Which game is coming out first Borderlands or Game Of Throns

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Me thinking

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  • Most likely Tales from Borderlands, since it already has a trailer and its own subforum

  • Yeah Game of Thrones was only a title, they said they're coming up with ideas for GOT where as the trailer for TFB suggests a sort of plan. I think if the rumours hadn't come out of GOT we wouldn't know about it till next year, super hype for both, both prob mid-late 2014 with TFB first!

  • Probably Borderlands, because they already have footage.

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    FYI, the reason there's no Game of Thrones sub-forum (YET!) has nothing to do with how far along the game is :)

    That said, the trailer for TftB does show (presumably) the main characters as well as a basic idea of a plot, so I'd tentatively suggest that maybe Borderlands is indeed the one that's further along and might maybe possibly be finished first. Potentially.

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    Game of Thrones is more important than Borderlands, let's face it. They will wanna spend more time working on it. Sure thing. Tales from the Borderlands is coming out earlier.

  • probably borderlands , although i hope im wrong.. for me , a game of borderlands is stupid ( even if it comes out a great game ) , that game was supposed to be for fun and fps open world... they only had a story line for make the game with a purpouse.... lets face it... GoT has more fans and more expectations and i bet 80% people prefer GoT instead of Borderlands....i really dont want to wait for fall 2014 for it , but seeing how much time they spend to release episodes of TWD2 and TWAU ...

  • I hope GoT will be released/made first. at the moment the show is hugely popular you never know what will happen if the next season sucks. (which i highly doubt)

  • I wonder how the GoT game will play, what do you guys think?

  • Problem with „Game of Thrones” popularity is that Telltale may well prove incapable of utilizing it. Mind that there are [b]already[/b] two-three or more games (and the hell lot of a good mods) in the AGoT universe. It's silly to think AGoT logo would boost the sales so significantly. Granted, people who know what Telltale Games studio and like AGoT will probably buy the game... but hey!, for people strange to the Telltale, this won't be anything other than „one of the many games”. Moreover, e.g. „Game of Thrones RPG” was developed in collaboration with George R.R. Martin from what I've read... which (although it doesn't really signify anything as Martin can judge well storylines of books, not video games) IMHO represents greater promise of good storytelling than „Telltale did it”. At least for really casual gamer.

    That said, I also think GoT fanbase isn't really as united in expectations as you'd think. Some – e.g. I – love the books but really hate the abysmal handing TV series gave them. (Mind you, I am not trying to make „HAAATE IT!” flamewar; I can get into more details – without spitting hate – but for shortness sake I won't unless asked.) Therefore, they can be repulsed by GoT game going with TV series (much changed) presentation of events and aesthetics, which is evident by the look Iron Throne had in the video they announced the game in.

    On the other hand, Borderlands' doesn't have issues with overabundance of Borderlands' games (aside from original Borderlands) & have – as I understand it – greater much amount of licentia poetica than Westeros has.

  • they will use the books and the tv series as base for making the game , they already said that.. tbh i hope the only thing they use from tv show is the soundtrack , opening and character models

  • Oh. Then sorry for baseless assumptions. Mistook not-so-impressive movie version of Iron Throne – which could even been used just so some people would recognize it – as the sign of basing series just on series.

    Though this give rise to next question: how they could use both and not lead game into same sort of a narrative mud? Would it even be set just prior to the series' happenings or would it just be e.g. during the times described in Adventures of egg and dunk with movie's version of King's Landing.

    (also, if they were to host characters from AGoT books, I just hope that they'd change their appearances somewhat from the show. Not to nitpick: e.g. Jon Snow's color of eyes seems to be somewhat important piece of puzzles.)

  • How much of the workforce of TWD's team goes into borderlands and game of thrones?

  • well i dont know.. but i want to believe this game will be the next GOTY . It has it potencial... lets see how TTG makes it , 'cause its nothing like Walking Dead

  • well i dont know.. but i want to believe this game will be the next GOTY . It has it potencial... lets see how TTG makes it , 'cause its nothing like Walking Dead

  • What's the reason there's no Game of Thrones sub-forum? (yet.)

  • I believe I said elsewhere, but it's to do with licensing agreements. Hell, it took them a year just to get the chance to make it in the first place, so it's no surprise things are so complicated.

  • 10% walking dead, 50% GoT, 1% TWAU, 39% Borderlands

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