Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



  • Agreed. After all, TTG did say they were going to 'explore' Kenny's fate and at any rate it'd be pretty interesting. Though I'd daresay that by this point he'd be a bit of a different person.

  • Maybe it's Omid, you never actually know if he died or not. For one he wasn't shot in the heart, maybe he was unconscious from the shock? who knows bring out Epidsode 2.

  • Maybe it's Omid, you never actually know if he died or not. For one he wasn't shot in the heart, maybe he was unconscious from the shock? who knows bring out Epidsode 2.

  • Maybe it's Omid, you never actually know if he died or not. For one he wasn't shot in the heart, maybe he was unconscious from the shock? who knows bring out Epidsode 2.

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    He died, for sure.
    Or do you honestly think Christa would leave Omid behind without having tried everything she can to save him ?
    No way.


  • Well, technically it wasn't the shot that killed her, it was the walkers. But yeah, she died. I had to tell Clem when I got back..

  • I doubt it's Omid. Getting shot in the heart/lung is pretty hard to come back from unless they got him to a hospital STAT, which is unlikely in TWD world.

    I feel like it has to be Kenny. Lilly is an option, yes, but she wasn't necessarily thought to be dead. Just off on her own. It was heavily implied that Kenny died. For some reason I get the feeling it's not Christa. I feel like finding her will be a big part of the narrative of this season (could be wrong though)

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    Its possible it could be someone we don't even know that Clem,Omid, and Christa met during there time together. For all we know it could be Nate, maybe he attacked them during the time after Lee's death, who knows....just gotta wait :/

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    It has to be Kenny. We didn't actually see him die.

  • THIS. and even if christa would have left him behind without trying, there had to be some other people who would have helped him. people who would be well grounded in medication of wounds like his and who would waste their supplies on a stranger. and that's unlikely in a world, that is so fucked up that a group of people debates if they kill a little girl (clem) or not.

    i'm not sure if it's christa either. even in the first season she was anti group joining. but maybe she made up her mind, when she was on her own? molly seemed always like a really tough woman, i don't know why clem should be surprised, that she's alive. but i doubt it's her, because there was the option of her getting killed in the school. you could actually see her being killed :/. i also doubt that it is the bandit guy, because i think the group of people in the preview are the ones who (maybe) killed him and his guys.

    lilly is the most plausible for me. i could even think of her as a female governor-type. BUT i'm rooting for the hilbilly with the heart of gold!

  • I wouldn't think that that's very likely, since they're obviously trying to build up suspense for the reveal. It has to be somebody we know. If it were someone that the characters have met, but the player hasn't, then the effect would be totally lost.

  • It was a really cheap shot when we met Nick and it wasn't Kenny. Was kinda dissappointed with Telltale. But if he's there in Episode 2, I'll consider that a fitting enough apology ;)

  • I take it that Lily is commonly disliked. To help make us hate this group all they'd have to do is bring her back.

    If it IS Kenny that it would be an interesting split. Finally I can be someone other than Lee to tell him that hes FoS and needs to st*u and that Lee was twice the man hed ever hope to be

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    Kenny would be very fitting to have since he was soo close to Lee the first half of S1.

    They would probably reminisce on old times

  • Or try to kill each other. Or cry together. Who knows at this point?

  • Kenny is most likely dead, considering that they teased Omid was coming back and look where he is now, Clementine was being held hostage by the stranger at the time where Kenny went to save Ben or rent to go the radio, I'm positive it's not Kenny.

  • No. The ultimate plot twist would be if it was LEE.

  • i believe its armed to teeth one year old Omid-junior :D

  • or the guy you gave/refused to give him the water , but since Clem didn't see either him , Lilly or Christa actually die , it could be kenny as omid and christa could've told her about his death .

  • But you clearly see Christa's corpse on the rock in the middle of the river, so it can't be her.

    Judging from her reaction, safest bet would be Lily.

  • you clearly see Christa's corpse on the rock in the middle of the river

    Screenshot? I didn't see her. That doesn't mean, that it's not true. The only woman-corpse i saw, was the reused model from the suicided couple in episode 5. Did anyone else here see Christa?

  • With respect, I disagree with one part of your speculation. It's true that Clem initially wouldn't know about what happened to Kenny and/or Ben, but season two starts with a noticeably pregnant Christa, meaning season two starts, at most, 8-9 months after the end of season one. So, it is possible that Christa or Omid could have told the news to Clem during that gap. I mean it would be understandable for Clem to ask what happened to the others after meeting up with Omid and Christa, don't you think?

  • When Clem is asked to look for clues on the corpses lying on the patch of soil in the middle of the river, you can look at the two that are next to you before moving on to the guy who's still alive. One of them is clearly Christa, and if it wasn't obvious enough, Clem even gasps. I'm surprised they kept it this "hidden" though...


    It would actually be weird if she started having psychological problems and seeing dead people the way Rick Grimes sees and hears Lori even though he knows that she is dead.

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    You mean her?
    Alt text

    If so, that's not Christa that's the woman from episode 5 (her model, not the actual person)

    for comparison:
    Alt text

  • If it's him , then why didn't he show with clem and christa after the 16 months ? also , why would they fake-kill a character and then bring him back in the next eposide ?

  • My guess is on Kenny.

    Clem has no reason to believe Lilly is dead but she does have every reason to believe Kenny is dead. I'm sure Christa or Omid told her how Kenny apparently died since they were there and witnessed him get lost to the herd. If it was Lilly, wouldn't her words be "It's You". Strange choice of words from Clem if it does turn out to be Lilly. I also doubt it's Christa, Clem walks past Alvin, Luke & Carlos and witnessed whoever it was that got her so shocked as if they were with the group and I doubt the group they encounter would accept a stranger into their camp so soon plus Clem was shocked not happy, I'm sure she would have a happy reaction if it was Christa.

  • I can't wait until Ep 2 comes out, so I can read this thread and find it as hilarious as that "OMG KENNY'S IN THE TRAILER" thread.

    I think the chances are a little higher of this being Kenny, but still not high enough that I'm not willing to laugh at the Kenny fanboys clinging to every single possible thread of hope and insisting Kenny's definitely back this time.

  • It could be Christa but I really think its lily.

  • They wouldn't show us a drawing of Kenny for nothing, IMHO.

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    I really hope is kenny but honestly i dont think so, not because i think he is dead, i believe he is alive, but i dont think its him, it might be lilly, maybe we will see kenny but if that happens im sure but hope im wrong, lilly will want to or kill him cos of the larry situation

  • Did I see Vince (400 days character) in Episode 2? In my savegame he went with Tavia. I wonder what happend to Tavia´s Camp. :o

  • Nah ! I Shoot her too but she didn't die. You can clearly see that she ran away.

  • Because she killed Carley/Doug!

  • Why people hate Lilly so much ... She was my buddy !

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    I posted this on another thread but i am also going to post it here as the discussion is longer.

    I think its either Lilly, Kenny or that bandit that she can give water to, she seems to know who they are but it also hesitant and not that pleased to see them so i don't think it could be Christa.

  • I was thinking that! LOL. And if its a girl, I'm pretty sure Omid is a neutral sex name. :)

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