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Walking Dean season 2 episode one, already classified in New Zealand??

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So According to this link

. the Information unit said that the game is already classified in New Zealand but TelltaleMike said that it isn't classified shown in the final post of this link . So im a bit confussed on the situation can someone please help clear the confusion

Thanks in advance

  • I live in wellington and i have checked the PS store for the past few days my friend has said to be patient and wait but im still waiting for telltale to give me a explanation

  • Anyword on Playstation i read the store update and it said "not available in New Zealand and Russia" and i was like what we got season 1 what about season 2

  • Some info from Telltale would be nice. Im not saying its neccesarily within their control, but some sort of response would help. Same thing happened with Sate Of Decay, but Undead Labs were fantastic in keeping us updated!...I love Telltale, I think they are amazing at what they do and I want to keep supporting them buy buying their games, just a little more info would be cool :)

  • of course they replied here is the reply

    Unfortunately the game is not currently scheduled for release in New Zealand. We are looking into the possibility of releasing the game in New Zealand in the future, but have no other information at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Thank you,

    this makes me really angry that it gets released in England, Australia and all the other country's including America I feel that we are getting screwed by telltale

  • We're getting the same thing in Ireland, I hope you guys in NZ get your hands on it soon. It'd be a step in the right direction.

    • well if Telltale would have launched it worldwide we wouldnt be in this would we and I dont think we are gonna get it this year

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