Did you guys take this item from the house? *Possible Spoilers*

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When I went snooping around the house with Clem to get medical supplies, in one of the rooms, I opened a drawer with a watch in it. I chose to use the action button, thinking that she would just check it out, but she actually took it! I definitely did not want to do that, as I could see the others finding that watch on Clem, thus having them lose all trust in her. I probably should have just started at the last checkpoint, but decided to see how it would play out.

Did any of you guys do the same? Think there will be any consequences?



  • I saw it but didn't take it. It probably will come up in future episodes, I reckon. I'm going to guess that it belongs to Carlos.

  • I really doubt Telltale just threw it in there, so yeah, probably. I chose to leave it there, since I figured Clem wouldn't steal what she didn't really need from them. What possible use could she have for a gold watch? :P

  • I'm pretty sure that a watch is used to tell time...

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    I saw it, but I thought that if this group was a more long-term solution then I shouldn't go out of my way to be marked as a thief (more than I already am anyway), Besides, if someone kept such a thing during the Apocalypse then it might be something he treasures, like a gift from his wife or whatnot, much like Larry's ring, so I didn't take it.

    Besides, it's not like I'm going to exchange it against some money at the next city's tradebroker, I don't really see how that watch can be of any use at the moment. Knowing Telltale it certainly has it's importance though, we'll see !

  • I saw the watch and immediately thought " OH hell no, that is such an obvious trap for later". I could smell the evil from the telltale writing crew all over that. 50 bucks says it's Petes watch and someone will try to go get it at his request or get it because its a family heirloom or something and then Clem will be labeled a thief and...yea.

  • I also thought that it might be a trap...but still took it. My reasoning behind it...if the watch still works it would be useful for Clementine. Also Lee shown her that stealing is fine in that savegame.

    Will probably not take it in the other one. Not sure yet.

  • I saw it as a trap immediately and left it.

    That said, with my luck the only trap will be TellTale expecting you to expect it to be a trap and making it a good thing to take the watch, thus punishing us who were seeking to not be punished (Enter Xzibit)

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    Lee showed that stealing is fine ... WHEN you have no idea if the owners are alive or dead (and at the station-wagon scene, higher chances are that they're dead outside) and you desperately need it.

    This situation is completely different, you have people that saved your life, even though they don't trust you yet there's no need to go out of your way to steal something useless at first glance and end up thrown out on your ass for that.

    I'm about to start my 2nd playthrough and I'm going to take it, but that's just to see what happens if I do. My "canon" playthrough if I say so, will have me leave that thing right where it is, if anything, it might be comething really precious to Carlos. I'd be pissed if someone stole Lee's picture from me, and that's putting it nicely.

  • Left that watch right where I found it. What would I need to know what time it is? Sun going down? Get your ass inside until it comes back up

  • Dang, after reading this and thinking about it some more, I think I'm going to go back and do the episode again. I hate doing that, but I didn't want to take the watch in the first place, and I don't want it to burn me down the road. At least this time should be fairly quick since I'll know exactly what to do.

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    Neither did I. What good is a watch anymore? It has no value to Clementine, but it might have sentimental value to someone in the group. The last thing she needs is them being even more mean to her. I didn't want to give them any excuse to be mean to Clementine. There was enough of that already when Clem did nothing wrong. I could only imagine what they'd do if they found out she stole a watch. They'd probably hang her.

  • I was very careful not to take it. I wanted the other people to see that Clem only took what she needed. Then later she dropped the bottle of peroxide. I only could imagine the other people saying, "That was a year's worth of peroxide!"

  • I definitely left that bitch right in the drawer. It's about 97% useless anyway. If it was something that had actual value, I might have grabbed it. But other than trying to communicate with someone else in a group for coordinating a complicated plan that involves being out of contact, there's really no reason to give a shit exactly what time it is.

  • I had the same thought about the Peroxide. "BEND OVER AND PICK IT UP CLEM JESUS CHRIST!"

  • I took it. The group was full of a**holes anyway. Luke and Pete are fine but the rest can kiss my ass.

  • You never know in Walking Dead. Maybe the house will burn down or something and then you have the watch. ;)

  • I didn´t take it, in a ZA a watch is as useless as nipples on a breastplate. I am sure that if you take it that will cause you troubles later on

  • I did not want to take it cause of all the stuff mentioned above, but my video game instinct got the better of me so i took it, more items in the inventory.

  • Yeah I know it bro, collecting stuff is nice. MOAR items. :D

  • I left it! but I mean c'mon it was too good to be true a watch just there maybe telltale wanted us to take it for some apparent reason! I see it like this maybe they thought our first instinct would be to leave it there obviously cause of what might happen later but they made it seem so obvious that there may be a reason why it would of been best to take it! idk

  • I just closed the drawer when I found it. Didn't want to take anything I didn't absolutely need. You could explain using the medical supplies, but there was no reason to steal anything else.

  • I myself saw Clementine as contemptuous of such meaningless treasures, given what the world was like. Anyway, Lee died in a looted jewelry store, as if to hammer home this point about what's really of value.

  • I didn't take it for two reasons, 1; what good would a watch really be? And why would you steal from someone who could potentially help you? Unnecessary risk. And 2; in the season 1 save I'm using Lee joined Clem in refusing to take the stuff they found in the car, so this choice just made sense to me.

  • took that watch....... I NEED IT!lol got tell the group off too when they found me in the shed. "SCREW YOU GUYS...... STILL.NOT.BITTEN". lol i love it whats the group gonna do IAM SEASON 2 #GO CLEM

  • I didn't take it either. I didn't need it, I needed more the medical supplies. Also, the group would notice that sooner or later and will find it on Clem so no, thanks.

  • I didn't even mean to take it, I was just mashing buttons looking for supplies.

  • Exactly! maybe they KNEW our video games instincts and now we are going to be in trouble or something. We collect everything. I wonder what is it's true purpose .

  • I took it. These people are mostly full of dicks. It probably has some sort of sentimental value to one of the assholes and I could use it as leverage to get my ass to safety later.

  • Same here. I took it at first, not knowing I would steal it. I instantly rebooted the save, this time leaving it behind. My Clemmy doesn't steal. Especially not after what happened last time.

  • I actually missed the watch in my playthrough but saw someone else take it. If I had realized it was there, I would have taken it. Not going to pass up an item, If we had to plan something that required timing, she can now do that.. Or, use the watches parts, like the glass for making a fire.

  • I took the watch, I don't think the consequences will be that drastic to the overall story.

  • I left it. didn't want to take or do anything that wasn't necessary.

  • I seen it and thought no, it doesn't really set a good impression of Clem to the group and that wouldn't be good considering my plan was t stay with them. What is a watch worth anyway? Well considering we will be traveling by the looks of it in episode 2 maybe there might be a toll bridge occupied by bandits, the watch might come in handy for a bribe or possibly bite you in the ass because it is important to someone. So no I didn't steal the watch but it has meaning somewhere down the line for sure.

  • I took the watch partially due to too much Skyrim getting the better of my moral values when stealing, also because it might come in handy later.

  • I didn't see any reason to take a watch and a thousand reasons to not take the watch.

    So I took the watch because fuck common sense, I want more drama.

  • Left it in my first play through and took it in my second.

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