales to pop up again for ahwile

  • Well to be fair he has his heart in the right place

    Do you really think Telltale will be working on all 4 games at once?

    They will obviously be working on TWD S2 and TWAU as hard as they can

    when thats done they can start on Tales (Borderlands 2 is probably the most fun you ll have in a game of that genre) and GOT (meh Im not a real big fan of a song of ice and fire and after that southpark episode......)

  • Its not like Comedy is a new thing for them.....if anything the drama that TWD brought is new to them

    Look at Sam and Max,Monkey Island,Back to the future, etc.

  • Im not the only one that noticed that this is Video Game-ception xD

    Just think of it as standalone DLC like Far cry 3 Black dragon xD

    I do believe that they said there will be some shooter driven parts

    I hope they do this game right

    It could be real easy to fuck this type of game up but I have confidence telltale will persavere

  • ^this

    everyone assumes "2014" = Tommorow

  • Psh, it's obviously going to be January 1st 2014. :P

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    It wouldn't be the first time they did a game series based off another game series. Tales of Monkey Island also comes to mind. Incidentally, both games also have "Tales" in the title.

  • There's already a revel trailer.

  • You heard it first here folks. :D

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    Because, while i liked borderlands 2 and am aware that TTG have made funny games before, i'm just not convinced that universe is strong enough to be able to stand up to presumably having all the gunplay and co-op action removed and still be entertaining. Like i said though though we haven't seen much of it and i'll wait and see what they're able to do.

  • Tales of Monkey Island also comes to mind

    Strictly speaking, that was a continuation of the original series in the same game genre. I do understand the oddity AllThatRemains experiences here.

    But it is a bit odd that they would be making a video game series based on a...video game series?

    Well, it's certainly "new". Telltale has previously said they'd love to do something like that, naming the Halo series as a possible field of interest. An expansion of the stories and lore of a certain video game franchise with Telltale's way of making games. Applicability is the strength of what Telltale's doing, it's only natural that they expand into every media that tells stories, including their own. ;)

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