Why in the hell did they already kill...



  • What gets me the most is that Telltale TEASED with a picture of Omid and Clem! And BAM, 2 Minutes into the game and he's dead.
    Seriously, Telltale?

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    I think the problem is it feels a bit lazy. If they're just going to kill off every season's cast (aside from Clem), then it feels like so much of the development was utterly pointless. There doesn't feel feel like there's any continuity between them aside from Clem.

    "WELP, That's Season 1's survivors. Enjoy them? Well, you're not seeing them anymore! Now on with the next batch!"

    I figured Bromid/Christa were screwed the minute we saw trailers of Clem alone in the woods, but also clips of those two. I'm not saying don't kill them off later, but they really should have stuck with them, or meet up with them later.

  • For me, it made everything after that point seem... a bit empty, I guess. Which is kind of what you want with a dark story, I guess, but.. I'm not sure what my feels are feeling.

  • It happens pretty quickly too. I never cared for Omid or Christa, but I was JUST starting to warm to them when the episode started and then BOOM. Too bad, but I think there's hope for Christa still.

  • I feel lonely. :(

  • Lol. I know, right. Just because you don't agree with the route they took doesn't mean the writing is bad. I thought the episode was great. I was fluctuating between being very tense and being so sad for Clementine the entire episode. To me, that's good writing.

  • I don't know...I thought it was a great and very fitting way to kick off the new season, but maybe that's just me.

  • I can't believe they killed him off that early, that is absolutely the quickest death I have possibly ever seen in a video game. It's probably the worst death too, bad writing wise anyway. What exactly was the point of killing Omid APART from shock value?

    No answer? I didn't think so.

  • Really? You don't like the change of pace? I like seeing the differences in perspective from Lee to Clementine. Clem is so vulnerable and is really at the mercy of a lot of people. Yes, she's very capable, but she's still small. I thought it was really cool to play as someone who's not as commanding and strong as Lee. Lee could kick someone's rear end, Clementine has to be more clever than that. It's a neat change of pace in my opinion. Maybe you'll warm to it as the season progresses.

  • Its not the writing that's bad.. Its the realism. If you don't enjoy it it must suck that he died. But shit happens irl. In real life sometimes entire family dies on a vacation trip due to 1 drunk driver...

    And sometimes a millionaire wins a lottery.

    My other problem was with Christa's baby... Nothing has been said about what happened to it... Should we just assume it was a miscarriage?

    And what's up with "16 months later"? Really? Skipping so much time? Was it really necessary?

  • It's to really show that this world has no remorse be you a little girl or a soon to be father. There was shock value I agree but I was good writing, yes it feels empty and the comedy value is gone but does that make it bad writing? It just shows how tough things have got and how far people are willing to go to survive. I suppose you could say that about Carly and Doug getting shot. That was unexpected and had shock value but was it bad writing? No.

  • To get Clem going off on her own so she can run into a fresh group.

    Diablos Ex Machinima if you will.

  • It also serves the purpose of stripping everything away from Clementine. The game starts off and you're with Christa and Omid, so it feels as though you've at least got some form of safety and won't be fending for yourself. By stripping away Omid right away and then smash cutting to Christa being ripped away as well, you've jacked up the stakes significantly while reminding us that absolutely no one is safe.

    I'm just saying - you should probably wait for people to answer before trying to be all smug about no one having an answer. :

  • Sorry about that post it was really sassy and I was angry at the time but I've calmed down a bit. Anyway bad writing? I agree with you on the point of it not being, I suppose you're right.

    But aside from that, I absolutely hate that death and nothing will change my mind about that. Not that it's Omid, well it is because of that but that's not the big problem, everyone dies eventually, it's the walking dead but the reason why I hate it? How quickly it happened. That's why I hate it.

  • My question wasn't directed at any of you.

    It was directed at telltale, even though they probably wouldn't answer me.

  • Well, even folks who aren't from Telltale can give you a pretty decent answer.

    So, y'know. I'm just sayin. :(

  • Bad writing is bad writing.Honestly the entire episode was "WTF?".

  • it was pretty fast but in my opinion it wasn't bad writing. Someone dies because he tries to safe someone in such a world isn't so far fetched. They could have waited a few minutes more but it was still something that just could happen

  • It's fine I was angry myself at the time :D
    I suppose the sudden death of Omid was really what gave it that amount of uproar becasue you would assume considering he is a fan favorite and one of Clem's last protectors he would last at least a few episodes. It was a brilliant way to show the fans how far they are willing to go to make sure you cry like a baby

  • It felt to me like they were establishing from the start that no one is safe in this world (something Season 4 of the show couldn't figure out until the mid-season finale). I applaud Telltale for this but at the same time, OMG WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE OMID!?

  • I can't lie. I'm very sad/pissed that Omid was killed off already. I wasn't expecting him to live, honestly, but I wanted him, and Christa, around for a while. I was so looking forward to seeing them again. In fact, when they were both first shown, I had this goofy grin plastered on my face.

  • I am pretty pissed with the entire damn episode.While I appreciate the effort (not sure how many of that is here though),seriously,thats it?No hard choices (that would "test our morals"),and the choices that were there (only 3????) were a no-brainer.Honestly it felt more rushed then Mass Effect 3's ending.I know they wanted to push it out before Christmas,but still;after all the hype and excitement this was one hell of a let down to be honest.At least to me.

    Alright,I appreciate we finally got HD zombies,but the animations?After all the awards and what-not S1 got last year I expected a technical improvement in animations.Not-so-smooth and pretty cheesy movements and facial animations were the very first thing I noticed when I started playing.

  • Even if he is indeed dead like you say, we will learn whether Kenny is dead, a walker or alive one way or another. His fate will be explored, remember?

  • To be fair, S1 Episode 1's only "big decisions" was whether or not to save Doug or Carley, Duck/Shane and, um... I think that was about it.

    Season 1's plot and characters didn't really "get going" until around Episode 3-ish, which formed the meat of the meal. Episode 1 in both games by comparison felt a little lacklustre, but that was because more time was spent on actually introducing them than anything else.

  • There are five choices listed, they just weren't displaying properly.

  • I wasn't really impressed with this episode... regardless of who died or didn't die. I just found it boring. Lots of time spent wandering and sewing stitches. meh.

  • S1 had plenty of big decisions.

    Aye,I agree,both premiering episodes were a bit lackluster,however I would say EP1 (S1) was just a bit thematically different then the rest of the episodes,while EP1 of S2 was simply a letdown.S1 spent more time introducing you to characters and letting you decide what you are going to think about them and how you are going to act,while S2 EP1 in its short Hour and a half throwed a bunch of new characters you have never seen before and forced you too make opinions about them as quickly as possible,while automatically suggesting you which character is bad and which isn't. (The game automatically from the very starts lets you know that you should think Pete (or whatever the orange-shirt-guy's name was,not like I can remember the names of all characters in half an hour) is a positive character,while "the pregnant-woman" is not,and so on..).

  • I had a feeling that he would die in Season 2, but the first ten-twenty minutes? I wasn't expecting the prologue to punch me in the gut that early, especially when comparing the prologue of Season 1.

  • Awesome episode! Me happy!

  • Trolltale at its finest.

  • I agree with Araron. I thought the animations would be improved.

  • dead centre of the chest, to me it was almost the same kind of wtf moment as carley.

    ttg got balls for this move..

    and i am assuming the two figures were them..

  • apt meme

    Alt text

    and this is the 'buffer episode' holy shit it's going to be a tsunami of feels by the end...

  • what did you expect it to be ?

  • Exactly.

    Although don't hate on the sewing stitches scene.It could have been shorter,but its still fair enough.

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    At its very finest.

    Scumbag Telltale Games - Makes fans overwait,makes an episode more rushed then Bioware did ME3's ending.

  • it's called a buffer episode for a reason..

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