• Well it has to be someone Clem knows. But it could be Christa, Lilly or even Kenny. I'd love for it to be Kenny, but I doubt it is.

    • Agreed, I want it to be Kenny but I think it's going to Lilly.

      • Lilly does seem a likely candidate. If it was Kenny, I'd like to believe that he would be someone Clem could trust right away, despite the time jump, but Lilly is someone that would be a lot more ambiguous. Besides that, with Telltale's Lilly officially being a separate character from the comic book one now, they can do whatever they want with her. If she was still comic Lilly, I'd say with some sense of certainty she's dead.

        • My clementine would not trust any person who needlessly killed someone in the apocalypse, and Kenny and Lilly are both murderers. In my opinion.

          I personally regard Lilly's kill as very similar to Lee's; I.e., fueled by emotion, not planning. Kenny planned to kill Larry. My clem would not trust such a man.

          • Kenny thought that Larry was dead and about to turn. That's a better reason to kill someone than out of anger.

            • That doesn't make it right, and there was no proof that Larry was officially dead. Justified, yes, but no less wrong.

              • It makes it significantly less wrong, it means he didn't do it because he was a bad person, it means he isn't really a murderer.

                There is a 5% chance to survive a heart-attack without help, Kenny needed to save his family from certain death and there was a 95% chance a huge zombie was about to attack him while he was unarmed in a small enclosure. That's beyond justified, I'd call it self-defense.

          • Agreed. People are all for condemning Lilly for an action she made in the moment out of stress, depression and paranoia, arguably hate if Carley, despite Lee doing something similar for less valid reasons before the walkers. They're all for Lee being allowed to redeem himself through Clementine yet Lilly, people give her the death sentence. It's so biased

            • Are you f*king kidding? We don't know the details of Lee's situation before apocalipse. The guy he murdered may very well deserve it, and Lee said he was a bad man. But in the game we can see Lee being just, rational and kind (well, if we choose him to be). Lilly, on the other hand, killed an innocent person. That was absolutely unforgivable. And if you think she can be redeemed, try placing yourself in place of Carley. You sure can talk about redemption when it's not you getting killed, but I bet if you knew she was gonna kill YOU, there would be no punishment cruel enough you would gladly place upon her. Am I wrong?

              • As far as we know, the senator was a good guy. Just slept with the wrong woman, it seems. Lilly made a choice to punish those who deserved, while simultaneously destroying a threat. If you save Doug, she would've prevented Kenny dying, probably would've saved Clem in those walkers, would cut off your arm for you... Damn, I just reminded myself of the time Ben saves your life. If you bring him alone, or him and Omid/Christa in episode 4's epilogue, then Ben catches you if you don't stick the jump. I was so happy when he did that. Anyways. If you save Carley, then she makes a bad judgement call. Nothing evil about that. Just kinda dumb.

              • Dayum dawg, yo angry. Who cares if the guy Lee killed deserved it? It doesn't make it right. Being just, rational and kind doesn't mean you can't murder. It'd depend on her reasoning. She's mentally unstable so I'd lock her in the RV under guard and keep away from her or leave her. I wouldn't murder someone before they can have the chance to redeem themselves one day. She'll be haunted by what she did forever which is good enough

          • don't down vote my Floggy!

        • You people are unbelievable. Talk about reversing roles !

          For someone who "acted out of emotion", Lilly reached for her gun, drew it, aimed and shot, very calmly and carefully, as soon as the others had turned their heads in the other direction... She acts obviously in cold blood, that's definitely not a shot fueled by emotion.

          Kenny on the other hand was undoubtedly and visibly panicked, scared for his family outside, for himself and you and Clem and Lilly inside with what he thought was an immiment deadly threat. To him Larry was a ticking bomb and the situation was a matter of life and death.

          Besides, the way Lilly and Kenny react immediately after their deeds tells a huge lot.

          After shooting Carley right in the face, Lilly just stares at her victim's body falling on the ground, looking as calm as she did from the moment she reached for her gun. Her face changes only when Lee pushes her against the RV, because she faces Lee's anger. She feels sorry that she's being threatened of being banned from the group, but about Carley, she never expresses any remorse, never shows a parcel of doubt or guilt, of inner emotional conflict. All she does is pleading for her own case.

          "She couldn't be trusted Lee, I swear. Please."

          ... "I'll die out here !"

          ..."I was trying to protect all of us" [well obviously not ALL of us, Carley was one of us]

          ..."I don't have anything left"

          Kenny on the other hand when he crushes Larry's head immediately stutters that he's sorry, looking shocked himself, brutally coming to his senses after a burst of adrenaline. THAT is the reaction of someone who killed fueled by emotion.

          You guys have some damn nerve to reverse the roles.

          • If she was truly not shocked at all she'd say something. It was a horrible thing to do and I wouldn't forgive her but she was emotionally unstable. If she really wasn't shocked she'd probably draw on the others in case they reacted or she'd start defending herself instantly but she doesn't. She just stares like she doesn't know what just happened

        • Why would she think lilly is dead ?

        • Eh. I'd say she could be alive. Lilly Caul really wasn't in nearly as bad a position as Tyresse was.

        • If it was Lilly, why would Clementine think she was dead?

      • Im hoping it is Kenny, but it could also be that guy Clem gave water to when they came across that group of dead people near the end of S2, Ep 1. He was the only survivor out of the group.

    • I doubt it's him too, unfortunately. The thing with Nick made me more cynical.

    • I honestly don't think it's Lilly.
      I think after Kirkman told TTG not to use their Lilly as his Lilly (if that comment makes any sense), they kinda thought: 'Then let Lilly be Lilly so the hardcore TWD fans can make their own story up what happened to Lilly afterwards'

      • Could even be Omid but I doubt it VERY much
        I agree it's probably Kenny or Christa
        But it also could be a traitor in the cabin group that went missing and turned out to work for carver?
        Would make sense to me too
        I think people may read too much into this whole: 'I thought you were dead' thing and in the and it turns out to be just another 'nick'

    • no offence but r u out of ur mind ? kenny is the best suspect so far. if its christa that make no fuken sence lilly 50% but kenny he is the only one we know for sure isnt dead, i mean y would they just kill of kenny even if they said his fait will be explord

  • Lilly for me,judging by Clem's face and reaction.

    • Alvin says put the gun down man. If it was a female he would say lady.

      • He (probably) says that to the guy holding the gun. Not to the "unknown person". The guy is in the frame when Alvin says that.

        Alt text

        • There are two guys with guns. And if one was a lady, he wouldn't have said "man", he would point out the lady.

          • We haven't seen the "unknown person". That's why it is a mystery who it is. So how do you know that that person has a gun, too? And why would he point out the lady, if there would be a man and a woman that are holding guns? Let's say there really is a woman and a man each holding a gun. Why would he not be allowed to say "man"? It would be totally usual use of words.

            Also: "Man" could be used just as a emotional outburst as in:

            It's totally realistic, that that "man" at the end of the sentence, is not to adress anyone, but just as a way of ending the sentence regardless of who is standing there. Clem could for example adress Sam as man after their encounter: "Don't bite me, man" And Sam isn't a man.

            That being said Kenny is the prime suspect at this point, so it probably really is a man. But Alvin's line is no evidence for that.

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    Kenny- BANNED

    ether lily or kenny

  • Kenny and kenny and kenNy

  • I think that it's Kenny, Lilly, or Christa.

  • I don't think that It would be Lilly, Clem has no reason to think she is dead in the RV scene or the roadside (Although it is more likely if you left her). Kenny is my bet, I do want him back but it seems more logical anyway considering she would of been informed of what had happened. Still I feel after the stunt Telltale pulled with Nick they might pull another trick on us. Whoever it is I'm excited to find out!

  • Tis the dying bandit you can choose to give water to or not. mark my words.

    • I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this. Now I know I'm not crazy.

      How he will react to you will be dependent on if you gave him water or not.

      • If this is indeed the case then I might be in a bit of trouble.......

        • Honestly would you give a dying man a bottle of water? Even if that dying man attacked your friend an possibly killed her in cold blood?

          • If he killed my friend in cold blood then no I wouldn't.

            • I have the scavenger water to get her to tell me what happened with Christa. Afterwards it would be fine by me to just take a knife and you know..... her

              • If no walkers showed up, I would have given him the water, pumped him for information, then done to him what I did to Sam before Pete and Nick realize he is alive.

                Well not really. But I wish I had the balls to do something like that. More than likely I would actually have just called Pete and Nick over, then they would have more than likely shot him after taking him back to the Cabin.

      • lol I am trying to spread the idea about it, but so far everyone is dead set on it being Kenny or Lilly neither of which I think work as well with the general set of things..

        • I couldn't agree more. It's gotta be him somehow

        • I say it's Omid. At least, I want it to be him. He's the only character with an incomplete arc, who is completely a good person, and a good influence. And it would work with the "I thought you were dead." We all certainly do. Maybe it grazed his lungs because of the angle between him and the bitch? Then, before they could bury him, or even find the proper tools to bury him, zombies showed up and chased Christa and Clementine away. Then, the ones who were left were possibly killed by the bald dude and the Asian guy in the hood before they could eat Omid.

          Bah, Telltale hates fun, so this probably isn't true.

          Alt text

    • I totally agree! I thought "ehh maybe it's Lilly, Kenny or Christa" but after a whole day of pretending to be working and thinking of TWD the idea of it being the half dead scavenger/bandit really started making more sense.

    • It better not be. I am so certain it is Kenny (I loved that character and how he developed throughout the season) that I will probably go into shock if it isn't him. I just want Clementine to have someone with her who considers her to be family. Basically, I just want hugs for Clementine. There ain't been enough hugs in this game since Lee died god dammit.

    • I don't think so. He looked like he was having trouble breathing and couldn't stand up and was riddled with bullets. If he miraculously gets better and appears in episode 2 fully fine I will be calling massive bullshit. Also zombies were pouring out of the woods and probably started eating the bodies, that dude is totally dead.

      I think people are latching on to him purely because the Stranger appeared out of nowhere back in season 1 and was related to what seemed to be an unrelated choice. That is not something you can do twice and expect it to have the same emotional impact, doing twists like that multiple times is a sign of sloppy writing which is why I don't think it's him.

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