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Adventure to the Pictures

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I, (in my so far short life,) have never seen a adventure game turned into a Movie. But, I think that it would be a great idea. I imagine that Adventure games would transfer well into movies, due to there great story lines. For example, a full 3D computer animation, (like what pixar and dreamworks have been doing,) version of Grim Fandango. Another game that I think would make a good movie is Indiana jones and the Fate of Atlantas, but it is a bit late for Harrision Ford to pick up the old Indi hat and jump back on a Lucas film set.

I think it is also worth a note that Pixar was originaly the computer animation division of Lucasfilm untill in 1986 when it was bought by Steve Jobs, (Macintosh's co-founder,) for a pretty penny.
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    Seriously, I doubt that even Tim Shafer could come up with a passable movie adaptation of Grim Fandango.

    Going slightly off-topic, just look at what Chris Roberts did to Wing Commander when adapting it as a movie. It plain sucked, because it didn't match up whatsoever to the story or characters we all knew, and it didn't have the big-name Hollywood stars that the games had. If they'd made it as a sequel of sorts to Prophecy, following a new crew in the same universe, I'd have been less disappointed, but taking all the elements of the game and completely changing them was a really bad idea.

    If this is anything to go by, Tim Shafer and we fans should be happy never to see a Grim Fandango movie. As far as adventure game movie adaptations go, Pirates of the Caribbean is the closest we'll get, and as opposed to my initial misgivings about Disney basing a movie on a theme park ride, it turned out to be a very good movie! Of course, LucasArts based Monkey Island on that very same theme park ride, so in a sense it had been done successfully before.
  • I doubt anyone would go about making a movie based on Grim Fandango if they weren't a fan of the game themselves, as there isn't much of fanbase to base the sales upon.
    And your point is? A film can very easily be horrible at the hands of a fan, you know.
    That being said, the movie could end up crap or great or somewhere in-between. Who cares? Noone would be forcing you to see it, that's what I don't get about people moaning and complaining about big-budget adaptations of their favourite works. (re: lord of the rings, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, dawn of the dead etc etc). Who cares? It isn't like the new work kills the old one, so that you can't go back and play/see the original. It just seems to me like "Boohooo, now everyone thinks this is . What about me, I was into it before everyone else. I felt special! Now I don't anymore. I'm just aaangrrrrrrrrryyyy. Grr."
    The difference is Grim is not a literary work or anywhere near it. It's already a "movie" of sorts. And I'm not complaining (and fortunately won't have to since the damned project would thankfully never reach fruitition), but explaining why I think it would be a horrible idea in the first place. Just because you despise some fan reaction to the LOTR movies doesn't make a Grim movie a good idea, nor does it make arguments against it somehow invalid.

    And your assertion that I somehow want Grim to remain a cult figure with a limited audiences is laughable. People don't like certain games because they feel like they're part of some special, secret group. They play games because they are good, and whether or not the game's popularity reflects that greatness in Grim's case is purely academic at this point. Believe it or not, some people like Grim because they think it's good, not just because it's an underdog or because they were "into it before everybody else." Some people actually want adventures to spread into mainstream.
  • Some people actually want adventures to spread into mainstream.
    Uhm, yeah. That's why they sit on a messageboard using alot of energy arguing why a movieadaptation of a certain game would be such a terrible idea. If the game was converted into a movie and it sucked, it would atleast, if nothing else, bring adventures into the mainstream, and probably make it valid to produce a follow-up game aswell.

    But you missed my point, I was arguing against arguing against some work of art being produced. If I think something is going to suck, I just don't waste any energy on it, it's not like i have to see it. If other people want to see it, let them see it. I think some of you points are valid, it's just that I don't care. You make it out like it would be a very negative thing if such a movie would be produced. I don't think it would.

  • I'm sorry to know that typing something is such an energy-consuming ordeal for you. I meant no offense.
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    Pirates of the Caribbean is the closest we'll get, and as opposed to my initial misgivings about Disney basing a movie on a theme park ride, it turned out to be a very good movie! Of course, LucasArts based Monkey Island on that very same theme park ride, so in a sense it had been done successfully before.
    Which I'm happy with, the good thing is that they are making a number 2 and 3. Except in the next 2 Captain Jack Sparrows,(Johny Depp), father is in it. Rumour has it that Keith Richards has been cast for the part,image
    It's not to suprising seeing as Johny Depp was said to have based his character on Richards.
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    My nephew and I (both avid gamers) have said for many years that "Monkey Island" needs to be converted into a movie. It certainly has the exposure among gamers to have an already large audience base. Yes, there were similarities between MI and "Pirates of the Caribbean", but I don't think that a well-made MI can really be compared.

    I want more Guybrush/Murray bantering! Those were some of the funniest scenes in MI3.

    Any, let's be honest, if you get a team that's already good at CGI who can devote many hours, does anyone really *need* a major studio to back them up? Computer animation software, although expensive to individuals, is not out of the reach for a small production company, and even entry-level, video editing software now contains the ability to blue-screen.

    I know, I'm being idealistic. As part of a small, independent film company out of Philadelphia I know that it takes a lot of hard work and man-hours. But I think that the technology is out there now in the reach of the regular Joe to do a lot of what Hollywood does.

    Oh, well. This diatribe brought to by someone who doesn't even have enough time on his hands to play Half-Life 2 for a few hours at night. [:">] *sigh*
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    Wasn't Michael J. Fox slated for the role of Guybrush, like a long ass time ago? It might be fact or rumor, but I think he would have played a good part.
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    Micheal J. Fox? What, he's like 40. Guybrush is 20. How does that add up?
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    I am for a monkey island movie through and through, and maybe a grim fandango movie. But my opinion would be to release a movie on MI. You can't go wrong with MI. Of course there may be a lot of nagging from non believers of the monkey island francise (people claiming that MI is just a clone of POTC), but the word will get out that the movie was based on a computer game that was released in the early 90's.

    The plot of MI has it all, the hopeless character Guybrush who comes through as a hero in a(n) ironic, sarcastic, and humorous way. The main character must prove himself. While proving himself worthy of the pirate tag, he is warned of an evil ghost pirate who roams the seas, falls hopelessly in love, and gathers skills and friends along the way (thievery, treasure, sword). We all know the rest of the story and we all love it.

    Someone also mentioned that monkey island has the biggest fanbase of all Lucasarts adventure games, and its true. I think someone should get crackin on an MI movie. It would be a great way to experiment with movies that are based on video games. I also think this could be one of the first successful video-game-based movies. We have all seen the worst (mortal kombat, super mario bros, just to name a couple). To sum it all, the story has everything and more than POTC, people who liked POTC would probably like MI ten times more, it has more characters, more adventure, more comedy, hell its even got more drama! People might even think of it as a spoof of POTC (it might just work both ways! Video-game-based and major spoof of POTC).
  • Well, I think someone can certainly go wrong, but there's a remote possibility that an MI movie could work. You've got the piratey, voodoo-filled Caribbean world, and a good writer could create a passable story with Guybrush and company on an original adventure. As you pointed out, MI probably has the largest fan base of all the LucasArts adventures (though I'd say Sam & Max is the most marketable, I'd prefer any possible movie for those characters to be animated, and under the control of Purcell). I'm not sure that fan base is substantial enough to make the movie worth funding, but MI is something that could appeal to a mainstream audience if handled correctly, so I don't think the idea, at least theoretically, is all that prepostrous (though I still don't think in a million years it will happen).

    And of course along with the negative side of the POTC situation which I've aleady discussed there's a positive aspect as well. After all, POTC was a huge success, and the numbers could mean that audiences are all for comedic pirate adventures that prominently feature the undead! I agree with you that people would be sold on MI once they got into it, but I'd be concerned about people being cynical about a possible movie simply by observing the marketing. It may just seems too similar for some people and could drive folks away. But yeah, the minute people read into the situation it wouldn't be a problem. The thing is not everyone would read into it.
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