Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



  • Here's what's going to happen now: People will look at the first line of your comment and go "Yeah, that's reasonable, and a lot of people have said it before."

    Then they'll get to the second line and want to punch you in the gut.

  • We didn't see her die, so what about the bandit girl that offed Omid? Clem would NOT be happy, she actually saw her "die" (unlike Lilly), and those seem the guys she would be around with.

  • I believe it's Kenny now.

    I originally thought it was Lily, but now I think "why would Clementine think Lily is dead?" Maybe she thought she was dead when you abandon her, but why would she think Lily is dead if Lily takes the RV?

    Now, she must have asked Omid & Christa about Kenny(and Ben if saved in Episode 4 of Season 1) Omid & Christa will most likely say something across the lines of "We think he didn't make it sweetie."

    I don't think it's Christa, Clem would have been much more happy, but you could maybe say that about Kenny too, although Clem and Kenny don't interact that much.

    I think Telltale are bluffing, making us believe that because they fooled us in the trailer for Episode 1 about Nick looking like Kenny, maybe they think that we will think "another trick" when it turns out to actually be Kenny. Yet again, why do you guys think the guys are bandits? Don't look like Bandits to me.

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    Huh, that's interesting...

    I did "save" Christa. And that woman is lying there as the screenshot shows. So is there some other decision that changes how many people are on that river? Since Hershel also saved her and didn't have the woman on the river, it certainly isn't the decision to save Christa. At least not solely. Can't imagine which decision has an impact on the people on the river the next day.

  • I hope it's released alongside TWaU episode 2

  • I originally thought it was Lily, but now I think "why would Clementine think Lily is dead?" Maybe she thought she was dead when you abandon her, but why would she think Lily is dead if Lily takes the RV?

    After she steals the RV, one of the dialog options results in Kenny saying he figures there is only enough gas for another 30 miles, so I don't think it'd be too big of a stretch to assume that she died on her own.

  • Yeah i know i was just mention because of release date

  • So far we have Kenny and Lilly as predication coming back characters, lets try to think of the outcome, if it is Kenny, possible good chance it would be the best thing for Clem considering the fact if you played season one right. Kenny will keep a sharp look out for Clem cause of Lee's friendship, as for Lilly, I honestly think it be bad thing for her, Lilly had a lot of control issues and not to mention even if you side with her, the fact of the matter is, she only looking after herself then anyone else. She still stole the RV even when you did side with her, this shows a great trait of cowardice and selfishness, so I am hoping its not Lilly cause she is a coward, period.

  • Ah, Kenny fans with their self righteousness again.
    Remember two days ago when you all where saying that it could be noone else but kenny in episode one?
    Why should we believe you now?
    Also Omid and Christa could potentially never find out about kenny, considering the fact of your choice of words in season 1 (Silence is an answer and you can always tell them he survived) Which I guess EVERY blind Kenny fan did at that point
    So they woudn't know to tell Clem.
    Just like episode one, It WONT be Kenny.

  • Everyone? You mean all the delirious fans that'd rather have a hotheaded psycopath as a ally than sane humans?
    Yeah sure "everyone"

  • I forgot, how did BEN die last season if you saved him from falling to his death?

  • That has nothing to do with Christa, Roman is on the ground there so maybe it has something to do with him and his gang.


    Only real possibility is Christa. She runs, we run the other way, and we hear a gunshot. We don't see her body at the river, hence why Clem asks the bandit what happened to Christa (though he doesn't get a chance to say). So based on the "I thought you were dead" she's got the only real chance, all the bandits had to do was miss that shot.

    Kenny on the other hand was severely boned either way he went out. And although it's "off screen" similar to Christa, the difference is Kenny surrounded by insurmountable walkers, while Christa only needed to dodge that one shot we heard.

    Gonnnnnna be Christa.

  • Apart from the more obvious choices (Lilly, Kenny, Christa), I think it could be interesting if it were someone Clementine met during the 16 month time skip.

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    Telling them or not, Kenny never came back. It's not hard to figure out that if he does not come back with them he's probably dead, thus Omid and/or Christa could have told Clem.

    And stop bashing and mention "Kenny fans", i'm pretty sure you are blindly a fan of something which you admire as well. Less trash talk please.

  • No. I won't stop arguing with logic.
    You can even tell them he probably escaped so No.
    Kenny fans are just so stupid, constantly demanding their right and fangasaming "KENNY KENNY KENNY OH LOOK A HAT KENNY."
    They've been wrong. Twice now.
    They wont be right this time.
    And that logic doesnt stop Kenny fans from thinking he's dead, why cant Omid and Christa have the same mentality?
    Unless you're suggesting that thinking is WRONG

  • During that scene in episode 5 where you use the metal balcony to cross from that house to the building opposite the balcony collapses as he's trying to cross and he gets impaled on the railing.

  • Oh right. I was focussed on that episode only. Could be 400 days stuff, that played out here...

    Alright. Makes more sense than any decision Clem would have made just the one day before they got to the river.

  • Kenny followers, you all have lost it. If Kenny was coming back, why was Clem's expression so close to that of seeing a killer? Because Lilly is a killer. Yes, Kenny may have been rude in Ep 4, but I am absolutely certain Clem would've have been happy to see Kenny, not terrified! She would've said "You are alive!" or at least said "I thought you were dead" in a lighter way, like somebody who was relieved. But no, Clem sounded terrified. Im not saying I don't like kenny, but there is a .0001% chance he is returning.

  • Calm down, haterboy, there are plenty of your kind already...

    It'd be fine if people like you would either stop parttaking in discussions about Kenny, or just stop being so aggressive towards Kenny and people who don't extremely hate him.

  • Clem certainly doesn't sound happy to see whomever it is when she delivers the line.. so I'd say it's not Kenny or Christa. Or Omid. My money's on Lily.

  • Could be Omid... Lol as a zombie!!!

  • How is this a spoiler, everyone played season one can get the jest that he dies either way, no offense.

  • That is a good point. Lily maybe is the only other alternative imo. Clem wouldn't be happy to see her, so that makes sense. In addition to your idea that it can't be Ken/Christ/Omid because she is not happy to see them, we're also very strongly led to assume that Christa and Clem would not have left Omid if he wasn't dead. Judging by what we've seen so far, it's also pretty safe to assume one of them would have made sure Omid did not come back as a walker. I guess Lily really is the most likely outcome here.

  • Logic? The logic would be that he is probably dead if he did not come back, but one could hope he ran away and survived.

    And again less thrash talk, you are the asshole and stupid one right here acting like you know better.

  • My Kenny shot himself (I saved ammo during the mansion invasion and Kenny fired two shots, one for Ben, and presumably one for himself), so I don't imagine it would be him. Far too determinate a choice, assuming he survives if he doesn't kill himself.

  • Kenny is a killer. Clem saw him murder Larry, she didn't see Lilly kill Carley.

  • so what happen to christa's baby?

  • He might have had used one bullet to shoot Ben, and hesitated shooting himself before shooting a walker and deciding to make a run for it.

  • she like kenny but they are not really great friends, thats lee and kenny

  • probably she had it and suffocated it

  • If it was christa, Clem would look happy or her tone of voice would sound happy, but clem sounded (and looked) Terrified

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    It's Zombie Duck, there is nobody else it could possibly be.

  • So what happened to Omid and Christa and Kenny. Still loose ends to tie up TellTale! I hate it when they do that.

  • Thanks! I just couldn't remember how we went out. So the only options for this "I thought you were dead" character is Lily, Kenny, Christa or the Bandit that asked Clem for water?


  • Nick DID have a mullet. And a hat. And the same hair color. I didn't know what to believe.:-|

  • She... She got shot. In the head. I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!

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