Do our previous saves matter?

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Thinking about doing a run through of season one and 400 days so i can remember my choices going into season 2... are saves being ported into season 2 to make gameplay differ? or are they just ignoring your choices in 400 days and season 1?

thanks in advance.


  • Telltale had stated that choices from Season 1 and 400 Days will impact Season 2. If you don't have your saves, I believe they mentioned choices will be randomly generated.

  • Look, if there's anything we learned in season 1, it's that your choices don't really impact the story of the game. Sure, dialogs will be changed just like in any RPG, but you're not going to see the story divert in any major way regardless of your choices in season 1.

    If you're thinking about replaying the first season, save yourself 12 hours.

  • Season one ended with Clementine alone in the world, but Lee’s impact and your other choices are hardly forgotten. Season two makes callbacks to season one and the bridging episode, 400 Days. This especially extends to Clementine dealing with the aftermath of losing Lee. “Lee is definitely a huge part of her life and the way that you played as Lee is going to leave an impact on her,” Darin says. “That’s definitely going to be something she carries with her all of the time.” -source

  • I just want to reiterate my original post. In season 1 we got a very good idea of the "branching" of the story. It's minimal. You are going to see the same locations and get the same general story regardless of your choices.

  • MarkDarinMarkDarin Telltale Staff

    To answer the original question, YES. We will be porting over all the data from your season 1 choices (including 400 days). So things you did and choices you made will be reflected in season 2.

  • But they did say in Season 2 there will be branching storylines.

  • alright thanks everyone for the answers! can't wait!

  • The choices will matter,however I think people might be a little disappointed by the amount of impact.Unless TT pulls a TWAU choice-and-consequence.

  • i hope my lee matters, i played it more then one time because that

  • I think a lot of people were thinking that we would have 15 - 20 different versions of the game, but the reality is that a game like that would be very difficult to produce and near impossible to make.
    I think the game does a pretty good job of making little changes based on what you do. Very few, if any, have done it as well as TWD. (No, I'm not kissing butt. I just think highly of it.)
    Example: I was playing through season 1 the other day, and plan on going through 400 Days again this week end. On my first play through, way back upon release, Kenny died trying to save Ben. The second time through, however, he died saving Christa.
    Is that a major difference? Depends on what you expect.

    Don't go into it thinking you're gonna have a completely different experience from everyone else and you should be ok.

  • Do you have a source for this?

    First I've heard of it.

  • Should I let everyone in 400 days come or not?

  • I have previously weighed in on this thusly:

    My guess, given that it seems unlikely that who stays or goes determines whether or not you get to see that character in the next game, lest your choices in 400 Days turn out to determine whether you are denied access to content in the next game, is that you will deal with each of them in turn. The narrative would have too many branches if each episode dealt with each of the 32 possible group permutations. Instead, I suspect that integrating the characters of 400 Days will mean that the story of each is followed up one per episode. Five characters, five episodes. If they didn't go with Tavia, you meet them in the field. If they did, probably you'll meet them out in the world under the same circumstances anyway, but with them making references to Tavia's group in conversation. It's possible that dealing with Tavia's group will be integrated into each of these episodes, or meeting the group is the culmination of the season.

    Either way, Tavia's group surely will provide a fulcrum to the entire season. So, how you treat with the characters from 400 Days throughout these five episodes will determine something about the fate of Tavia's group, for better or worse.

    Seems likely to play out this way.

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