Nick or Pete?

If you save Pete do you think Nick goes into the next episode alive or not? I know if you picked Nick that Pete dies, so I was just curious what everybody thought?



  • I picked pete because he wasnt a dick to me and i thought we could do a "dale". However if he dies anyway il save Kenny lookalike man who has a cap that sorta looks like the halo logo. what? that is his name....right?

  • I saved Pete, nick almost shot clementine and I refused his apology.

  • Unlce Pete aallll the way. Nick survives whether you save him or not. But if you did save Nick, Pete will die and he'd be all like, "Why didn't you save him?" or something like that.

  • Niiiiiiiiick. Nickie. Nicolas. (c)

  • Pete needed more help so I chose him. Nick still had some ammo left and he was on the same side of the river as the cabin so he should have made it back in one piece
    I think it might be another Duck / Shawn situation though and that Nick always lives and Pete always dies, regardless of you choice.

  • I just didn't know if Nick survives if you saved pete

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    I trust Nick more. Why? Because in the world that they are in it's the people who are the nicest to you without even knowing you that you have to watch out for. The St. John's dairy brothers, for example. Being wary of strangers, and especially those who show up bitten, is the right way to be and this shows that Nick at least has some sense. Clementine is a vulnerable young girl alone in a dark and lawless world and it would be pretty stupid for her to trust every adult male that comes along and acts nice to her.

  • It doesn't matter what you chose. The episode is on rails.

    If you chose Pete, then Pete dies anyway (he was bitten) and Nick survives.
    If you chose Nick, then Pete is killed right away and Nick survives..

  • Thats actually is a pretty good point had never truly thought of that until you said that

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    Well the way I see it, if Telltale did decide to go the route of having some kind of predator set his sights on Clementine (they would never let anything happen to her but I can see us having to escape from someone with sinister motives because, well, it's a bad world and it would also drive the plot forwards) it's gonna be someone who comes along acting super nice and helpful. I'm kind of on guard for that plot twist and I would not be surprised if it came from someone within her new group. That's why I really don't trust the guy who gave her the food however Nick treated her like he would any other adult so him, weirdly, I feel safe with. He freaked out that she showed up bitten (as any of us would have in season one had a random person shown up with a 'dog bite') and apologised afterwards. This is normal behaviour. I don't want anyone to treat Clementine differently because she's a little girl, she can look after herself and anyone that does, I've got my eye on.

  • Yeah I get where your coming from with Nick I actually felt safe felt with him because he dosen't necessarily try taking risks, and he knows when he needs to say "Sorry", but I do think that with Carlos' daughter (forgot her name) there will be a decision down the road with her I think it will be a protect her or let her die kind of thing.

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    I saved pete,he kinda reminds me with chuck,and I don't want to let a mentor figure to die just like that

  • Yeah he does kind of remind me of like the father of the group kind of pointing you on the good path on the moral compass.

  • Exactly! The idea most people seem to have of 'that man was nice to Clementine, let's trust him' is naive. In essence, I ran to Nick because he's the only guy there that I feel safe having Clementine alone with. Call me paranoid but I was majorly concerned when Pete took Clementine out hunting alone without telling Nick and quizzed her on her gun skills and I was relieved when Nick showed up. I'm not looking for a replacement Lee just people I can feel safe with. I think you're spot on about Sarah.

  • I didn't necessarily feel uncomfortable with him until he was telling me storys about Nick and what not, and how he kept making Nick mad even though I took Nick's side and told him that he apologized. Nick is the best person so far to be around with. The guy who gave Clem food has good intentions so far, but I'm not ready to fully trust in him quite yet. I also told Carlos off saying "You need to quit babying her, and let her understand what everything is about in the world otherwise she will never understand what to do when everything gets bad" he just got super pissed off when I told him that though.

  • Uncle Pete, why? because i choose to help the guy who saved Clem´s life, who tried to convince the group to help CLEM, who did all what he could for CLEM, so yeah, i choose the one who didnt wanted to kill CLEM. :D

  • I saved Pete only because he said he needed help, and Nick said he had plenty of ammo and what not.

  • I had to pick nick unfortunately because at last second i thought pete was bitten..idk fuk i liked pete

  • At first, I saved Nick. But then when I replayed the game again, I saved Pete and I found out they both are gonna live >_<

  • i dont know man that bite has been their awhile

  • Who do you think is going to be in next episode when Clem said "I thought you were dead?"

  • Not really. He only got that bite for a few min before the episode ended. If you saved Pete, it looks like he's going the Hershal way out. (Meaning he'll have to amputate his own leg)

  • My top choice is Lilly. She doesn't seem so happy when she said, "I thought you were dead." I'm pretty good with facial expressions and that my friend, isn't really an expression of joy.

  • I choose Nick just because Pete was bitten , he may die or just really slow us down and would be a problem on the group .. Nick has more chances to survive in the long run ..

  • I picked Nick but that was solely based on the fact that Pete was already bit.

  • Honestly my immediate first thought was Kenny, but who knows it might be Lilly.

  • Yeah that's who I'm going to guess it is coming into episode 2 as well

  • I went with Pete. I feel like it doesn't matter much anyway because if you notice in the preview for the next episode, it shows Pete and Clem together and it zooms in on a saw, I guess hinting that he wants to cut off his leg.

  • Pete because he said "get your asses over here" I was like okay uncle Pete :D

  • I noticed that as well I just hope he cuts it off in time so he will live and not die

  • Same, I like Pete a lot. But man, what a slap in the face to Lee, if he doesn't cut his arm off he there's no chance of him surviving and if he does he's already too late.

  • I have that same feeling. How long until next episode usually?

  • Pete chooses to cut his foot off if you save him, which may or may not work.

    The whole Nick vs Pete option was kind of irrelevant.

    Choose Nick, Pete dies. Choose Pete, Nick lives and Pete has a good chance of dying. It's not a true choice in my opinion but I still chose Pete.

  • Pete doesn't necessarily die, if you choose him, the teaser for the next episode hints that he's going to cut his foot off. We all know from Dale in the Comic-series or Hershel in the TV-series that this can save one's life.

  • I saved Pete, because for one, he looks to be more precise with fire-arms, and handling weapons, as when he and Luke saved Clementine he took down three walkers with pretty dead-on accuracy with that crossbow, two, he seems to be a pretty nice guy.

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    Nick had ammunition left and wasn't wounded.

    Pete was out of ammunition and wounded.

    And as it turns out I was right; Nick saves himself as he's physically able, Pete dies if you don't. They were both in danger but Nick was quite capable of making his own way to safety (and does) thus I opted to help the one who needed it most. It's the same reason I saved Doug in Episode 1; Carley had one zombie on her ankle, Doug had several grabbing him, thus I assisted the person who needed it most. It's just too bad Carley didn't think to kick/stomp on it (incoming downvotes from "muh waifu" people).

  • Nick will survive either way (runs off/returns with Clem).

    Pete will die either way (eaten/cuts off leg and bloodloss).

    Calling it now.

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    I don't think he could die from blood loss by a single bite to the ankle.

    *Edit - Misread it as "Bite on leg and bloodloss." sorry.

  • When they're first talking about Clementines bite when she arrives at the cabin Pete says "We could take her arm off, it worked for a cousin in Ainsworth." This leads me to believe that Lee dies of blood loss if you take his arm off, after all it wasn't stitched up. This means Pete could take his foot off and possibly survive like Hershel in the TV series.

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