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Bens A Dick?

posted by UnicornBros4Life on - Viewed by 2K users

I know how hes a retard and all but, Why would you want too make him a bad character, hes not too bad.. He'd be good, Compared too other players in the game... Who else Stood up for ben?

  • Double post.

  • I stood up for Ben. He always meant good. Well when he left Clem among zombies i got really pissed.

  • Ben is a good kid ... I think he's really scared, he wants to do good things but he's kinda clumsy.
    He must have seen a lot of bad stuff happening around him.

    I like him.

  • He's not a bad guy, hes is a loser. Complete loser. Bad Luck B..en.

  • Ben's just clumsy, would ignore in real life.

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