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forum rules?

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hey guys, I've been hearing allot about the forum needing rules, to keep everything orderly and clean. i agree that we need rules and I'm sure that everyone else does. a forum with no rules is not a good thing.
This thread is to discuss the rules with other forum members, once we have these rules set, I'll run them by troy and get them approved to be posted.

here are a few of my thoughts:

1) Keep cursing and offensive behavior to a minimum, "ouch my ass!" is acceptable. "you f***ing a$$h01e" is not.

2) Try not to flame posts, a friendly argument and constructive group arguments are always acceptable, the second it gets out of hand and people are feeling vulnerable and attacked, the post will be warned and then if it continues it will be deleted.

3) No racist comments at all! if a racist thread or post is started it will be deleted, no question!

4) Try to keep double posting to a small degree, if you double post try to delete it if thats possible, if not a mod will get to it.

5) Try to have respect for everyone's feeling, no one wants to be disrespected.

6) No links to piracy related material, including abandonware, some may think that abandonware is not piracy, but it is. telltale can get in trouble if anything of that sort is posted.

7) keep things organized, try your best to keep things in order, always make sure you posting in the write thread and forum.

8) the most important rule of all, HAVE FUN!

if anyone has any objections, feel free to let me know, or if you have anything to add let me know as well.
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  • If it's totally off topic and counterproductive to the thread at hand, sure, lose it. But a well placed :D or :-/ or :| can say plenty, even on their own .

    Just remember this isn't a counter-strike forum full of leet-gamers acting like morons, adventure game fans are quite a civilised breed most of the time. I don't see the point of inventing and listing lots of rules for this place, save the standard spamming, redundant threads and flaming universal common sense Messagboard guidelines.

    If something disruptive happens, sure, deal with it and put steps in place to prevent a reoccurence, but don't get too hung up on rules and regulations when everything seems to be progressing rather well.

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    If it's totally off topic and counterproductive to the thread at hand, sure, lose it. But a well placed :D or :-/ or :| can say plenty, even on their own .

    correct. i understand what you are saying and i agree...
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    I think along the lines of spam, what's acceptable is a post with actual content (adding to a discussion, etc) and what's not is a post that completely off topic (when there is a preset static topic; and especially if it's a blantant distraction to something else or an advertisement that's uncalled for), contentless posts (ie, purely emoticons for no apparent reason; small, concise, and meaningless posts; large amounts of posts that are nearly all identical, not necessarily by the same person, that don't really add anything to the discussion; etc), etc.
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    not just that it gets deleted but you have to have a minimum of atleast 3 characters before you can summit your post.
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    How about no general discrimination of any kind. Rascism is too vague.
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    Just wait and see how the forum develops, y'all... relax.
    A lot of people in here seem to have enough common sense and don't need no written set of rules.

    Guess, I'm not wrong in assuming that people visiting this forum will show a little bit of nice behavior - it's about nice games (- or expectations, at the moment), so why play ugly? :D

    There's only one offensive thing I've read so far in this forum and that's a certain sig... but that might be a fake...

    I guess any needed rules will develop themselves, as the forum grows bigger...

    Cheers, y'all.
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    There's only one offensive thing I've read so far in this forum and that's a certain sig... but that might be a fake...
    You have a point. BUT this was a web link that you didn't have to follow. So I would consider it "out of the forum". Your reply, however, was quite harsh, and inside the forum!

    So to avoid this kind of problems, I think that we should ban posting http links in the forum (in the text body AND in the signatures), unless the link is directly relevant to the thread. We are not here to advertise personal pages or other site that we like, but to talk about adventure games and telltale's future products...
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    You're right, noone has to follow the links... but what purpose is a link used as a sig, other than to follow it? Well, I guess it was meant as plain provocation. And I fall easily for that.

    I found this nice place about adventure gaming, the kind of games I like most, then someone has me clicking on his sig, and - shazam! - I'm confronted with religious zealotism and pro-war-propaganda.
    Quite unfunny, being confronted in here with the same s**t as in every other, bigger, longer existing forum. It just took a day or two to drag some evil 'reality' in here...

    On the other hand, I clicked on another users profile and was delighted about his great MM fanpage: ;)

    You're also right about the off-topic URL posting in general - I'm gonna lose my sig about Ubuntu-Linux...

    Sorry about the harsh words,
  • Can we have a no resurrecting old threads rule?
  • coolsome;592990 said:
    Can we have a no resurrecting old threads rule?
    That's a boring rule and is prejudiced against necromancers.
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