"Login Error: Can't communicate with Telltale Servers."



  • Try deleting the registry keys Budbrush mentioned. It should give you back the login popup.

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    I got it to work. You want to login with your account name. If the login dialogue is not displayed to you enter "regedit" in execute window Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Telltale Games\Launcher there you have to delete you login and pwd key. Restart, reenter credentials and I got it to activate.

  • and i'm in. Better late than never

  • Finally got in. But NEVER, EVER going to purchase a Telltale game in their web. Only in steam and when it's only 5 bucks.

  • Yes, yelling about how you're being disrespected and kicking your feet and withholding your money over a 4.5 hour delay definitely seems constructive.

  • Finally got mine working. I still wish TT and others would let go of the DRM, it only annoys people who paid for the game and does nothing to slow down piracy. If anything, I believe DRM-Gone-Wrong cases like this actually promote piracy. Just look at GOG, Humble Bundle and Project Red, they're not doing too bad and actually get a lot of praise from their customers.

  • Nope. At the start screen (press start to begin) I get - "can't communicate with Telltale Servers"

  • It's like with the Release of TWAU, the servers are just congested with all the people trying to log in at the moment, just have patience young Padawan and try again. You'll get through eventually.

  • Thanks again, but beware: if you change your password at the forums again, the game gives you the login error again without prompting. Deleting the registry keys again will fix it though.
    Telltale should really look into this Launcher, this is a alpha/beta version.

  • Not sure, but I'd try a reinstall if it's not even hitting the servers the first time. Or maybe a reboot first?

  • And now I'm off to sleep. I have a Quality Tools test to fail in about six hours.

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    I don't this will work for all, but solved my problem (no login server connection)

    I started Season one and had to login there again (don't know why). Then I closed Season one and started season two. Now I automatically was logged in and was in the main menu. I hope this helps anybody.

    Edit: or maybe all can start the game now and this was a coincidence.

  • Not once did i ever do any of those things :) enjoy your game Troll

  • Did you do it since the problems cleared up for everyone about 20 minutes ago?

  • Dammit..

    I just realized since they didn't just send us a Steam key, we also don't get any of the Steam achievements and if they do the whole card/wallpaper thing like they did with the first one, we won't get any of those. All we get if we pre-ordered it through Telltale is the physical copy sometime in the summer if we send them shipping and handling, which will probably be 10 dollars.. heh.

    Even though it seems to be working, I feel totally ripped off.

  • The majority of people in this thread did, though. All you seemed to do was yell at me for telling people not to act like that, which guess was helpful?

  • Registering your disappointment calmly? Maybe waiting five hours before flipping and trying to yank your money?

  • The regedit trick worked for me. Give it a try.

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    Actually - I rebooted, reinstalled, cleared register, disabled any firewalls, checked port forwarding and blocking, pinged the friggin amazon server. If you're going to ask me to reinstall Windows, I'm not doing it.

  • Damn, that's about all I can think of myself. Must be a second issue that's even smaller. Sorry. :(

  • But you don't deserve a Steam Key... what makes you believe they owe you one?
    Next time just buy it on Steam and if you don't want the DVD: CE it won't cost you anything...

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    I wouldn't call it yelling i'd say i was disagreeing with your outlook on what is unnacceptable and what was. Also i disagreed with the way you seemed to be provoking reactions from certain members as a troll generally aims to do.

  • What if this is your first Telltale game bought directly from them, what then?

    I keep putting my account info in and NOTHING, same bloody error I've had for the past 5 hours, can't communicate with telltale servers.

  • puzzleboxpuzzlebox Telltale Alumni

    I've been notified that everyone should be able to authenticate now. Please let us know here if you're still having issues, we'll probably have the tech team check them out individually.

  • Well, I have to admit that entitled people getting all upset when you tell them to calm down IS pretty funny.

  • I bought a box of cereal and it didn't even come with a jug of milk! How was I supposed to know?!

  • I don't have that entry in the registry because I never ever managed to login to their stupid server. This is my first game bought directly from them.

    I'm still stuck inputting my account info and hitting ok, over and over again, to then watch the same damn error, can't communicate with telltale server.

  • That damned milk trick again? You got hosed man go out there and demand your milk, if they won't give it strangle Tony the Tiger and plead insanity if they catch you!!!

  • Five hours is quite some time. Especially given that it's past midnight and it's a brand new day here where I live. As to calm - I am calm. There have been really more stressful and angering things in my life to get stressed over a video game.

    The thing I am voicing here is an opinion about the state of industry. About all the mindless consumers buying CoD every year. Pre-ordering games without having read reviews. And not being smart consumer-wise. I trusted that Telltale would finally sort this out with the third release. I am sincerely disappointed and feel scammed AGAIN - third time in a row I chose to support the developer directly and third time in a row I get problems. Problems that could have been easily avoided by dropping the silly DRM that doesn't do anything but preventing the legitimate users from playing. The pirates already finished the episode. I still can't start it.

    It IS a big deal because every developer tries the same trick and every time there are people like you - either paid damage control on forums, trolls or just people who don't understand that being sometimes determines the consciousness and sometimes it can work the other way round. If you voice your opinion - whatever means necessary to get heard - you have chance of changing something.
    Being 'patient', 'voicing calmly' - you just won't get heard in this world.

  • I still can't communicate with telltale severs. I don't get any prompt. The amazon server pings just right - no packets lost. I disabled the firewall, reinstalled game, cleared credentials in the register. Nothings worked.

  • DRM doesn't always help, but as a content creator, they have the right to put some DRM on their product to protect it. It's not like it's some sort of massive DRM that locks people out forever, it was just a minor issue that lasted a few hours. Comparing this to EA's problems or buying CoD sight unseen is ridiculous.

    Saying that you've been scammed because you were part of a small percentage of people who couldn't log in for a few hours just absolutely baffles me. And no, I'm not trolling, and no one is paying me to say so. The level of entitlement you have to feel in order to say that you've been scammed because you weren't able to play a game for a few hours is a mindset that I can't even begin to wrap my head around.

  • Again with the 'entitled' thing like coining the phrase from some political marketing guide or sth.

  • I didn't get the email that said I can download the game???
    Anyone help?

  • Same to me, but the download is avalaible

  • Nah, it's just an appropriate term. If a car was red, I wouldn't try to find other words that meant red. :P

  • Now it's work, finally

  • I still can't connect. Tried the regedit trick, tried restarting my computer.

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