Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



  • Can't wait to find out in Episode 2

  • Clem seems to shocked to see this person alive, Clem has no reason to think Christa is dead. She might have doubts she survived but its not like she saw her get shot or anything.

  • Its lilly

  • It's going to be someone we don't know, and when they show him/her it could have a huge flashback that shows who it was, and why Clem is worried about him/her. Something around that, I doubt Lilly, as Lee told Clem Something happened, and never really told Clem she Killed Carley/Doug. And Lily cared about Clem, so why would Clem be mad? Also, I believe there is no way to tell Clem if Doug/Carley died from Lily, so I guess Lily is possible but more unlikely. I guess Clem might have gotten mad at Lily towards the 3rd episode as she argued with Kenny and Lee a lot. Kenny is possible, as his death is unclear and remains unknown if hes alive.Someone said before that it break the whole point of it if it was someone during the off screen period, though I think Telltale could make it work somehow. They could Pull a Merle! Its VERY unlikely to be the stranger as he was shot in the head both ways (Lee or Clem), though people can survive head shots, just like Carl. Could be one of the Saint Johns but eh, that's a Low possibility.

  • Here's my thoughts on who it could be:
    Christa, of course, due to the fact that she was left with the bandits, who were seen later in the episode with Clementine's bag, but it's possible she got away from them and found another group.
    We all knew Kenny was going to make an appearance in season 2, so of course it could be him.
    It could also be Lilly, who was left on the side of the road or took the RV, depending on what you chose to do.
    Maybe it could also be Vernon, just cuz everyone else thought he was dead.
    I'm hoping it's lee, just to make me happy.

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    Lilly: It's been a long time since Clem has seen her so its reasonable for her to assume she died by now.

    -it could be lilly, but i have my doubts

    Molly: Hard to believe Clem would think she was dead though.

    -yeah and she said that she'd rather be on her own, and why would she be doing in the countryside in the first place? I thought she was gonna move to another city to scavenge til she dies

    Omid: Since the scene was done the way it was who knows, but it's very unlikely Christa would have moved on without knowing for sure.

    -Omid is dead. Unless he miraculously rose back from the dead and not become a walker

    Christa: This one is more likely but the way she seemed shocked doesn't fit, Clem would be happy and excited not shocked.

    -yeah you're probably right on this one. Clem was apparently surprised (or unhappy) to see that person alive

    Kenny: Other good option since he hasn't been shown dead or dying. Clem didn't know he "died" in season 1 but Omid and Christa had to have told her what happened.

    -this one is also likely since he was gone for a while

    Odds are based on her shocked face and the above, Kenny or Lilly. I would prefer Lilly, but odds are Kenny.

    -Lets not forget about the bandit in the river

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    Lee told Clem Something happened, and never really told Clem she Killed Carley/Doug. And Lily cared about Clem, so why would Clem be mad? Also, I believe there is no way to tell Clem if Doug/Carley died from Lily

    Yeah, except Clem stood there 2 seconds after Dougley was shot, and saw her/him lying on the street with a hole in the head, and Lilly standing there with a gun. She's not stupid.

    And it's likely she saw the shooting itself. We didn't see when she came out of the RV. So it is quite possible she was standing there 2 seconds earlier, then the camera showed her.

    edit: just rewatched the scene, we actually DO see Clem already standing in the door before the shot. SO she totally witnessed what Lilly did.

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    Ah, its been so long sense I played that episode... Sorry for the bad Info :P

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    Yeah there are kind of a lot of spoilers from the comic book in here, sorry.

    Dude, you need to read Kirkman's stuff before spewing speculations like that. as Mark$man says, in the comics, Tyreese clears out a whole cafeteria in the prison alone, and survives, his only weapon being a hammer, in the TV show, the same character clears out of a bunch of walkers trying to take him.

    Seriously, it's like you haven't even played the game, in episode 5, when as Lee you try to reach the Hotel, you're bit, or without an arm, and you simply walk through a bunch of walkers killing those that get on your way, I realize you are in much less danger since walkers don't try to eat you as you're half-.dead, but you're very weakened, and you can't deny that, yet Lee manages to survive only because he wants to save a little girl.

    Also you should be a little bit more respectful when trying to get a point across.

    One more thing, before you say I'm a Kenny fanboy, I'd rather have Lilly over Kenny since there really is character development in Lilly, since we saw how Kenny developed in the first season, and for moar speculation, I don't think it's Christa because she would've been much more excited about finding her, although her reaction fits Kenny much more than Lilly because she sees Lilly kill Doug/Carley.

  • This thread is long as f-ck so I'm just echoing someone else's post, I'm sure. But the "thought you were dead" person is prob Lily. Kenny I think will come back later on in the series. Perhaps towards the end. As said before, Clem's reaction was semi-negative. So Lily would be more likely than Kenny, given her said reaction.

    I also hate this new group. Everyone is a prick. Especially that prego bitch. I called her out for being a whore. lol

  • I'd love to see Lilly back because when I finished the game I felt like a total asshole by leaving her on the road, though Clem never sees Lilly die, and anyway you wouldn't expect Clem to just go all out "I thought you were dead!" over Lilly since she kills Doug/Carley and Clem witnesses that scene if I'm not incorrect.

  • It's Maybelle!

  • Yes she did?
    It's been about a month since I went through S1 but she definitely saw both of them (Kenny & Lilly) kill someone.

  • It's a Salt lick!

  • Wow someone's a little bitter for no reason whatsoever.

    Anyway. I'm a diehard Kenny fan, however I don't think of myself as "self-righteous. I didn't think that the pic was Kenny but I do believe that Clem is talking about Kenny in the preview for the next episode. It would definitely make sense.

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    Yes, I just rewatched that scene, because I wasn't sure if Clem saw the shot or came out seconds after. I remembered her standing there and looking at the body. But I didn't remember whether or not she was outside the RV before. So I rewatched it. Turns out, Clem saw the shooting.

    And even if she didn't actually see it (which she did). She's not stupid, she saw a person with a gunshot through the head, and another person with a gun in her hand. So...

  • Whoever said Lee could not be more wrong lol. Clem would be jumping in joy and running to hug him if that were the case, not at all shocked and "WTF?" about it... maybe that last part though.. :P

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    Looking at it logically:
    Clem will know the events Christa and Omid know, therefore she thinks Kenny is dead, so Kenny is a possibility. Other people she think is dead is Omid who logically can't be alive, they wouldn't leave him where he was killed, he would be burried so even if he wasn't actually killed it can't really be him. It could be whoever you left in your decision maybe, can't remember if you see them die. She doesn't think Christa is dead. She may think Lily is dead but that's a maybe, and she should go off to her story zone of TWD universe. She probably does't think Glenn is dead or remember him and he's off in his TWD zone. She thinks Ben's dead and he's very unlikely to have lived. That's all I could think of, my best guess is that one of this new gang gets attacked or something then re-emerges alive later on. But remember, anything can happen!

  • She didn't actually see Kenny bashing Larry's head in, if I recall correctly, she closes her eyes during the whole situation.

  • I think it would be interesting for it to be Christa OR Kenny.
    Remember, Kenny had 2 "deaths". One that I felt was obvious he was killed(with Ben), the other was left pretty open ended on his survival. Imagine if it was one or the other. In the situation with Ben falling, Kenny is dead and Christa is alive. In the one without Ben, Kenny lives and Christa dies.

    The situations aren't exactly related and I don't see that happening, but that would certainly throw people off guard.

  • Tyreese was a physical able bodied man who was capable of that sort of shit.
    Kenny is a poor hand to hand combatant. There is no comparison.
    Seems you need to get antiquated with logic.
    And Lee doesnt HAVE to fight his way through thoose walkers, you can end up with multiple bites. and after one kill Lee started to get walker blood over him, deafening their scent on him, while Kenny always kept his distances and only had a gun.
    I'll be more respectful when Kenny fans stop being so hypocritcal.
    Again, Kenny fans have been wrongabout everything so far.
    Why would they be right now?
    The reaction is the main evidence that it's NOT Kenny.
    The "I thought you was dead" line is VERY VERY negative to me. If it was someone close to her, don't you think she'd be happier?

  • Of course Kenny will turn up in season 2. Telltale said it themselves. That his fate will be explored.
    I'm just saying that I think he wont be alive :)

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    This makes me think are decisions change a shit ton of stuff, an example is this and the "Amid The Ruins' Picture which changes the guy on the left to the following

    • A Kenny looking guy
    • Vince
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    Telltale has deliberately teased us with Kenny before (I'm ready to bet a hundred bucks they intentionally designed Nick to resemble Kenny from behind). Now they're doing it again with Clem's last line in the teaser.

    I hope they don't make a habit out of it. This sort of coy attitude has backfired before. Just look at Benedict Cumberbatch's character in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.

  • Wow. I just checked that thread with the picture. That's really something. To change the image for a whole episode depending on whatever. So probably there's gonna be different characters in that episode for different players. Probably depending on 400 days, it seems?


  • It will be cyborg Omid

  • It's Larry!!...some how...

  • It was Sam the dog, obviously. Back from the dead!

    Seriously, um... I hope it's Omid. I know it's not Omid.

    Then the other half of me hopes it's Kenny. Not just because I'm a Kenny fan but because I still want Lilly to be the Lilly from Woodbury (in my heart and mind at least, Kirkman be damned) and bringing her back would (obviously) ruin that. And Clem wouldn't think Lilly was dead, in one scenario she's left behind and another she steals the RV. Not exactly "dead," just "gone." Kenny was more likely "dead" in Clem's eyes as Omid and Christa probably explained what happened to her.

  • She's not so close to Kenny either, to be honest.

    The only person she'd be happy to meet again (that is certainly alive) is Christa. Also why do you keep saying "Kenny fans" I'm just arguing with you, not saying "Kenny is the guy" because I can't totally tell, neither can you tell it's not him, truly.

    I'd just have it be Kenny instead of Lilly because personally I like Kenny more.

    (By the way have you looked at Tyreese in the TV show? He's fat lol). Also, where did you get that Tyreese is physically able and Kenny isn't? Anyone that doesn't have a six pack can't fight? That's just dumb.

  • Yea I doubt it's Kenny she see's because she had no clue what happened to Kenny in episode 5. Only Lee knew what happened to Kenny. My guess it would be Lily, Krista, Omid, Her parents XD (Real parents), Lee because nobody seemed to care about the watch if you steal it. They could have found Lee and gave him a cure then stole his watch. Her school friend or teacher, The Stranger, Molly, one of the St. John's... Also my major guess would be that Winston guy who was trying to kill her in the beginning.

  • It's her friend Albert. Back to eradicate the world of peanuts.

  • It would be impossible for it to be either Lee, the Stranger, or Omid. I know not everyone shot Lee, but for those of us who did, Lee obviously wouldn't be able to come back. And we either choked the Stranger or Clem shot him. And Omid is just dead ):

  • What????? Lol. Funny. And I guess Charlie Brown will make a cameo appearance...

  • Lol'z remember we still have 4 episodes to go. Soon we will find out what happened to Krista's baby, and if you watch the second episode trailor Clem say's I thought you were dead. She never thought Krista was dead because she said she was going to look for her. This could be Omid because if you look closely Omid did not get shot in the heart. He was shot in the rib basically the same place Carl was shot in the walking dead show. So he could be alive. Plus it wouldn't be Kenny because only Lee knew what happened to him. Or it could be the Winston guy who tried to kill her in the beginning. Or Lee XD because nobody cared about the stolen watch, and the way clem looks at it. Maybe after Clem left. They found Lee got him patched up by the doctor, and stole his watch...

  • I hope its Christa.

  • If you go with Nick it's pretty clear that Pete gets eaten by zombies, but if you go with Pete all you see is Nick shooting zombies and going into the woods (this makes me think he gets saved anyway since he's closer to the group than Pete and Clem if you choose to help Pete, making me wonder if this is kinda like a Shawn/Duck situation).

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