Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*



  • So not much of a chance itll be in the game, good i didnt like that...(in tv show)

  • SPOILER AHEAD FOR THE WALKING DEAD BOOK RISE OF THE GOVERNOR Wouldn't that be copying Brian Slightly? (Brian pose's himself as his Brother(Philip Blake) in the book, so Brain Blake is the Governor Not his brother, Philip) if you just spoiled yourself I warned you.

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    Because Kenny gets his ass wooped by anyone he tries to start a fight with. What chance does he have physically fighting two hordes of zombies?
    and it's Kenny. If he WAS alive, he'd be one of the last surviving members of the original group that clementine was part of, also the last person she's close with. Of course she'd be happy to see him, what bullshit is that?
    And tyreese, again, In the comics was capable of that shit. I'm not saying "ANYONE WITH A SIX PACK ISN'T CAPABLE OF THAT SHIT" I'm saying Kenny just isn't. He gets his ass wooped by EVERYONE he fights. He coudn't even take Molly by surprise.
    The TV show isn't canon to the comics and its not canon to the games, So I don't count that "fat tyreese" scene at all.That's just an insult.

  • Barely. And using luck and the enviorment to her advantage. She woudn't stand a chance againts a full horde just by herself.

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    Theyre on a bit more funny side than others(game and tv), you can have a look trough it on that amazon,Thanks

  • Wait. How can he go nuts if you burnt the drawing? ;-)

  • Sadly, Clem loses both the drawing and the photo in the water :c

  • Personally I think it's Kenny. The main reason that's making me say this is that we never learn Kenny's surname. (unless my memory is bad, and I need to reply for the umpteenth time season 1...).

  • To a small extent, yes. But I also think it makes sense for Kenny's character. The same could be said of Lilly too tbh, both have enough reason to want to forget who they were and what they've done to survive. Making up a persona/moniker is just another way of not having to deal with the consequences that Kenny or Lilly would have to deal with, hence why Carver exists. Similar to how Brian sees the world through Phillips eyes. Great point btw, didn't consider that.

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    I agree with that statement.

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    • We didn't see him die he might have escaped.
    • Clem hasn't seen him in a long time so would be suprised to see him, which would explain her reaction in the trailer.
    • Tell tale has stated they will explore his fate in this season.


    • He was pretty trapped in the alley so his escape would be difficult
    • Why wouldn't he find lee and the others again if he had escaped the walkers?



    • Last seen alive
    • Is a known killer so not above joining bandits
    • Clem would be suprised to see her probably not pleasently


    • Cant really think of any besides maybe clem not actually having much of a reason to think she is dead other than the fact that she hasn't seen her for 2 years.



    • Last seen alive
    • Was seperated from clem within the area so increased chance of them meeting each other accidentally


    • It hasn't been that long so why would she have joined another group without looking for clem.
    • She doesn't seem like the type to join bandits
    • She doesn't like joining big groups
    • Clem doesn't appear to be that happy to see her.



    • If you save pete he escapes into the forest so he is possibly alive
    • You don't see him in any of the scenes with the group from episode 2 teaser
    • If you save him he gets depressed and might decide to go off and join another group
    • Clem has reason to think he is dead because she saw him surronded by walkers


    • Clem seems to be the only one in the group to recognise the person, if it was nick all the other members of the group would have recognised him too.

    I think these are the only plausible options regarding the mystery person from episode 2 some people suggest molly also but if I remember correctly she can die if you don't save he from the walker so that rules her out.

    Out of my list i think Nick is the least likely leaving just christa, kenny and lilly. My personal opinion is that it is Lilly.

    If it is Lilly it makes me wish lee was alive because me and her have a score to settle but taking vengance with clementine just seems wrong.

    Any ways this is just my humble opinion on the subject.

  • Obviously not Nick. Only option is Christa and Lily. As you put it for options against lily "there aren't really any." Has to be lily

  • What if Telltale makes if during the episode its "Obvious" for the person that Clementine sees, but ends up changing it for an incoming surprise!?!?!

  • One thing. Do we know those are bandits? Do we know that this is Carver's gang that Clem approaches? So for me it's one "against"-point less for Christa

  • Thats who my money would be on, but you never know with telltale it may be some obscure figure like some of the old folks who stole the boat.

  • Lee(and his family) and Hershel/Shawne are the only people whose last names you actually learn.

  • Very true. However Clems reaction still leads me to believe it is unlikely to be her.

  • Wouldn't she say it in a more excited tone then? It's still possible to be Christa, though.

  • I agree, I think Kenny is a long shot. If it was, I think TT would have had to have Clementine ask (or give you the option of asking) Christa/Omid what happened to him. It's probably too much of an ask to expect the player to assume that Clementine must know from the time in between seasons.

    What if its the woman that was shot by Christa after accidentally shooting Omid the restroom? The scene ended soon after she was shot and all we saw was her sinking to the floor as opposed to her death. You could also infer that she must have been part of a bigger group that is somehow introduced in Ep 2.

  • If you chose to sneak away when Christa was surrounded the stabbed her and she fell, then you hear a gunshot. So I don't think it's Christa.

  • You know what would be really nutty? If it was the Stranger's son. Adam. The one who got lost in the woods. I seriously doubt it's him, but I don't think they ever found him dead and the Stranger might have had a picture to show Clementine or something. xD Just an idea.

  • My first instinct was that she was talking about the Stranger from Episode 5, but after a couple seconds I realized that it would make no sense so I just assumed it was either Christa or Kenny.

  • yeah, the stranger took a bullet to the head no matter what you did.

  • Imagine if it turned out to be Vernon

  • I have a theory who it could be, that doesn't involve Kenny or Lilly or any other them from Season 1, Ready? it was the Dying guy you could give the water to before the final decision. It has got to be him. it makes sense.
    1.) we see him at the start of the episode as one of the guys holding up Christa.
    2.) We and Clem assume he died in the river edge.


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    Yup, this has been mentioned before a couple times and you could very well be right as it does make the most sense. The dying survivor could be a part of the group we see in the trailer for the next episode and they totally could have come back to get him, but I thought it was unlikely that he'd even survive when you consider the amount of walkers around. The fact they gave us the option of giving him water or not did make me consider this wouldn't be the only time we see this guy. So I wouldn't be surprised if you're right, but I would rather run into a familiar face and play catch-up. :P

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    I didn't like Kenny (since he was really petty and betrayed us when it came time to go get Clem) OR Lilly, but Lily seems more likely to build an armed-to-the-teeth crew than Kenny. Type-A personality and what not.

  • How did he betray us exactly?

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    He decided not to help us just because I didn't agree with killin' Lilly's dad. Kenny was fuckin' WRONG then, and that petty fucker still held a grudge enough to not help find Clem.

    Mind you I know he came back and then did that sacrifice thing, but that moment he didn't help us get Clem was a huge betrayal.

  • It went a little fast for me. Did she get stabbed?

    Other than that, the gunshot could have been meant to hit Clem. Or is there a way where Christa doesn't shout out "Clementine run"?, she did when I tried the sneak away option. And the shot was after that. So it was likely to be aimed at her.

  • Ah, I understand I Helped smash Larry's head in, as i didn't like Lily, but Larry seem to be getting better, however I wanted to be on Kenny's side so I was with him the whole way.

  • Pfft, I hope it's Kenny. But I what if it was Hershel Greene?

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    I hated Larry, and I wasn't a Lilly fan, but killin' him like that was WAY out of line...and Kenny regretted it himself, so it was even more ridiculous of him to hold a grudge against me about it.

  • Hes Probably been Killed by the Gov by now

  • Yeah, but Kenny is a pretty good guy if you do help him out.

  • Aye, and that was perhaps the one black mark, but it was a huge one.

  • I'm hoping it'll be Molly because she left all of a sudden in season 1, and although Molly would've been able to survive with her smarts, maybe Clem wouldnt have thought she'd still survive THIS long. My bets on Molly though because she was one of my favorites.
    It could also be Kenny though of course, after he tries to save Ben we have no idea what happens to him so it is possible, but knowing TT they could do someone we totally forgot about.
    I also would be fine if Lilly or Glenn even came back! As long as they're willing to stay and help protect Clem, im all for it

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    Only thing I disagree with is Glenn, hes with rick and is.......Never mind

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