Another half-assed "Your choices matter, really!" game from Telltale.



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    Don't cry because you're getting totally rinsed over posting the same thing repeatedly then getting called out :^)

  • The one in the gif is one of the best ones I've ever seen. A comedy where an apprentice to a demon summoning detective gets dragged into the supernatural world. Only problem is that the demon she's tied to is a lecherous pervert in a cute doggy-goat body. The demon calls his trident ''Sexcalibur''.

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    The Freak in question.

  • Don't cry because you can't stop whining about somebody pointing out how bad this game is.

  • Lol not gonna lie, would watch that.

  • if you hate the game so much why the fuck did you create this discussion and why the hell are you even on the forums get the hell off

  • bless you and thank you exactly what i tried to tell others.

  • Very true. But we can also look back at season one and see that many of our choices there didn't matter either. As far as I remember, the two biggest things that came from your choices are 1) whatever you decided to do with Larry will make Kenny either automatically go with you or question whether he should, and 2) cutting Lee's arm off stops him from fainting at several points throughout the episode. All our other choices didn't affect much.

  • When you had no choice but to complete one objective the entire game, I don't see how things can be affected in later episodes.

  • That's a great idea, I don't deserve the torture of sitting through another turd like that.

  • Go play season 1 again, then you'll see my point.

  • Looks like Telltale are really emulating the production of the TV series! I have no idea what's going on with the writing, but everything feels so shoehorned in, why couldn't they let us explore a little with the couple at the beginning for instance? It's got this lightning fast pacing which doesn't allow you to take things in or feel part of the world.

  • The writing in my opinion is amazing and is the strongest asset the game has! None the less, there will always be people that aren't fans of the game which is fine. Every gaming forum has their fair share of threads about ways the game can be improved.

  • This is like judging a book by it's cover.

  • Hardly impossible, games such as True Crime:Streets Of LA had this down pretty well, and that was 2002!

  • Because I loved the first season, and I want this game to evolve.
    Too many people are staying quiet and nodding at whatever Telltale throw at us, i'm putting across my opinion and hopefully it can lead to deeper discussions, in turn.. MAYBE someone at Telltale can see it and say "Hey... This guy has a point and a few others agree with him on that certain feature of the game, maybe we can change that."

  • Shut your mouth, i'm going to replay season 1 and kill you.

  • Good old fashioned hard work is needed from Telltale, we provide a living for them.

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    It will be too late if we wait until the season's over to vent, they are DEVELOPING it RIGHT NOW.

    We are funding them to keep going.

    That's like a film company paying for a film to get made, not getting involved at all, then looking at the shitty final product and saying: "Oh noooo."

  • Except i've read the book and understand it fully.

  • why people mad you like season 1 better

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    We just have to wait and see.

  • Everyone is enitled to their own opinion, give this guy props, hes actually speaking his mind without being blunt and an ass about it. I personally love the game/story.

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    GreenFX stop bitching and have a cupcake

  • Nah, they keep a black censor bar with the show's title over his penis at all times. And honestly, I think it's funnier that way.

  • you have some valid points,i agree it's a little short,but the story more than makes up for it,i think Telltale don't get the credit they deserve.

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    Clem CAN'T be caught in the house. Try it, it's simply fake. There's no challenge at all, you cannot fail. This the storyboard says .

    Clem CAN'T stay inside the garage, as everyone says and suggest to. Try, you can't. This the storyboard says .

  • So your implying that we are all brainwashed by this company. Because I am not. People will rise when they see a problem. And I sure don't see any problem with season 2. This is just my opinion, just like you have yours.

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    From a my previous post:

    • What's the mission of the series? The objective to persue? The drama to recover from? The player's objective? In season one it was the finding of Clem's parents through the vojage to Savannah. Here? For what or who is Clementine fighting and struggling to survive? Why it's not immediately clear?

    • Why Clem takes decisions I wouldn't make? IE: I wanted to stay inside the garage, as everyone said me to do, waiting for the morning: why this isn't supposed to happen? This is a severe immersion breaking event, I felt forced as a player to do something I didn't want to. One other time i choosed to stay silent (at the campfire with Christa), but Clem talked. Why? :(

    • Why the gameplay seems "press the right object to continue watching the movie" for the whole first part of the game? Maybe too linear? Too few branching or interesting decisions (IE: kill or not an equally dying dog)? Where are here the true branchings that appeared early in Season 1 (day/night sequence or the choice to save Duck)? I even tried to enter the "meeting room" in the house during the night incursion, but people are incapable to see me inside the house.

    • Dont' you think that there are too many characters to develope in only 1.30h of game? It's getting a little difficult to handle all these souls and stories if you shortened the lenght of the episodes so much (1 hour less, at least for me) and deleting all the "walk&talk" parts to charachers, as they appeared in Season 1. That leads to: why should I care of Clementine if I know she'll live until chapter 5? What other relationships should I care of through the episode, if they only appear slightly at the end of episode 1?

  • good post,the objective to pursue for me was keeping the early group together,(Clem,Omid,Christa) so i was brought down to earth pretty fast,now i just want to survive and maybe find Kenny and Christa.

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    Guys who gives a shit... the story is awesome.. Its about mending your character into who you want it to be.. not massive branching stories.

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    And, BTW, about the gun you cannot take in the bathroom, i found a good take on another forum (by "noknowncure"):

    "This moment was a frustrating example of how game developers have yet to work out how to reconcile conventional storytelling with interactive storytelling. Telltale needed Clementine to leave the gun behind at that moment for their story beat to work, so to achieve this they simply remove the choice from the player. I don’t think this is satisfying game design. It’s extremely annoying to have such an obvious problem sitting in front of you, but you’re powerless to change how it plays out."

    And it keeps happening through the episode.

  • This isn't a fucking puzzle game.

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    People are already rising, because the 2nd is full of problems. The bozos working on this game are destroying the series with completely ridiculous and lackluster writing. It would be a damn shame to see one of the greatest series go straight down the drain.

  • Lolll your opinion

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