"Login Error: Can't communicate with Telltale Servers."



  • I'm sad. Waited all day..

  • So you feel not replying to a forum for 1 hour 30 minutes regarding the issue is acceptable?

  • Which is why every Steam user and (apparently) the large majority of TT purchasers aren't having any problem.

    Vocal minorities are seriously the biggest blight in gaming culture, because they always feel like they're the entitled majority somehow.

  • It's (hopefully) just a temporary issue. Keep trying.

  • hope this shit don't happens for the next 4 episodes :( i really hope so....

  • So long as you don't discuss it here Truly, you can do whatever you like.

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    The small percentage thing came from a Telltale member in an comment somewhere between the almost 500 other comments.
    He also said that they are working on it.

  • hi whats happening just downloaded the walking dead season 2 and says can't connect to telltale server? is it just temporary? can anyone help?

  • It should work fine. Saves are stored in your documents folder, not Steam folder-

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    Dude, if you're going to argue with me, stop being so sarcastic. If you'd look at the amount of commenst and number of views, it seems that this isn't affecting only a few people.

  • You, sir, and the likes of you, are the reason the industry is in such shape nowadays. Rushed releases (vide every BF since BFBC2) , unpolished products (every other game), lack of content (vide CoD length) , BS DRM's and proprietary clients (vide gamesforwindows, social club), constant Internet connection to play the game (vide Ubisoft) and even 'artistic decisions' which are in fact just rushing the game so far that it doesn't have a coherent ending (vide ME3), then even going as far as to spend your time on forums and defending such behavior. Really. Total bisquit is right. We brought it upon ourselves by putting up with it.

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    Sitting......Waiting.....Wishing.......hmmmmmm :/

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  • Utter BS...Looked forward to this all day. Steam from now on, this is a dogs dinner.

  • Server issues aside, I am more disappointed & concerned with why Telltale thought it would be a good idea to use this completely unnecessary type of DRM. They obviously knew how popular this series is & it makes me wonder WHY there was no indication (at least for what I saw on GMG) that their version was in fact, a standalone with no other options available to the end user. I believe the only way to rectify this would be to make it like they do with the Humble Bundle & offer alternate ways of download through Steam redemption, Direct Download, etc.

  • You'll get a moderator in a minute calling you a naughty boy

  • I also played Season 1 and 400 Days on steam. As far as I read it should work, since steam uses the same folder as TWD bought from Telltale for savegames. But I only can confirm that when I will be able to actually play the game.

  • I'll try to post this wherever I can:


    Maybe they'll wake up if we spam their Twitter acc with these ;)

  • As a percentage of the people who purchased this game? If that number isn't AT LEAST approaching a million, I'd be very very surprised.

  • Instead of playing TWD S02E01 we are playing the waiting game.

  • Why? To prevent re-selling and sharing between friends. This day and age - when xbox, ps4 and steam allows you to share your games with friends... Really...

  • Those complaints about other games are totally relevant to a small percentage of users on one platform having to wait a couple of hours. Definitely.

  • Considering they likely didn't have any specific information to give, sure.

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    They threw out steam keys for The Wolf Among Us the day it came out when people who pre-ordered it from the website couldn't play it. I'm 80% sure we'll get steam keys as refunds soon.

  • Wait, are you saying that they should have somehow indicated that you wouldn't get a Steam key, or something?

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    Go to Battlelog for BF 4 to see if it's ok. Check the stock value of EA after this godawful release. Check the updated reviews on major gaming portals. Check metacritic. Those are small percentages comparing them to the sales. However those are only the people that voice their opinions. Majority does not. Same situation here. Only a bit of a different scale.

    What's more - If I buy a DVD or rent a movie to watch in the evening, I want to watch it in the evening and that's what I'm paying money for. If the product is being released today - then the product should be released today. Not tomorrow. The ability to play when everyone else plays is also worth something and is getting priced (early access and so on). If I don't get it - I want some % off.

  • I'm so jealous. I only got to play one game today, but you guys got to play two.

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    Here, have a good cry while you wait SPOILERS...duh:

  • So the small percentage is everyone that happened to order it directly from telltale. But due to other avenues like steam that have a larger percentage of people who both bought it, and are now playing it, that somehow invalidates these people's problems? Sir that doesn't invalidate the issue, but completely validates it. The fact you identify yourself as former industry, along with the attitude you have adopted seriously makes me weep for the future of the gaming industry. It's apparent the industry needs some major oversight by an outside entity to ensure people's rights are being respected.

  • Nah, the Steam version worked just fine.

  • Thats a load of crap tbh apologising and telling us they are trying to resolve any issues doesn't take any time at all. It's basic customer service.

  • I have to admit this does kind of suck. I figured Telltale would email me a Steam Key for the game today but not only did I not get an email, I found out I had to directly download the game from them, only then to find out I have to remember my login info from this site which I never planned on accessing after the game was released, so I never bothered remembering my password. But now that I have a new password and I have the game installed, I can't play because they decided to do their "own thing".

    This server error thing, even if they fix it now I have a hunch it may be problematic all the time. They really need to just give us Steam keys and be done with it, or offer us refunds so we can re-purchase the game on Steam. But well...

  • WTB a refund so i can purchase this via Steam.

  • Perhaps I should have been a little more clear on that, but yes, I am.

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    Most moderators are just community volunteers that posses as much knowledge as you guys do when it comes to technical issues, I'm afraid. However, @Puzzlebox, the Telltale community manager, mentioned that they are looking into the problems.

  • hi. will there be a long wait for the server to be up for the walking dead season 2 cos am really wanting to play! reply appreciated!

  • You want to buy a refund? How is that possible?

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