Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



  • uhhhhhh finish the game first dummy lol

  • I would love for it to be Kenny, but there are other possibilities as well.

    The most obvious of course is Christa, but that is also why I don't think it will be her. It wouldn't be that big of a shock to run into her again.

    Another possibility, and one just as likely as Kenny, is that it will be Lily. Like Kenny we also don't see her die in Season 1, and like Kenny, running into her again would have some shock value.

  • Have we ruled out molly and the st. johns yet?

  • That's... the... point?

    The entire season isn't out yet, just the first episode. This suspense is to keep people speculating in threads such as this one.

    Also, Omid's dead and Kenny's probably dead too.

  • As reluctant as I am to say, I feel like it will be Kenny. While clementine is running from the bandits I heard one grab Christa, kick her down and shoot her. I Am keen on the fact Christa is dead. If you don't think so rewatch the the begining. I'm hoping for a angel-duck to decend from the sky riding a tractor

  • Well why give us an open ended fate only to say in the next season that they're dead? Also, I hope Omid isn't dead, it just seems that TellTale is doing a character dump.

  • I was thinking it could be the eldest St.John brother but I think you have the option of killing him

  • That still begs the question, what happened to Omid, Christa, and Kenny?

  • That'd be awesome. Clem and the group gets cornered by bandits and then Duck comes riding in on a tractor and runs over the bandits.

  • I think it might be someone she knows and by knows I mean a friendly or formerly friendly face like Lilly, Kenny, Christa, etc.

  • I can tell you're one of thoose "AGREE KENNY IS ALIVE OR DONT SPEAK YOUR OPINION AT ALL" guy's. Your post's prove it.
    Yes. He is dead and no matter of spamming "He's alive even though we're wrong constantly" is going to change that. This is The Walking Dead.People die.Constantly. Get used to it. Kenny isn't immortal.
    Gotta love the rating system "You're a bad person for disagreeing with us"

  • Telltale wants us all the time to think Kenny is coming back, they did it in the episode 1 trailer, and does it now in the trailer to the second episode. Telltale knows there are tons of people (me included) who wants to see Kenny more than anything in the world, and therefore they will probably just throw him in a episode without any teasers, dead or alive.
    My bet is Lily, but if it's Kenny... Good call Telltale!!

  • Omid has been mentioned in this thread, but I think we can safely rule him out. He was shot in the chest, and in a post-apocalyptic world where there are no ambulances and no trauma centers where a seriously wounded patient can be stabilized/operated on, he was goner for sure. Omid surviving would stretch suspension of disbelief beyond the breaking point, so I'm inclined to think Telltale won't go there. Omid may have been a great character, but I think he is as dead as Carley and Doug.

  • Definitely agree - it may be Kenny. We never did see him die officially. Or it may be Crista. :-O Or perhaps Lily - in my game she escaped with the RV so she's out there somewhere. Oh the choices...

  • How can anyone believe it's Omid at all, he was shot and killed right in front of us. Maybe if Christa went to his body and attempted to stop the bleeding one could picture a scenario where he might survive but since she didn't. he's dead.

    As for who I'm going with, I'm leaning towards somebody that Clementine and Christa met during the time gap. That's a large chunk of time for two people to be out on their own and the mystery of Christa's baby still has to be solved.

    Bringing back either Lilly or Kenny doesn't answer any questions, and doesn't really do anything to advance the story, their stories have been told, it's a new season and a new cast of characters, and it's time for people to move on.

  • He never said anything like that, and putting words in his mouth only speaks about you. People see a person that looks like Lilly? They'll speculate on it. Christa? Same. Lee? Hell yeah. Kenny had a chance of surviving, and it doesn't matter how he felt, or how many walkers were around him. But perhaps you aren't that experienced with TWD then? Quite a few characters faced terrible odds and yet survived through it. An example? Tyresse, from both the comics AND the show. Morgan too, really. I'm not saying he's alive, though I would love it if he was. Still, Telltale said his fate would be explored, so expect to see him at some point in time.

  • There is a slim chance....a very slim chance that its Vernon. Just saying

  • I think it was lilly

  • T E A M C L E M E N T I N E

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    I wanna contribute something, but don't know what.

    So, I dont know.... TEAM MARK?

  • Could Be Andy St John

  • Well it would answer if Kenny is alive.

  • You don't think they're bandits either? I thought I was the only one. Where did everyone get the "Bandits" vibe from, anyway?


    That poor, poor cow :c


  • I think it is Lily, but i could be annyone. we haven't seen die. I't could be Vernon, Lily, Kenny or Christa. Why i think it is Lily is because whatever you chose she has a slight chance to survive. Kenny being surrounded by walker or in a building with walkers, i think it is safe to say he is dead. But i could be wrong.

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    The only options are:

    Lilly: It's been a long time since Clem has seen her so its reasonable for her to assume she died by now.

    Molly: Hard to believe Clem would think she was dead though.

    Omid: Since the scene was done the way it was who knows, but it's very unlikely Christa would have moved on without knowing for sure.

    Christa: This one is more likely but the way she seemed shocked doesn't fit, Clem would be happy and excited not shocked.

    Kenny: Other good option since he hasn't been shown dead or dying. Clem didn't know he "died" in season 1 but Omid and Christa had to have told her what happened.

    Odds are based on her shocked face and the above, Kenny or Lilly. I would prefer Lilly, but odds are Kenny.

  • Well if it's Kenny without his stache, it's not Kenny.

  • Or the chick at the start who shot Omid, you never know.

  • I want Lee to come back.

  • lol @ Kenny. Telltale knew what they were doing, bet they knew everyone would jump on the "IT'S KENNY!" signs.

    My first guess was Christa, seems the most obvious. I guess Lilly is a possibility too, I hadn't thought of her.

  • I didn't; what did the face look like? :o

  • I was unaware that there was an official group of Kenny's fans. Are there group meetings and such where we arrive at consensus about Kenny's fate? I happen to like Kenny. I never claimed that was him in episode 1. I hoped it was, but I never claimed it. How can one know for sure? Anyone who says they're certain is not being truthful (unless they work for TTG). You know no more than anyone else here. Kenny COULD appear. It IS possible. Nothing is certain. You're no different than the people who claim to be sure that Kenny will be in episode 2. None of us can know until we see it, but we can speculate. Your speculation is no more or less valid than anyone else's.

  • Yeah, but why would Clementine think that Molly was dead? It would be cool if it was Molly, but I don't think it will be. To me, it seemed like Clementine was pretty sure the person was dead. Molly just left of her own accord. She wasn't in a dangerous situation or anything. Still, it's good to speculate. I do hope we see Molly again in the future. I felt like they left her alive for a reason (to potentially bring her back later on).

  • Why does it bother you so much? Just don't click on those threads. It's strange that you say you're tired of the Kenny threads and comments, but you keep reading and replying to them. They're not going to stop, a lot of people like Kenny. So, if I were you, I would save myself the aggravation and avoid the Kenny threads and comments. Just a suggestion. Hoping they'll go away is futile. There are way too many people who look forward to TTG's promise of Kenny's fate "being explored" in Season 2.

  • He's back to usher in the Duck-pocalyspe. ;)

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