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well. the thing is i do. and now the only message i get is that i should go online to buy the game. whats my next step? the game still shows in my library on telltales website, and i certainly still have the charge on my card.

The last time i faced a terrible launch such as this it was diablo 3, an unfortunately online always game. whats your excuse? im sure im not in the minority of people who dont have endless time to play games, and i was planning to use my 1 day off this week for that. Should i ask for a refund? im sure ill love your product, just maybe someone else wants me to jump through less hoops to play it and they deserve my money.

  • Same thing for me, you are not alone.

    • Same here, however I feel like OP is exaggerating the point a bit.

      Diablo 3 had connection issues plaguing it for over a month after launch, while this game has only just released. if it's a simple database/server issue, then it makes sense that the servers would struggle a bit on launch day.

      • its surely exaggerated at how terrible it is, but the similarity for me are more so a game that should require literally no internet or connection to anything else on the planet, isnt working, because it cant check in with something that it shouldnt require in the first place.

        and honestly nothing personal to you, but im sick of just accepting that my single player games keep having issues on launch day. ive been playing MMO's since eq, im not in any way a stranger to launch day issues, i just dont understand why this game has them.

        • You may or may not understand, but in today's world, if a famous and popular game is released without DRM, it'll be played for free by hundreds of thousands of people. That's a pretty simple fact of life for the times we live in. So you can be mad about the fact that the DRM isn't working, but don't say that it's "not necessary" because without it, the people who create these games wouldn't get paid so well.

          I'm also pissed off about this issue though, I'd like it to be fixed ASAP, because it really sucks when you decide to be nice and buy a game direct from the creators of it rather than a 3rd party publisher like Steam, and find out that you can't play the game because their servers or databases are broken.

          Please hurry up and fix this, Telltale.

          • i ordered it to be nice and support telltale but now i regret it >:(

          • You forget to realise that DRM does not stop piracy most of the time, and especially not in this case.

            DRM wouldnt be cracked if it wasnt there to try to stop piracy.

            Alll this is doing is stopping us, LEGITIMATE customers, from playing the game.

  • Ditto; even when I can get through the Login Error, I also get this message.

  • I also have this problem.

  • Started getting this too. Not happy!

  • Me too unfortunately.. :/

  • we are at least three

  • yup same problem here! dammit telltale!

  • same here i am very upset right now i have been waiting for too dang long for this to happen.

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