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well. the thing is i do. and now the only message i get is that i should go online to buy the game. whats my next step? the game still shows in my library on telltales website, and i certainly still have the charge on my card.

The last time i faced a terrible launch such as this it was diablo 3, an unfortunately online always game. whats your excuse? im sure im not in the minority of people who dont have endless time to play games, and i was planning to use my 1 day off this week for that. Should i ask for a refund? im sure ill love your product, just maybe someone else wants me to jump through less hoops to play it and they deserve my money.

  • I'd be surprised if anyone who has a Telltale version of the game has access right now. I hear Steam players are doing absolutely fine.

    While my loyalty to the Telltale games likely won't waver, this is definitely the last time I'm buying the game from here.

    • Same here, last time I bought something here. On Steam people played through the whole Episode already. Golfclap, Telltale! Is the Download and the Authentication on the same servers? Job well done if so. By the way try to release games in the morning so there wont be all the europeans and the americans online at the same time ;-)

  • Same problem here. Hoping for a quick fix! I WANNA PLAY ARGH

  • I played one time to the game and then, it did that to me too ! What do you do telltale ?

  • Same here. Bought from Green man gaming cause I could save 25% over the steam price, and every time I manage to get past "could not communicate with the Telltale servers" message, I just get told I don't own the game. Rather irritating indeed.

  • I'm getting the same problem too. The first time I loaded up the game, I was able to play just fine but, unfortunately, I had to exit the game for some RL stuff. After I came back and tried to reload where I left off, I got the "You don't own this game!" message. I'm hoping this is something that will be resolved soon.

    It'd be nice if the site had a feed of official/moderator responses to threads to see if the team are aware of these issues and are working to resolve them or offer a solution to them.

  • I should have gotten through steam, but no, I just had to preorder it as soon as it became available...and it became available for preorder here first. I am not a happy camper at all, as I'm sure everyone having this same issue understands. I expected some hiccups, the cannot connect thing for example due to overloaded servers but somehow seeing "You don't own this game" on your screen feels like a slap in the face to fans of your game. I know you're working on it already, but please fix it as soon as possible!

  • similar issues with all rollouts. It will be fixed soon, no doubt. Just have to hope this is the last time.

  • Same problem here. I get that technical problems are common in an age of DRM, but still. Kind of disappointing.

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