Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



  • You know...I wish to be Kenny too,but it could be:Christa,Lilly,Glenn(Remember...that guy from episode 1),Molly...Just think about it guys...

  • I think its Christa. The I thought you were dead sentence can just be a sentence the player picked and just assumed that she died. They show this option because it gets people speculating about characters that died 'offscreen'.

  • It could be someone from the as of yet unexplored 16 months of Clementine's life. ;)

  • Lilly, Kenny or Christa

  • It's most likely the bandit since Clem left him to die in the river

  • Kenny is definitely dead. It's either Lilly or Christa. It could be one of the new characters, but the tease of "I hope this isn't someone you know" and the cliffhanger strongly hints at a returning character from season 1. As it stands, Glenn has long been with Rick's group (possibly dead by now?) and everyone besides Lilly, Christa, and Molly are definitely dead. I seriously doubt Christa is dead because they set up some great characterization for her with the death of Omid and presumably her baby as well. She could turn out to be an interesting villain this season but hopefully later on. Lilly would be a better choice to reintroduce in the second episode as what happened to her at the end of her season 1 tenure gives room for a great arc as well. Molly isn't presumed dead by anybody so I doubt it's her. Plus Molly is the only one out of the three who doesn't have a sour relationship with Clementine so her reveal in episode 2 wouldn't make for much conflict.

  • Glenn belongs to Rick and (eventually) Negan now.

  • Everyone its Lily, Shes the only one who we didnt see die. Of course it could christa but i think she would have been a little bit happier if it was her.

  • sooooooooo its all either kenny christa or lilly

  • I kinda want to believe it's Omid because yes, he got shot trying to save Clem but I find it really hard to believe he's only in the first ten minutes of the first episode! However, I know that's me just being hopeful and that it won't be him. :( My next choice would be Christa because if Clem can get away, then why can't Christa? However I wouldn't say Clem's face "lit up" when she saw them so I think it's someone she'd be less pleased to see... like the bandit.

    Yes, We know "Kenny's fate is going to be explored" but I still don't believe he could get out alive. There's a guy that everyone thought was Kenny initially but we now know that it's not him, but who's to say he's not related and that Kenny's name will come up and that's how his fate will be explored?

  • Couldnt it be Molly? She could have joined Christa, Omid and Clem for a while, as she probably had to flee Savannah aswell. We have no idea what happened in the time skip...so she meeting up with the group and then getting seperated, with all of them thinking she is dead? Not unlikely.

    We could have a Flashback scene and everything.

  • What ! I didn't even have her on that rock, just the dude.
    Did you stay at the beginning to "save" christa ?

  • Pete is dead anyway. Even if choose to save him. He will die a little bit later, just like Carley/Doug or Ben died no matter what you do. I hope "I thought you were dead" is not Kenny. But Lilly is an interesting twist, although rather low probable. I'm sure Telltale will surprise us, just like with Omid, no one expected him to die so early. And Sam. Poor dog. Pet-friend seemed to me a cool idea, but SURPRISE! Dogs can be angry too. Unexpected? Hell yeah. Looking forward to play ep.2.

    P.S. Sorry for my English :)

  • You don't know if Pete will die. If you save Pete, the preview for episode 2 shows him that he's willing to cut his leg off.

  • It has been shown in TWD universe that amputating a bitten limb only works if the amputation is done within the first few minutes. If you wait any longer than that it doesn't work.

  • It's obviously Larry..

  • Is it possible? Yes. Good writing? Not necessarily. Given the state of "Trailer!Kenny" or as we now properly know, Nick, one can bet Telltale isn't going to stop messing with us. However, if it turns out to be a character that nobody but Clem knows, the players wont feel very connected with her anymore. The reason we felt for Omid's, uh, predicament, is because everyone knew him, and liked him. Having a random character come up that had no relation to the player would be odd, and pointless. If they made someone like that only for Clementine to be able to say that line, it would be pretty cheap on their part. My bets are on Kenny (I don't think it's a good idea, but hey, this is Telltale; they could pull it off) or Lilly ( I didn't initially think of it, but someone mentioned it). Christa would elicit a bigger reaction, I think. Could be whoever, though.

  • I'm going to say Lilly.

  • i didn't have that women either and i saved Christa.

  • My bet is Lilly because if it was Christa she'd be a lot happier than she was there.

  • I think it must be Christa Lilly or that chinese dude that drove away in season 1

  • You mean Glenn. and no it's not him he's doing stuff in the comics.

  • Is it possible? Yes. Good writing? Not necessarily.

    Oh, I totally agree. It does depend on how it's done though. I hate the kind of flashbackfests today's pseudo-intellectual movies have become, but on occasion and with a skillful director...

    ...we'll see. ;)

  • Hes gonna be armless and in chains with his brother from Macon.

  • My money is on Christa. Makes sense. They were separated by attackers. Clem can really only think they killed her. Second guess is Lilly, Mainly for the fact that hey, who else would be leading a group of gun wielding thugs that will do anything they're told? Lilly would love that! Also the fact Clem was there when Lilly was sent off or took off and may just as well suspect the worst. Last is Kenny just because he could be another option. I am team Kenny, but Clem wasn't there to witness his death so might not think he is dead (though could have been told by Christa or Omid).

  • True but still it is not exactly like the comics..And if it would be Lilly, wouldn't know to side up with her again after screwing Lee and all driving off

  • Also she never sees Glenn die so she has no reason to think that he's dead

  • Aaah getting very eager to play the new episode...who will be back and al the rest of the story...

    They really did a good job with this new episode...but to me it felt a little short

  • It can't be Lilly because a lot of people brought her along, meaning she stole the van, meaning you have no reason to think she's dead. It has to be either Kenny or Christa.

  • Good point, i never thought of that.

  • Is that Lilly? or Lee? (I didn't kill Lee in season 1. I hope Lee will come back alive in season 2...)

  • Any chance it could be Lily we never saw her die depending on what you did she either ran off or stole the rv

  • when do you guys think episode 2 will be release?

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    it's set in exactly the same universe as the comics and follows its rules (at least in season 1 of the game). with the cameos of hershel and glenn in the game, we got the backstory of the comic book series' characters and the story was set before the events we see in the comics. it's definitely not glenn, because he is with rick's group now.

    i still have the same opinion i mentioned before in this thread

    i'm not sure if it's christa either. even in the first season she was anti group joining. but maybe she made up her mind, when she was on her own? molly seemed always like a really tough woman, i don't know why clem should be surprised, that she's alive. but i doubt it's her, because there was the option of her getting killed in the school. you could actually see her being killed :/. i also doubt that it is the bandit guy, because i think the group of people in the preview are the ones who (maybe) killed him and his guys.

    illy is the most plausible for me. i could even think of her as a female governor-type. BUT i'm rooting for the hilbilly with the heart of gold!

    also there has to be a reason why they showed us the last scene with lilly in the beginning.

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    Yeah she's a real bro.
    A buddy that expects you to kiss her dads ass and doesn't care that he tried to kill you.
    A buddy that always yells at you while she does nothing.
    A buddy that will kill someone so close to you for no reason.
    A buddy that would rat you out as a killer to take the heat off herself.
    A buddy that will leave you for dead even after you kindly take her with you after she murdered a person in cold blood.

  • She looked quite shocked and pleased at whoever "she thought was dead" so it won't be the guy you give or don't give water to. No way!

  • Lol everyone sees dead people in the walking dead hahaha!

  • I doubt TWAU Episode 2 should be released in January so maybe in mid February or early

  • Your in The Walking Dead section you know that? no ones talking about TWAU here.

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