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CSI:NY announced, but not by Telltale (Formerly "Will there be a new CSI game?")

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So, the subject basically says it all. Are there any plans by telltale to make another CSI game?
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  • Ubisoft apparently announced the new CSI: NY :D
    Isn't that what you've all been waiting for?
  • Intresting, i wonder who the developer is? no mention of telltale at all in the release, have they been passed over?
  • The developer is Legacy Interactive. I'm not sure if Ubisoft decided not to ask Telltale to develop the game or if Telltale rejected the offer. (Both seem equally reasonable to me.)
  • Found some screen shots on gamespot of the game.. posted them HERE on CSIGamer (pass em around if you want)

    While I like the smokey 50's graphic novel idea, it's lost because half the renders look like they were drawn for the cartoon network (and by a four year old to boot).

    It may be five stories of sex and murder... but its for the kids *sigh*
  • I f the pictures look they were drawn for kiddies, than I , in all good conscience, will have to refrain from buying it. Their not doing any of the characters any justice.
  • I love the CSI gameplay, and dont really care about the famous actors; so maybe there could be a similar-but-not-violating-IP game from telltale :)
  • It's a good point. Irrelevant of the license Telltale made the first 1st person adventure game I've actually non-sarcastically enjoyed since the MacVenture trilogy! (Though admittedly I haven't played many.) I wouldn't mind seeing another semi-serious detective adventure game from Telltale, CSI or not.
  • With me, it has to be CSI! Nothing else will suffice!
  • Dangerzone;79205 said:
    The only way i would buy another CSI: game is if it were based on the NY license, and if telltale produced most of the game assets themselves... I.E. not relying on outsourcing as much (I'm sorry, but the character models in the past 2 games were absolutely terrible)

    Also, i would not expect the next installment for another year or so... And at this point, with them working on so many other games... I really do not mind the wait
    C'mon Vegas is 5 different towns in one...If TT tried they could make even you buy the game
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