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Another half-assed "Your choices matter, really!" game from Telltale.

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Takes you guys all year to start giving us new WD episodes, yet we get perhaps the most linear game on the market when it arrives.

I can't believe you have got away with fraudulently telling players that their choices matter, let alone making such a short episode which sugar coated the most generic plot yet.

You could have used this opportunity to do something revolutionary, instead we get the most predictable sequel in the world which is just an awkward mess to play.

The decision to make us play as Clementine is the most limiting thing you could have done, there's two choices that gave you with gameplay: cut out fight sequences altogether, or give a little girl some incredibly realistic strength.

I see you picked the dumb option.

If you're going to force us down a specific path, make the plot GOOD.

The animations still suck, the exploring is slow, the choices are meaningless, action sequences have poor button response so that players have to redo things to extend gameplay time.

It sucks, you deserve that 6/10 from GameSpot. I wondered why it was so cheap for a season pass, now I know that you're self aware of your own failure to make something fun; you're cashing in already.

Edit: more complaints and grievances:

As a user mentioned below, the whole campfire "puzzle" what the hell was that? You could have made the areas MUCH bigger too, could have made the camp bigger and allowed us to find certain objects that could have been used to make things easier later in the game.. Nope!
It's not rocket science, this is one of the least challenging games i've played in my life.

An infant could beat this game.

Try and get in the house!

Pro tip: walk to the furthest away entrance to the house, we want this to take you as long as possible, then press A

You could have allowed us to get out the shed without a hammer for instance, have us walk around then THINK... Hmmm.. I need something to get under the house, if we missed it the first time.. We backtrack to the shed and pick up the hammer, THOSE are the sort of things you should be doing to extend the playtime, not giving us action sequences that we have to repeat 3 times to beat.

..and the zombie thing in the shed was so stupid, since when have you seen a zombie get down on it's stomach and crawl through a hole, despite how dumb that was.. It was extremely predictable, I could have written a better plot if you gave me half an hour.

This doesn't do the first season justice at all, which at times had intelligent puzzle solving and a plot with many twists and turns. Now we get "Guess who everybody! They're not dead!"

No replay value. At. All.

  • GreenFX stop bitching and have a cupcake

  • you have some valid points,i agree it's a little short,but the story more than makes up for it,i think Telltale don't get the credit they deserve.

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    ManuelGarcia BANNED

    Clem CAN'T be caught in the house. Try it, it's simply fake. There's no challenge at all, you cannot fail. This the storyboard says .

    Clem CAN'T stay inside the garage, as everyone says and suggest to. Try, you can't. This the storyboard says .

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    ManuelGarcia BANNED

    From a my previous post:

    • What's the mission of the series? The objective to persue? The drama to recover from? The player's objective? In season one it was the finding of Clem's parents through the vojage to Savannah. Here? For what or who is Clementine fighting and struggling to survive? Why it's not immediately clear?

    • Why Clem takes decisions I wouldn't make? IE: I wanted to stay inside the garage, as everyone said me to do, waiting for the morning: why this isn't supposed to happen? This is a severe immersion breaking event, I felt forced as a player to do something I didn't want to. One other time i choosed to stay silent (at the campfire with Christa), but Clem talked. Why? :(

    • Why the gameplay seems "press the right object to continue watching the movie" for the whole first part of the game? Maybe too linear? Too few branching or interesting decisions (IE: kill or not an equally dying dog)? Where are here the true branchings that appeared early in Season 1 (day/night sequence or the choice to save Duck)? I even tried to enter the "meeting room" in the house during the night incursion, but people are incapable to see me inside the house.

    • Dont' you think that there are too many characters to develope in only 1.30h of game? It's getting a little difficult to handle all these souls and stories if you shortened the lenght of the episodes so much (1 hour less, at least for me) and deleting all the "walk&talk" parts to charachers, as they appeared in Season 1. That leads to: why should I care of Clementine if I know she'll live until chapter 5? What other relationships should I care of through the episode, if they only appear slightly at the end of episode 1?

  • Guys who gives a shit... the story is awesome.. Its about mending your character into who you want it to be.. not massive branching stories.

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    ManuelGarcia BANNED

    And, BTW, about the gun you cannot take in the bathroom, i found a good take on another forum (by "noknowncure"):

    "This moment was a frustrating example of how game developers have yet to work out how to reconcile conventional storytelling with interactive storytelling. Telltale needed Clementine to leave the gun behind at that moment for their story beat to work, so to achieve this they simply remove the choice from the player. I don’t think this is satisfying game design. It’s extremely annoying to have such an obvious problem sitting in front of you, but you’re powerless to change how it plays out."

    And it keeps happening through the episode.

  • This isn't a fucking puzzle game.

  • Lolll your opinion

  • They say its not about the destination, it is about the journey. I think this applies to Telltale games.

    Picture a living room all in white. You cannot change the furniture or move the furniture, but you can change the colour, the fabric, the art on the wall, the rugs on the carpet, whether there is a gas fire or a wood fire burning - this is what a Telltale game is.

    I buy games for the story, no other games really interest me. That's why I love these games.

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