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Feature request: Bigger subtitle fonts for TV playing

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This one is for the developers, and is probably a Telltale Tool-global question instead of a SBCG4AP-specific one:

If I play SBCG4AP (currently only the Demo, will probably buy the first episode after finishing SnM Season 2) on the big screen in the living room (which works nicely with a wireless mouse, although I'm thinking of getting a Wiimote for my Lappy), it would be nice if I could somehow turn up the font size for the on-screen subtitles of people talking (and probably also the "hover" help texts when you hover over an object).

Would it be hard to implement something like that or is it even possible now? I suppose it's this way already for the Wii version (although I've never played it), and I don't know how closely related the PC and Wii codebases are. Would be nice if we could have it for PCs, too, though.

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