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Premiere trailer for The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 1, 'All That Remains'

posted by puzzlebox Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 16.1K users

Here it is! The premiere trailer for The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 1, All That Remains.

The season will debut on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac, and iOS. We'll announce specific release dates as soon as we have 'em!

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    CIementine BANNED

    This game is going to be awesome :)

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    @puzzlebox That "Coming Soon" announcement ruined the evening for most of us. Thanks alot.

    But other than that the trailer was really good... Still, what waste with the date.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Amazing trailer! Season 2 is looking nice.

  • Can't wait to play it, seriously, it's looking really good. With this, TWAU, GOT and Borderlands, It's gonna be awesome.

  • This trailer is so good!


  • If this is how only the first episode is like, i cant imagine the other ones!

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    You think it'll come next week? Even with Telltale using Very Soon? I don't know, but this gave me a bad feeling.

  • Absolutely cannot wait. And to all you people complaining about how long it took, just stop. It's coming out soon, so just shut up and be happy. It'll be worth it, can't you just tell by the trailer? I mean, really. Cut them some slack. They have other games to work on besides this one. Anyway, I'm so happy! CAN'T WAIT!!!

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      FreddeN93 BANNED

      Shut up and be happy? You new members perhaps can enjoy this, but some of us have seen alot and this is just a pattern repeating itself. Wait and see...

      • I've seen the same on almost every website. I've waited this WHOLE time for it, and I've seen the pattern as well. But I just don't complain and be happy for what we have. I know it's annoying, but people shouldn't judge the game because of it. And that was before, it IS coming out, I can tell. Check on steam, and check on the OFFICIAL date for Xbox Lie Arcade. The 17th for Steam, and 18th for XBLA. So EXCUSE me for getting sick of people complaining

      • I agreed with Freddie originally but it's like.. Let telltale do what they want. Yeah they said very soon but I think that's for exictment and possibly the fact the don't completely have a release date on some platforms. I've been waiting over a year, be calm.

        • Exactly. I completely agree

          • And you know what the really sad part of all this is.......When the game finally arrives (even if it takes 6 more months) your whining will cease for approximately 6-10 hrs while you blast through the game like a kid in a candy store. Its only when you are made to wait for a new toy, do you become like Cartman from Southpark. Relax, understand that they are doing two things....1. ensuring the game is ready and is everything that players expect as this will directly determine their profits for next game....and 2.they are creating as much "anticipated buzz" as they can get away with without losing customers.(This is a very important and highly utilized business strategy that just makes sense...unfortunately at the players lack of patience, expense)....which like I stated earlier...some of you will complain and cry, and stomp your feet, but will still play the game when it comes out......If you didn't, and they saw droves of customers leaving and never returning they would never be late me. these kinds of things only happen when they know the zombie hordes will always be there to feast when the food is served. So, if you really think about have nobody to blame but yourself.

  • Looks as if Clem gets bit or shot in the arm :/. I'm getting the feeling we will see Lee again through Clem's flashbacks. If she's ever in a tight situation she will remember what Lee taught her :). What if the season ends with clips from Ricks story? Maybe Clem will make her debut in the Walking Dead season 5, or spinner series I think it's called Lol. We will probably play as Kenny for a bit too since he's back. To be honest what if the guy in the brown shirt is Kenny's brother because they look alike. Also the guy in the brown looks like Beast from TWAU game XD. Either way I'll be playing TWAU part 2 before I play TWD2 :). Happy Holidays people.

    • i think we might see lee again as well because when you chose to shoot lee when it goes all black you here a chuckle and second in the ign when they where talking about it the guy was talking about lee and said that might be how he sounds in this season then it said spoiler on the screen so, if lee is not in this IGN IS FULL OF BULL CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • They could have been joking... but I think I did notice at one point that when Clem shoots Lee, it looks like she moves the gun very subtly to her left(to the camera's right) enough to make the shot miss.

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          FreddeN93 BANNED

          Noticed that as well. If it was recoil the gun should move back towards Clem, and not bounce to the side, right? Her arms clearly moved the gun to the side in the split second before pulling the trigger. (notice how I said before pulling the trigger). Telltale is good with this kind of twists, but if she actually missed the shot... We should't see much else than a Walker Lee perhaps which... which just would ruin his character imo.

    • I have a feeling she is eventually going to find at least one, if not both of her parents alive. Possibly both and then loses one during the game....that would make for some high emotion, gut wrenching ,game ending, cliff-hanging drama right there....tear jerker #2

      • Clems parents were walker's remember? XD they aren't coming back, but that would be something if those weren't really her parents and bandits got them :)

    • Hopefully not bit :|
      Then I would cry :(
      Yeah, through flashbacks, pictures, anything.
      I don't really think it's Kenny. They confirmed him dead.

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