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Putting the Pieces Together (Season 2 Vines and Screens)

posted by Omid on - last edited - Viewed by 8.4K users

From the recent vines we have gotten, I have come to a revelation! It connects many unknown points in Season 2 Episode 1.

This guy is the same guy from the image below. He has the same colored pants and shirt, and his sleeves are rolled up exactly the same. Along with hairy arms haha

Now look at this vine below. It features Clementine sneaking around a barn and house at night, much like Episode 2. She's obviously hiding from the person/people inside.

The house in this vine is the exact same one from the image! This guy probably finds her and brings her in! Explaining the dinner table screenshot!

Im thinking this guy is not some average guy, he's up to something. Maybe he has company, like the (pregnant?) woman beside him in the second vine...

What do you think?

  • I like your theory !

  • In the third Vine, what is ontop of the roof of the house? It looks like a white screwdriver or something...?

  • This new guy might not be "good". Just look at Clem's face and body language in the main picture. I think she is trapped between zombies and guy she does not trust :(. Choice: Fight zombies or guy.

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  • What's the possibility that the stranger took Clem's bag or talkie and that's why she's looking at him like she does in the picture where they're inside the cabin?

  • Yes. I was thinking that clem was hit on her arm during a walker attack

    Gets separated from whoever she was with and ends up by that house.

    Where she gets found by a guy who thinks she is bit and because he can't bring himself to kill a kid puts her in the barn.

    As she tries to escape through a small gap at the bottom a walker sees her and tries to get in but she bashes it in and ends up with blood all over as she escapes the barn at the side of the house.

  • Kenny is in the new trailer if it helps anyone

  • Those were some of my thoughts as well...
    But with the trailer, I really can't tell, everyone seems a little bit un-trustworthy, besides from Christa and Omid that is

  • So that's the house Clem sneaks into. This all happens in the first episode so I'm excited see how it all ties together.

  • I think the guy saves her from the walkers, then puts her in the barn thinking the barn is safe and he kills the walkers and goes back in the house.
    The guy won't know about the walker in the barn/maybe he does know but it's his sibling and couldn't kill him. After clem kills the walker she'll go into the house and chat with the random guy.

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