Another half-assed "Your choices matter, really!" game from Telltale.

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Takes you guys all year to start giving us new WD episodes, yet we get perhaps the most linear game on the market when it arrives.

I can't believe you have got away with fraudulently telling players that their choices matter, let alone making such a short episode which sugar coated the most generic plot yet.

You could have used this opportunity to do something revolutionary, instead we get the most predictable sequel in the world which is just an awkward mess to play.

The decision to make us play as Clementine is the most limiting thing you could have done, there's two choices that gave you with gameplay: cut out fight sequences altogether, or give a little girl some incredibly realistic strength.

I see you picked the dumb option.

If you're going to force us down a specific path, make the plot GOOD.

The animations still suck, the exploring is slow, the choices are meaningless, action sequences have poor button response so that players have to redo things to extend gameplay time.

It sucks, you deserve that 6/10 from GameSpot. I wondered why it was so cheap for a season pass, now I know that you're self aware of your own failure to make something fun; you're cashing in already.

Edit: more complaints and grievances:

As a user mentioned below, the whole campfire "puzzle" what the hell was that? You could have made the areas MUCH bigger too, could have made the camp bigger and allowed us to find certain objects that could have been used to make things easier later in the game.. Nope!
It's not rocket science, this is one of the least challenging games i've played in my life.

An infant could beat this game.

Try and get in the house!

Pro tip: walk to the furthest away entrance to the house, we want this to take you as long as possible, then press A

You could have allowed us to get out the shed without a hammer for instance, have us walk around then THINK... Hmmm.. I need something to get under the house, if we missed it the first time.. We backtrack to the shed and pick up the hammer, THOSE are the sort of things you should be doing to extend the playtime, not giving us action sequences that we have to repeat 3 times to beat.

..and the zombie thing in the shed was so stupid, since when have you seen a zombie get down on it's stomach and crawl through a hole, despite how dumb that was.. It was extremely predictable, I could have written a better plot if you gave me half an hour.

This doesn't do the first season justice at all, which at times had intelligent puzzle solving and a plot with many twists and turns. Now we get "Guess who everybody! They're not dead!"

No replay value. At. All.



  • Cry

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    you infer your choices mean nothing OFF the FIRST episode of a FIVE episode game. That's like me judging a book off its first chapter.

  • Don't hold back tell us how you really feel

  • Me and a lot of other people here like Season 2. I dont care about you. If you dont like the game then dont play it. Delete it and never play anything from telltale again. You dont deserve to play their games. -.-

  • Personally, I wish the Walking Dead games were harder.

    The puzzles are so easy they are not even really puzzles - tasks such as 'light the fire' and then oh look the log is RIGHT THERE NEXT TO THE FIRE!... that's just pointless. It's not a game.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a movie and just making a few choices to help the dialogue along. On occasions I found myself slumped on the couch, holding the controller in one hand and just jabbing a button.

    It didn't feel like my choice really mattered all the time and therefore I didn't care what I chose all the time.

    I like TWD a lot. Season 1 was amazing. The narrative and emotive pull got a lot of coverage and congratulations. Now I just feel like the gameplay has become diluted in favour of storyline.

    I'm a Telltale fan, I'll follow the season. I'm just not a 100%.

  • Your calling yourself a fan, while you dont care what you choose? That doesnt make any sense.

  • Dude the writing is perfect shut up

  • Your so fucking annoying!

  • Like people said in your other threads, it is absolutely impossible to make different endings. Yeah, Heavy Rain had variant endings but that was non episodic (except a "Chronicles" episode but they stopped at one episode I think so that doesn't really count). For The Walking Dead being an episodic game, it's definitely something that takes a long time to do if they went the various endings route. There would be all kinds of confusion in the process of making it and each episode would take so much time to put together that people would probably just be uninterested since they have to wait months, even years, just for an episode to be released. But that's just how I feel and I understand that you may expect more out of Telltale and that's completely fine with me. I just don't think it could work with various routes depending on your choices in the game.

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    The game has a lot of problems in the writing and directing department.... mostly writing though, it is uninspired and grossly illogical.

    Telltale should give their best selling title more attention. If the gameplay does not improve then they will kill the series. If they really need a backup plan, then just have the guys from The Wolf Among Us work on this game instead. They really know what they are doing and know how to make a good game. The bozos working on the TWD at the moment really have no idea what they are doing. They don't understand TWD, they don't understand what makes an interactive novel great.... and I doubt they ever will.

    *(i'd say they should have the guys from the first season work on the game, but sadly many of them have left Telltale. So that isn't possible.)

  • Yeah EmoKid is right shut up. ;)

  • I don't like that they lied about season 1 having real choices. Hopefully they have learned from this and season 2 will be different.

  • I think you really should change your expectations, TTG is not going for difficult puzzles, or really following the traditional Adventure Game route with TWD at all. I can understand you wanting the game to match a certain set of criteria, but if your looking for it here your going to be continually disappointed. This game is basically a movie that you get to add in flavor to. It's not a puzzle game, its never going to test your twitch reflexes, its an almost passive experience, if that's not your cup of tea, you should probably move on. Because expecting this game to be anything else is an exercise in futility. It is what it is.

  • I sure am and I think the point about the balance between the gameplay and narrative is valid.
    It's heavy on the narrative and that means that dialogue choices will affect the storyline. The choices never affect the puzzles, if they did, that would be really clever!

    However we decide on the choices, we will all end up in similar situations at the end of the episodes, it's just the in-game relationships that alter really. I've replayed TWDS1 and TWAU many times with different choices to see the outcomes and I promise that I didn't slump and I had both hands on the controller ;-)

    I'm sure I'll replay this episode with different choices whilst I'm waiting for the next one.

  • I think the saddest thing is, is that you are on these forums bagging a game you don't like. Now that is sad!

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    I am not forcing you to read the forums. Play the crappy game again if it bothers you. :)
    See you in 30 minutes. lol

    BTW, It's "You're", learn to write.

  • I know. People just dont seem to have the patience to follow a storyline to the end. They expect big changes right off the bat instead of waiting to see how the story unfolds.

  • The only uninspired thing here is your ranting. Must you really insist on posting this rant verbatim at every possible opportunity?

  • What, I am not on the correct forums? The first season of the Walking Dead and the 400 Days DLC are great, so I guess I am on the correct forums. Not my fault that season 2 is terrible.

    Anyway, I think it's sad that you can't accept an opinion that differs from yours and therefore resort to whining.

  • Take the promise that the "story is tailored by how you play" just as much as I take your critisism with a grain of salt because it's pretty ludicrus to go so bananas when you've only seen the start of the new season yet.

  • I wouldn't expect that.
    Besides don't you think Season 1 had enough choice and consequence?? Every piece of dialogue you made Lee say defined what kind of character you wanted him to be and already in the first episode of Season 2 a lot of our Lee/Clem choices were reflected, like whether his arm was cut off or not and such.

    For me making a choice isn't cool because it might have a consequence later, although kudos to Telltale if they make that happen, but rather for me it's all about deciding what's morally right to do in the moment that I make my choice and to me choice DOES matter in that sense.

  • Why are you on here if you don't like the game!??

  • Must your really whine about my opinion at every possible opportunity? Must you really insist on posting your love of this game verbatim at every possible opportunity? lol

    Nobody forced you to even read this thread. Leave the forum if you can't accept opinions that differ from yours.

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    How droll. I've never once responded to your incessant whinging, nor proclaimed my love for the first episode of Season Two. Moreover I never implied that I dislike reading negative responses to the game, I actually enjoy it as it is nice to see a contrast of opinions, and I do agree with some of the stuff being posted.

    Poor show overall :^)

  • At least next wolf among us will be cool. Visiting strip club, watching tits and kicking ugly pimp's ass.

  • it's not as great as season 1 episode 1 clem and lee relationships was just too good to replace but its good

  • RE different endings, choice and consequence and branching paths (I'm going to talk about the choose your own adventure books here):

    I don't think that until you've decided to write a branching narrative yourself (and games will be even harder, because you have the coding, graphics etc. to design), you don't really realise how much work goes into creating a truly branching narrative. That said, I do get irritated with companies that claim to branching paths and don't. It's false marketing, but these days, I really don't take any notice of it. Regardless, Telltale have said they want to try and include more branching paths this season. You can take that with a grain of salt, or you can believe them. Myself, I'm of the opinion that things will likely not be different and I'm playing the game for the story. If branching paths are included? Then great, it's a bonus. As far as playing the game for anything other than the story and getting to pick choices, I think you'd better look elsewhere if that's what you want, because Telltale makes, it seems now, interactive stories and that's it.

    So, choose your own adventure books? People remember them?

    They have multiple endings. Sometimes as high as 36? They have quite a lot of decision points. So, if those books can implement a branching narrative and make choices matter, why can't Telltale and game development companies in general?

    The answer's simple. The choose your own adventure books, from what I remember, have choices lead to deaths or early ends, meaning your read-through can be very short. This means they can give you choices, but at the same time, they close the different paths off by leading you to a bad ending.

    Imagine this. You start with the first scene. At the end of the scene, you give 2 - 3 choices, each leading to a different section in the book. Ideally, those choices should really matter and make for quite a different reading experience. But for each choice, you need to write a different story. So, with those 2 - 3 choices, the story can go in 2 - 3 directions. Now then, when you've written the scenes for those choices, you'll likely have to include more choices for the ending of those scenes. You see how things can easily become an unmanageable mess?

    This is why you make choices, but still find that things go down pretty much the same path with just the occasional difference here and there (most games make the differences count at the end I guess) while relationships can change as well as the odd dialog line. So, imagine what I said above and then apply it to games where you need graphics, animations, coding and the writing of different paths. It's hard enough writing a choose your adventure book without cheap death endings as it is.

    Again though, I understand the frustration of companies claiming they have branching paths when they don't. My advice is to just take that sort of stuff with a grain of salt. I did like the small details that changed in season 1 though, with characters doing small things such as shaking their head at Lee, depending on what's happened in the past.

    Anyway, I would really like to see someone do a genuine branching narrative where things don't return to the same path so that things are manageable. I'll try it eventually myself, but . . . it's just a lot of work. Even the Choice of Games, if you know of them for tablets and such, bring things back to the same narrative thread.

    And this is something I was mapping out myself, for one of the Tin Man games adventure books, An Assassin in Orlandes:

    Alt text

    There are, at least, 517 sections in that book. I've mapped out 72 of them (not entirely, meaning all links haven't been filled), and you're not seeing everything I've mapped in that image. The bit at the top, where it looks like there be two distinct paths, you can bet any money that'll end up on the same path as the longer one eventually. (the sections with an orange circle means I haven't mapped everything yet for that section)

    Hopefully it helps show the amount of work that goes into these things anyway and why you shouldn't expect wildly different paths for any games that promise branching. Like I said again though, I understand the frustrations. I just know I wouldn't promise it if I couldn't deliver.

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    There were only two occasions in the game when I really felt as if I was being forced along a path by the game developers. The first was Clem leaving her gun behind in the bathroom for the young punk to steal, and the second was leaving the shed to search for medical supplies. The former is especially maddening, as Clem's mistake causes a popular character from season 1 to be murdered. "This is the story we're going to tell, and we're not going to let you deviate from it" is never a good attitude to take with video games. Just look at MASS EFFECT 3.

  • If that were true then you wouldn't whine about my opinion, which you like to call ranting.

    So, just follow what you just wrote and shut-up.

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    Actually, your choices really do matter this time around. I was really surprised how at the end you get to save everyone or make a sacrifice which wasn't the case back in S01, back then you get to choose between 1 character or the other which wasn't that great. It didn't present you the choice to either save all which is what makes replayability a great option, at least for me.

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    Now, now. I only complained about the fact you were posting the same rant verbatim, not about your opinions within said rant.

  • The only thing being posted here verbatim is your whining.

    Read my other posts, I describe in detail many of the problems with this game, you would know that if you would actually have read my posts.

    You could stop whining at now, but I doubt you will, because you apparently have a problem accepting opinions that differ from yours.

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    Verbatim is when something is written out using exactly the same words as before.

  • As I read through this thread I have a few points:

    1) The game is supposed to be more of a "movie" than a "game" in my opinion which is why the game seems linear.

    2) I wish the game was a bit more "challenging" and by challenging I mean more stimulating. In point and click games its hard to make a game more difficult because you either know what to do or not and just walk around clicking things.

    3) We can all agree we wish the choices we make were most impactful and influencing. Unfortuantely I don't see that happening. As I mention din another thread the decision between Nick and Pete are a perfect step in creating this. Hopefully if you choose Pete he will live...hopefully.

    4) As others have said it is only episode 1, can't really make an assessment yet.

  • Alt text
    This picture is you, GreenFX. Look, I know it's frustrating, but for god's sake, tone down the butthurt. Wait until the season's over - then we can all rage against the heavens. Deal?

  • Wait a second, we don't even know what's going to happen to the guy that was bit at the end of the epsiode. Maybe he will just die within the first 5 mins of the game Omid style.

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    Yeah, I knew you wouldn't stop. You have a serious problem. lol

    Anyway, if you know that, then there was no reason to call my original post a verbatim rant. It was only posted exactly as it is one single time, and that was in this thread.

  • That is indeed true. But we at least will know he will survive 5 minutes longer.

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