• Shes probably covering herself in the walkers organs and extremities.

  • Amid the Ruins...sounds like the name of a leader, like Alexander the Great.

    Probably it's the name of the stranger, who talked to Tavia on her walkie-talkie or it could be the name of an antagonist...

    Also, it's the first slide showing her without her cap...I think that's the most interesting fact...

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    Ellias BANNED

    Very odd but I seem to have the same slide but when my brother was playing season 2 it had that asian guy from 400 days instead of that kenny shadow like figure. he never finished 400 days and will do it today but still, i guess it randomly generated it? I got everybody to leave with tavia back at the camp so does this mean tavia was really evil or something?

    I can take a picture if you guys like.

    • Please take a picture, that would be awesome to see...

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        Ellias BANNED

        http://prntscr.com/2g199w bad quality but here.

        • I play on PS3 in America (some people had said that it is different for PS3 in Europe) I have played through Season 1 trying to make all the good decisions (plus everyone left with Tavia in 400 days) imported it to Save File 1 and played the first Episode making good decisions. Then I played Season 1 with the exact opposite decisions (everyone except for Bonnie stayed at the camp in 400 days) and imported to Save File 2 and played through the first Episode making the opposite decisions. I guess the only thing that changes it is platform and region, because it looks like this no matter which save file I load: http://prntscr.com/2g1e52

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            Ellias BANNED

            That's very odd, like I've said I got 2 different shadows on 2 different save loads in xbox live.

            All that I know of for sure is the different direction clem is facing varies from systems. I think ps3 users get her in that direction in your picture. while everybody else (Pc,xbox) get the downward but different shadows. Don't know about ios users but I guess we'll find out in the summer, or "june or july".

            But ultimately I think tavia is good since she was heading to some place up 'north' and christa also said she and clem were heading 'north' as well. She said it being alot safer or something but guessing it's really cold up there. Also I think in slide 5 they're up in north or something since it's all snowing. And again, christa was saying it was really cold up there.

            • Season 1 took place in Georgia, and if you look at the licence plate before Christa is attacked it says North Carolina. Christa said they're going to Wellington, and in real life Wellington is in Virginia, which makes sense since Virginia is directly north of North Carolina. Plus Lee said that his ex-wife lived in Virginia, so... there's that. The only thing that's bugging me is that the diner / pit stop in 400 Days (which Vince's group was next to at the end) was in Georgia (we know this because we see Kenny and Duck go into it in the beginning and Kenny said that Duck was attacked at a gas station when it all started), and Tavia wouldn't have traveled from North Carolina/Virginia all the way to Georgia just to go looking for survivors, right? Unless the something happened and everyone with Tavia or that community they were heading to also started heading north. We know that we meet Eddie in Episode 4, because if you turn your brightness all the way up you can clearly see the figure to the right of Clementine is Eddie. Plus, the slide seems to either show a Kenny-like figure (with no hat) or a Vince-like figure. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...
              Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text

  • another figure looks familiar in that slide i'm not going to say who but i can see like by Episode 4 things go bad and Clem goes through a big change. man this season is so exciting!

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    bright no clem-clem

    looks to me like it might be a mourning/getting ready for war ritual where she's remembering the people who helped her. The switching of Kenny and Vince sort of makes me think that we'll have a choice of choosing Kenny or Vince for something. One of the characters looks a little bit like Molly and the one in the forefront looks like Eddie.

  • i just now noticed that my clem and the figures behind her do change. hmm quite interesting i have to say i do remember in a interview with the developers of the walking dead they said that your choices from season 1 and 400 Days would change your story in season 2. perhaps depending on your choices in season 1 and 400 days the figures behind clem will be determinant and her position will be as well.

  • Satanic blood ritual to prove loyal to the group. Clem probably has to choose who lives and puts their blood on her face...

  • Or I could just be Vince and with the different shadows I think it's just random no one can prove anything it's not choices and people think its console or region but then someone comes and claims they have something different.

  • According to the official wiki, the look of the slide changes depending on what choices you make in the episodes leading up to it. But, yeah, this looks really dark and disturbing.

    Bring it on! I love dark and disturbing horror!

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