Where do you picture the rest of your favorite fairy tale characters?

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I'd love to see Prince Charming as the President of the country and Robin Hood as a drug dealer! lol


  • Rumplestiltskin working for Children's Aid.

    Sleeping Beauty as a morphine addict. (Pricked herself on a needle and has been sleeping or totally out of it ever since. Yeah, I know; it's super dark.)

    Little Miss Muffet would totally be a showgirl.

    Pied Piper of Hamelin would be a ratcatcher or would run a daycare centre.

  • --Robin Hood wouldn't be a drug dealer. He would be a protestor or whistle blower, social worker, or modern day thief with a heart of gold.
    --Little Mermaid could be a fashion model or shoe seller. (she wanted to walk on land among people so she could even be outside of Fables NY and be in Manhattan somewhere just living her life.)

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    If Robin Hood is not already somewhere in the Fables comics, that is wasted potential. Robin Hood seems like a character perfect for the Fables treatment.

    My guess is that Robin Hood would probably be a kleptomaniac or a participant in large scale heists.

  • Solid! I like your Sleeping Beauty idea the best :) It's awesome to think of all the realistic sceanarios they can be a part of while still staying true to their story book characters! I cant wait to see who starts appearing in the other episodes. So much potencial.

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    I agree with you both on your Robin Hood ideas. That does fit better. I think I really just want to see a fairy tale charcter selling drugs xD maybe the witch from hanzel and gretel? I can see her doing 'something' messed up like that hehe.. I forgot about the Little Mermaid god damn :) I hope she gets her head cut offfffff muhawwwwhaahaaha!

  • Okay so we know we are going to see Rapunzel at some point!

    a) Has cancer and lost her hair
    b) Got sent to prison wrongfully
    c) Becomes a pop punk singer with kick ass Paramore hair :3

  • Nope, she has to get three haircuts a day.

  • Got another one! The story of the elves and the shoe maker.. elves are labor slaves in a sweat shop run by the shoe maker lol. They make generic Nike sneakers alll dayyy... till Bigby decides to do something about it.

  • Has anybody read the book Arabian Nights? Sindbad the Sailor! He is such a boss.

  • I think Hanzel and Gretel would probably be diabetics in Fables. :P

  • I haven't read the comics so I don't know. I agree. He would be wasted potential if he's not already in there somewhere.

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    My favorite fable is the story of The Man in the Bearskin

    It's not a well known story, but a good one where a man makes a deal with the devil where he agrees not to bathe, cut his hair, shave, cut his nails or pray for seven years.

    Don't know if he exists in the comic's anywhere, but it would blow my freaking mind if he was in here.


    Just looked this up and he apparently did exist in the comic universe.

    Bleh, don't much care for him there. :(

    Still would be nice seeing him as a hobo when he was still wearing the bearskin. :P

  • I wonder where Beowulf and Grendel's mom are

  • 0:16 That face tho...I died XD

  • Is Humpty Dumpty a fairy tale character or just a nursery rhyme?

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