Tales From The Borderlands revealed



  • Weeeeeelll, I for one am not even convinced it's such a good idea to remove so many gameplay/brainteaser elements from the adventure genre and make an entirely choice and plot driven experience out of it. But a lot of people thought it worked out exceedingly neatly for The Walking Dead, so why doubt that it could work for Borderlands?

    Of course, I'm very much looking forward to all the "How do I shoot" threads made by Borderland fans on this forum. I should prepare a standard answer right now...

  • It will be interesting to see how they will make an open world game into a interactive adventure, can't wait for all the games Telltale are releasing!

  • I tried the first Borderlands all the way back in the old days. I did not like at all, and I never touched the series again. However I am tempted to give this game a go none the less.

  • Because The Walking Dead, much like Fables and Game of Thrones were series that were very plot driven and atmospheric anyway and natural fits for the story centered, cinematic approach. Borderlands...not so much. I understand what you're saying that taking risks has paid off handsomely before and i'm certainly not going to dismiss it.

  • I know they do comedy, I never said they didn't. I said I'm interested to see how a more Comedic game will work in TWD format rather than a traditional point-and-click adventure like they've done before with their comedy titles.

  • Confirmed Episode 2 of TWAU, Episode 2 of TWD: S2, Episode 1 of GOT, and Episode one of TFBL all being released on January 1st. Preorder now to snag a free hat for TF2. (Which I would be much more interested in seeing made into a game of a game than Borderlands, but to each is there own.)

  • I absolutely love the Borderlands series - honestly can't wait. Please also port to Vita please!!

  • People have a tendency to panic first, think later, lol. Once we get the The Walking Dead and Wolf's next episodes out, hoping people will be reassured that the next two projects wont take over for them.

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    So if i don't like a game because it lacks story/character development and it's pretty much a grind from the start to the end, i haven't matured. Cool story.

    I never said they were bad games just not NEAR as good as people claim them to be, halo effect at it's best. If it wasn't an FPS i'd say i was playing some korean MMO, hell the game's art style is great, they also had alot of weird/funny characters with alot of potential but they where only used for 1-2 missions and just for a couple of dialogues.

  • It was their fault, stop being a blind fanboy. They were in all their right to say "this game is bad, we need x years to complete it"

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    You'll understand once you go through puberty. There's more to games than kill all de monstarz with gunz.

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    once you go through puberty

    WARNING 1.

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    stop being a blind fanboy

    WARNING 2.

    You're on a slippery slope. Pull yourself together and be respectful to people please.

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    I wasn't trying to insult him, It was just an honest way of describing the guy's post. What would you call someone who thinks it's okay to release 2 mediocre games and almost kill the franchises in the process just because the company released 2 okay games?

  • I said someone was a Pre-adolescent, im going to hell.

    Listen Vain in all honesty i don't see this why would this insult anyone, but i'll calm down i guess? just for you <3

  • I'll say what I said on the other forum, this game was confirmed to be a telltale style game with everything that made us love TWD. Not saying it WILL be great, but in such a cool world as Borderlands, it has a possibility.

  • Erm... Your counting is off. That's 4, including Borderlands, TWD TWAU, and Game of Thrones.

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    e: changed my mind about posting this

    now you people will never know what wellgolly had to say. Good luck trying to sleep at night!

  • Thank you for clarifying, it's hissy fits galore around here... even more than usual that is.

  • Sorry, I didn't know about Tales of Monkey Island. I am only vaguely aware of all the Telltale games previous to TWD. To be fair, I have never even heard of the series ToMI derived from while the Borderlands series is pretty mainstream. I don't doubt Telltale's ability to use this new idea and create an amazing game out of it though. Actually, I am pretty interested in what they could come up with.

  • How could you say such a thing D':

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    To be fair, I have never even heard of the series ToMI derived from while the Borderlands series is pretty mainstream

    Reading that makes me sad. Not even heard of Monkey Island? I take it you're pretty young?
    Monkey Island is as mainstream as it gets. Just a little older. I'd say it was way more mainstream than Borderlands is.

    i feel old :-(

  • Yup. Those who didn't know Monkey Island back in 1990 certainly weren't gamers.

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    yeah, I liked Monkey Island, but the Bone series has to be mentioned as well, its a pretty good game that is underated by many telltale gamers. I never hear much talk about it in these forums.

  • I'm sorry :( I was born in the 90s and would be too young to even know how to play it at the time. Even now I have never heard of it (not trying to be bratty or offensive, I'm only speaking from what would be Telltale's younger demographic.) I'm just basing off my experiences as a gamer since I was 4 years old. And like you said, I'm sure it was more mainstream than Borderlands at the time but nowadays it isn't referenced as much anymore. That is to be expected with pretty much all games, excluding the groundbreaking ones that even non-gamers know about (Mario games, for example). Anyways, I'm sorry I got so off topic in this thread.

  • I still haven't gotten around to playing those games.... but maybe this will give me the motivation to give 'em a shot.

  • I haven't really played and finished any of the borderlands games but am still interested in this series. I might play the borderland games actually.

  • I know this is going to be hypocritical as hell

    But you want a Game like Team fortress 2 to have a spinoff based on story.............mkay then

  • Godanmit now I want to know what he said

    I hate when people do taht :/

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    Well, they'll presumably take a year to come out with the Telltale Borderlands game. I can keep the original games in my Steam Wishlist to see if they go on sale sometime before next year.

  • Maybe it will actually include a puzzle that requires any amount of thought? Oh wait, this is Telltale. Nevermind. Thought is forbidden.

  • Played Borderlands 1 and did not enjoy it as much as I would have liked to be honest. Borderlands 2 is coming free for PS+ maybe I might try it again , try to get interested in it.

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    Im surprised to see the amount of people against this idea. I think this is the best thing announced on the VGX, blows GoT right out of the water (I realize we haven't even seen anything but a reveal for GoT yet).

    People seem to automaticly just dismiss the idea because to someone, who isn't into shooters and have no desire to pick up Borderlands, it doesn't appeal. However, once you get to know the world of BL and the characters in it you may even change your mind and decide to give this a go atleast.

    Handsome Jack is hands down one of the best villains i've seen in anything, ever.
    Sorry for the broken english.

  • I am the only one who at the end saw Guybrush Peepwood created from interferences? :-)

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    I can almost promise everyone here that we will conclude TWAU and TWD S2 before publishing either of the new titles. We here at TTG want to give you the best gaming experience possible. Also check out the FAQ Borderlands page for the answer to this question as well.

  • I was referring to the story told through the comics.

  • Expect us to quote you on that ALL THE TIME, Jess. :)

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    If an OFFICIAL FAQ already exists, where exactly is it?! Can't find it on Telltale's Borderlands page...


  • While I am not against telltale doing an episodic series for borderlands, I understand where others are coming from being sceptical and all. I think there may have also been similar thoughts from TWD fans found out telltale was making an episodic game for that franchise and look how that turned out.

    Anyone played Poker Night 2, featuring Brock Samson from The Venture Bros., **Claptrap from the Borderlands series, ** Ash Williams from The Evil Dead franchise, and Sam from Sam & Max as opponents.

    Telltale have probably thought about doing an episodic series using one of these franchises previously. But I will reserve judgement for now until this game is made. I actually hope they do a good job with it.

    Also I think this announcement may also have something to do with Gearbox maybe asking telltale to announce around the Christmas period pretty sure it is not going hurt demand for the borderlands series.

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