Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



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    She also wouldnt seem way so suprised i think, On episode 3 picture you can see clem with that pregnant women(rebecca i think) so not much time has passed, i dont think she would be suprised she would be happy and like you said enthusiastic not suprised...

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    I read in another thread, that this might be a slight slip-up by TTG. It appears that they only ask "Did you kill both brothers?" And if you let both live it shows so, if you killed both it shows so. But if you kill only one, the game gets a "you didn't kill both brothers" and shows both not being killed.

    I am only repeating here, can't contribute myself, since I left both brothers alive, and it showed so in the opening.

    Anyone here, who killed one brother, and one brother only, who could say something about that?

  • Actually she just runs away, no matter what you do you can't kill her.

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    Micex have you actually seen her die? Cos yeah from what i know she just says to much hassle wiv u guys and your boat im off my own way...

  • Micex you are indeed wrong, you see Molly run away, you don't physically see her die.

  • We also don't know what's going to happen inbetween now and that moment. Maybe something will happen to give Clem a reason to think Christa is dead- I.e. we meet these mysterious bad guys who say they killed her or some such. Nick could go out hunting or something and say "I found your friend dead" or any number of things could happen. I think it's fun playing detective but at the end of the day it's gonna be who it is and some people will be happy and others will not be lol.

    I DO think we shouldn't read too much in to Clems reaction though. Just because she didn't run gleefully at them like she was happy to see them doesn't mean she's afraid of whoever it is. She could just be shocked and that shocked face turns into a smile as someone friendly is revealed.

  • Have i just dream't it O_O i swear i have seen it. If you people say so. i feel embaressed :(

  • Never mind what i say, i'm just dumb and everything that comes out of my mouth must be taken with a buttload of salt ;_;

  • Clem dont have a six pack, and she outlived every fucker there...

  • We never said she cant die, theres too many posibilities to try out, if u would be nice enough to tell me details of when, how and where to kill her(or let her die), ill be pleased to admit youre right, cos just like i said im about to start 4 episode again in a bit but i want it to go veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerry different than others!!!

  • I saw it. In my playthrough, I accidentally shot her in the arm and wasn't given another chance to shoot the walker(instead of the usual route of missing Molly and the walker). Instead of running away, she fell to her knees and got chomped. Or at least, I seem to remember that. I could be wrong...

  • actually iz dolan

  • I'm really hoping it's Kenny and not christa

  • Yes but where?? Molly is with us nearly whole 4th season? Are we comig back from crawford? Is it near garage?? I belive I have the battery, so on the way back from crawford?

  • Father Christmas

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    So "your" Lilly had your back, was angry with her dad for trying to kill you, didn't kill an innocent person you were friends with and didn't leave you and Clementine for dead by taking the RV?

  • Because the game is in the same universe as the comic and you never see this people in the comic book (I'm up to date, never saw any of this folks).

    And I doubt Kirkman would want a video game to show stuff that might just happen in the comic in 6 months, that doesn't seem too realistic. In my opinion.

    Also, yeah, what AGentleman said (it's a spoiler from the comic book and explains why Glenn can't show up in the game very easily xD).

  • I just want it to be someone from the old group to be honest.

    Lilly probably got over Larry a long ass time ago if she's still alive anyway.

  • Yeah, for more detail, when you go into the sewers you see him just sitting there with his guts out, even Lee says "Poor old man, must've been trying to hide here and run out of ammo", or something, anyway.

    How did you not notice that? xD

  • Yeah, I like to think that'll depend on your choices from S2E1, as in, depending on your actions, it's Lilly or Kenny, but I dunno, this seems like a very longshot.

  • I don't think that's christa. TTG wants you to think that way, but I hope Kenny's back, cuz clems painting of his family gotta mean somehow right?

  • What happens if you don't take Clementine to Crawford? I never had the balls to leave her with Omid honestly, in my three playthroughs, even knowing that Omid was gonna be alright xD

  • Yes but you can choose to burn it to have more feels value. (I tried burning Lee's photo but she doesn't do it, I don't know about the drawing).

    Yeah, the fact TTG kept the drawing of Ken's family has to mean something, even if this isn't Kenny, we'll probably see him again and there will be a huge feels trip about that drawing.

  • I believe it's in Crawford, while you're still in the school, possibly when you come back :c Ben takes the hatchet that kept one of the doors locked and the place gets flooded with zombies.

  • The more I think about the more options come to mind. Kenny, Lilly, Christa, a bandit that attacked the group in S1E3, Molly, bandits that attacked Clem & Christa from S2E1 or maybe the chick that blasted Omid. It's just sooo many options grrrr

  • I bet TTG will show him- "Next time on the walking dead S2 episode 5"

  • Yeah, I believe they added Omid's death as a last second thing because there wasn't enough feels value in the episode, and they had to cope with episode 5 from season 1, to give you the feeling the game was still as ruthless as it was.

    Basically they wanted to put us all in a big feels trip

  • Yeah, their mother gets bitten by super mother fuckin' zombie Mark.

    (Also why did they kill off Mark so quickly back in season 1? He was cool. D:)

  • I burnt that picture to cook a weasel...

  • Guys what about Glenn?
    clem and him were kinda friends back in season 1 ep 1, but im still not sure cuz he went to Atlanta...

  • Fiction and Logic are not tied together....

  • I never read any comics, and i dont really understand what you mean? I think i know what you mean about glenn from comics its been in one of posts here :)Oh shite i think iknow what the problem is here... Is Rick also in comics? (Im into tv show)

  • Thing is people think it's Christa because that girl's jacket looks like Christa's (the purple one from season 1 and the whole prologue thing in S2E1), but if you pay attention, after the 16 months after thing, Christa has a brown jacket.

  • If you read the comics which are canon to the game, he's with Rick's group in Atlanta.

  • We have to remember, game has many various options. Maybe shootingwhiterabbit just didnt get to see dead chuck...

  • Kenny does say she doesn't have a long way off in the RV, he says "she's got 15 miles on that thing" or something along those lines. Surely Clem overhears that, so yeah.

  • "in Atlanta"

    Not sure if not trying to spoil the guy or not up-to-date with the comics.

  • but telltale said kenny is death

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