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100% Completion

posted by Monkey-Man on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
Okay, all of my stats are green, and I have all four trophies.

Here are the details:
100% on all of the collections
TGS Cards: megaphone, book, keys, candy bar, roach.
SB Manual: All 4 Parts
Coach Z Trohphies (as named in display case): Exploration Trophy, Hedge Trophy, Nuisance Trohpy, Strong Sad Trophy

Costume Items Found: 4 of 4 (knit cap, moustache, blue polo shirt, chef hat) (PLUS bonus championship belt, and easter egg yellow T-shirt)
People Phone Pranked: 7 of 7
TGS Cards Collected: 4 of 4 (PLUS bonus card)
SB5 Manual Pages: 4 of 4
Obscure Trophies Earned: 4 of 4

FCUTRER Best Time: 14.99
Snake Boxer High Level: 15
Teen Girl Squad High Score: 5000

Awesomeness Level Achieved: Trogdor Polo Chucker
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  • I got 100%. Lots of fun...but way short IMO.
  • Sinker182;81703 said:
    How did you get 14:99?!
    dude, i got 00:14:63
  • langley;82262 said:
    It's NOT a cartoon dog. Maybe it has something to do with Wallace & Gromit? I'm just sayin'...
    i knew it!
    i win!!!!
  • I finished long ago first day
  • I am missing 2 trophies, but I've done everything else so they're in green text. I also got 00:14:23 on my time for the Race. I've never been able to do it a second time though.

    While the game IS short, I don't mind so much, considering what it is. I believe the first episode of Sam & Max was also somewhat shorter than the others. As well, as a Wii game, it's size is no doubt going to be limited out of necessity. But it's not bad for the Wii. I mean, it's better than all the other WiiWare games.

    I take it back, I just got the last two trophies. So yeah, I've hit 100% now.
  • There's a couple of things I'm not able to get for the Nuisance trophy, I think I was meant to do them earlier:
    Devil Strong Bad on Marzipan twice
    Talk to Homestar about the race 3 times.
    Also, I got the championship belt with the Teen Girl Squad 5000 points thing.
  • Sinker182;81703 said:
    How did you get 14:99?!
    You gotta go through the log without getting stuck, the average time will be 2 seconds. The Pogo Stick/Heavy lourde, now i'm still having trouble with this, but there is a way to jump all the way to the next line without moving, still working on it. average time would either be 4 or 5 seconds. The rest are easy, your time depends on how far you got on the other ones.
  • To get the belt u have to beat 15 rounds in snake boxer 5
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